AppleCare is worth it for iPads and iPhones

AppleCare +: Everything about Apple's Extended Warranty Program

Jason Cross

What AppleCare + costs for each Apple product, what guarantees it includes and when it is worthwhile for whom.

Apple products aren't cheap. And if you drop your iPhone, your iPad suddenly won't turn on, or you hit your Apple Watch against it and break the glass, repairs are not exactly cheap.

Apple offers a one-year limited warranty on all hardware components. So if there is a manufacturing defect, it is covered. ( With the two-year warranty according to EU law, the burden of proof is reversed from the 13th month, Note d. Red. ) To protect against accidental damage and to extend the original warranty and receive free technical support, you can opt for an AppleCare + policy. Our overview should show: Is AppleCare + worthwhile and for which products exactly? Ultimately, however, you have to decide on the basis of this information.

General information about AppleCare +

If you've never heard of AppleCare, keep reading this paragraph! Otherwise, you can skip straight to the sections that apply to your specific equipment.

What is AppleCare +? How is it different from the warranty that Apple products come with?

AppleCare calls Apple its mandatory warranty program. Every Apple device comes with a certain number of AppleCare warranty services and free phone / chat support, typically a year for warranty and 90 days of phone support. If you want longer-lasting protection, you can order it from Apple: It's called AppleCare +.

Do I have to buy AppleCare + at the same time as the product?

No. If you already know you want the extended warranty, buying AppleCare + at the same time as the product is a good idea just so you don't forget it. When you shop at the Apple Store and, you will be offered AppleCare + at checkout, and AppleCare + authorized dealers can also offer AppleCare +.

But you have a little time to decide on AppleCare +. Generally this is 60 days from the date of purchase, 30 days if you are in Japan. Apple has a page where you can check your device's eligibility.

The latest iPhones and iPads will show an AppleCare + login prompt right up there in Settings, as long as you're still authorized. You can tap it to see how many days remain and buy AppleCare + (with or without loss and theft protection) right on your device.

EnlargeIf your new iPhone or iPad qualifies for AppleCare +, you will see a sign-in prompt at the top of the settings application.

Still, in order to buy AppleCare +, you usually need to run a diagnostic test on the device in question so Apple knows it's in good condition. And no matter when you buy your AppleCare + policy, coverage starts on the day you bought your device. You will not get "extra" two months of coverage if you wait two months to buy the policy.

How do I buy AppleCare + for products that I didn't buy directly from Apple?

The easiest way is online. There is a page on the Apple website where you can review your service and support performance. Enter your device serial number and it will tell you if you can still buy AppleCare + and guide you through the process of buying and registering your policy.

Remember that buying an AppleCare + afterwards often means you need to run a diagnostic test on the device. Finally, Apple needs to make sure you're not trying to buy a cover for an already defective device.

Can I buy AppleCare + for used products?

Yes! Apple offers a range of refurbished items on its website, all of which come with the same one-year warranty as new products. You can also get AppleCare + for a refurbished item in the same way as for a new one.

If there isn't an Apple Store near me, is AppleCare + a bad idea?

No, you can still use AppleCare + if you can't make it to the Apple Store. There are several options for doing this.

Apple dealers : When you get to an Apple Store, you can even make a reservation for the AppleCare + service.

By post: Apple can provide you with a Repair ID number for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod that needs repair, and you can parcel it out to Apple for free. Once Apple has completed the repair, you will receive the device back in the mail, again with no shipping costs.

On-site service: If the problem occurs on a desktop Mac, Apple can sometimes even send an authorized repair technician to you.

Fix it yourself: Sometimes, if the problem is relatively minor, Apple can just send you a replacement part, such as a replacement part. B. a new iPhone charger or an Apple TV remote control.

Do I have to pay for AppleCare + in advance?

Not everywhere anymore! Apple offers a monthly, recurring payment plan for AppleCare + over a period of 24 months. Prices vary based on the cost of AppleCare + for your device. However, Apple has so far only offered this installment in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Anyone who has already paid two or three years in advance for their Apple device can then order an extension with monthly payment.

How am I supposed to survive without my device while Apple fixes it?

Apple offers an express replacement service for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. If you use Express Replacement, Apple will send you a new device immediately and you don't have to mail your defective device in until you have the replacement. Certain conditions always apply, but ask Apple immediately when you contact us and you will know whether the replacement service also applies to you.

What if I sell the product before AppleCare + expires?

AppleCare is transferable! If you sell an Apple product before the included AppleCare plan expires, the buyer gets the remaining protection. If you buy an AppleCare + Extended Policy and then sell the product, the remaining time in the AppleCare + will be included. So AppleCare + can be a selling point when selling your used equipment.

To transfer an AppleCare, you must provide the purchaser with your proof of purchase (receipt) and contract, and notify Apple by email, fax, or mail. Apple needs to know the insurance contract number, the device serial number, and the contact details of the new owner. All details are included in the terms and conditions.

Does AppleCare cover loss or theft?

There is a special contract from AppleCare + with theft and loss protection, but this is only available for the iPhone and so far only in the USA.

Some wireless carriers and third-party insurers offer insurance to cover loss or theft, but AppleCare + only covers defects and accidental damage. We have compiled an overview of the common insurance policies here.

Is AppleCare + only available to US customers?

No! Apple offers global protection for most Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, iPod, Apple TV and Apple Displays). Service options vary from country to country, but all AppleCare service is always performed by an authorized technician using genuine Apple parts. Of course, you should always read the full agreement before purchasing any warranty or insurance. The loss and theft protection is currently only available in the USA.

Can I cancel AppleCare +?

That's fine. If that happens within 30 days of taking out insurance, you will receive a full refund minus any benefits received. After the 30 days, you will receive a prorated refund, minus any service, minus a $ 25 fee or 10 percent of the prorated refund, whichever is less.

AppleCare + for the iPhone

The iPhone has a glass front - the back has also been glass since the year of construction 2017. Since it's easy to drop your smartphone and take it with you everywhere, it's no wonder that iPhones break so often! Additional protection is therefore an obvious choice.

How much does AppleCare + for iPhone cost?

This varies depending on the device:

iPhone SE: $ 99 for AppleCare + ($ 149 for AppleCare + with theft and loss - US only)

iPhone 11 and iPhone XR: € 169 for AppleCare + ($ 249 for AppleCare + with theft and loss - US only)

iPhone XS and XS Max, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: € 229 for AppleCare + (€ 299 for AppleCare + with theft and loss - only in US)

All AppleCare + contracts for the iPhone include a two-year term and technical support.

I bought my iPhone with the iPhone upgrade program. Isn't AppleCare + included for free?

It's included, but it's not free. The cost of the two-year AppleCare + plan is split across the 24 loan payments - but at least no interest is charged.

If you exchange your phone for a new one after a year, your two-year loan will start all over again, but you'll still get the second year of AppleCare + on the new phone. Please see the iPhone Upgrade Program Terms for more information. The iPhone Upgrade Program is a loan, so please read all the fine print before signing up.

What does AppleCare + for iPhone cover?

For the iPhone, AppleCare + extends your warranty period from one year to two years and extends telephone and chat support from 90 days to a full two years.

You also get up to two incidents of accidental damage for a relatively low service fee. If you only damaged the screen, changing screens will only cost you 29 euros. But if the iPhone shows other damage, the fee is 99 euros. iPhones are qualified for the Express Replacement Service, so you can request a replacement device by post before sending your originally damaged device in for repair.

So let's say you drop your iPhone on one of its corners, destroying the screen, but also denting the case so badly that Apple can't just fix the screen - that's a $ 99 repair. If the screen breaks but the rest of the phone is relatively unscathed, 29 euros.

The warranty against defects extends to both the phone and the battery and the headphones and accessories supplied. Accidental damage can include almost anything, such as: B. Water damage, falls, being run over, your child pours juice into the Lightningport - as long as you only have two incidents (or fewer) in the two-year insurance period.

What is AppleCare + if lost or stolen?

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Apple does not offer insurance against theft.

But you can check your own home insurance or your homeowner's and landlord's insurance policies to see if they cover stolen electronics. Some wireless carriers have their own insurance to cover loss and theft, but this is relatively rare.

What about the iPod Touch?

Yes, Apple offers AppleCare + for the iPod Touch. It costs 59 euros to extend the warranty from one year to two, with two years of technical support. Up to two incidents of accidental damage are insured for a processing fee of 29 euros plus taxes.

Is it worth it?

If you're looking to buy AppleCare + for anything, it will likely be your iPhone. But it's not always a win. For example, I broke my iPhone 7 screen and Apple was able to do another screen change in the Apple Store that same day. I don't have AppleCare +, so Apple charged me "full" price for the screen repair, which was $ 129. But if I paid $ 129 early for AppleCare + it would cost me $ 29 to repair, I actually paid less for out-of-warranty screen repairs. But if I broke the same iPhone again within two years, the second screen repair would only cost me 29 euros and it would have been worth it.

It really depends on how careful you are with your iPhone. Did you use a case? Do you let action sports be? You rarely drop your cell phone? Or are you - sorry - a complete sucker who's ditched every smartphone you've ever owned? Be honest with yourself and then act accordingly.

AppleCare + for the iPad

So whether you agree that an iPad can replace a laptop, its AppleCare + is certainly cheaper than AppleCare + for a Mac, and iPads also qualify for Apple's express express replacement service.

How much does AppleCare + for the iPad cost?

iPad Pro: € 139
iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini: 79 €

What does AppleCare + cover for the iPad?

AppleCare + extends the hardware warranty on an iPad from one year to two years. Technical support extends from 90 days to two years so you can call or chat with an Apple representative for help with iOS, iCloud, and Apple apps.

You also get two incidents of accidental damage, with a service charge of € 29 for a broken screen or € 99 for any other damage, plus taxes. AppleCare + covers the iPad as well as the battery and the supplied accessories such as the charger.

Anyone who bought a Magic Keyboard with their iPad Pro may be wondering how the keyboard can be insured against damage. However, Apple makes it clear on its Apple Care + page that its own insurance is not necessary for the Magic Keyboard, because policies taken out for the iPad would also apply to the accessories. AppleCare + covers up to two damages in 24 months, with a cost of 49 euros for the iPad and 29 euros each for the Apple Pencil and keyboards.

What doesn't AppleCare + mean for iPad?

Loss and theft. AppleCare + Theft and Loss Plan is only available with iPhone and is only available in the US. Inquire with your home insurance company whether these insurances offer you protection.

Is it worth it?

This answer may depend on how you use your iPad. For example, my iPad almost never leaves my house - but I also share it with a 6 year old who doesn't always treat it like an expensive and fragile device. Nevertheless, our iPad is mainly used for entertainment, so I live without AppleCare + - maybe a little dangerous.

On the other hand, if I were a business traveler with an iPad Pro that I had to rely on every day to make a living, I'd be more likely to spend the $ 99 on AppleCare +, which is cheaper for most iPhones or Macs as AppleCare +.

AppleCare + for Macs and Apple displays

Apple no longer sells its own displays ( the Pro Display XDR will not be available again until this fall. Red. ), and AppleCare + for Macs might seem like a steal if you've ever paid hundreds of dollars to maintain a laptop - or redundant if you're an iMac user who's never got into a problem.

How much does AppleCare + for Macs cost?

For Macs, AppleCare + offers three years of service and phone support, and prices vary by model.

Mac Mini: € 199
iMac: € 219
iMac Pro: € 219
Mac Pro: € 279
Macbook: € 249
Macbook Air: € 249
13-inch Macbook Pro: € 299
16-inch Macbook Pro: € 449

Apple also had a separate AppleCare + plan for its desktop displays, such as the Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display, but these displays are no longer sold.

What does AppleCare + for Macs cover?

The contract extends the original warranty from one year to three years, which covers you for defects for which you are not to blame. Telephone and chat support will be extended from 90 days to three years.

AppleCare + for Macs also includes two incidents of accidental damage at a lower service fee than you would pay for an out-of-warranty repair. Damaging just the Mac's screen or case is $ 99 and all other damages are $ 299, plus tax.

Mac insurance covers your computer, as well as the battery, power adapter and other included accessories, RAM, AirPort and even Apple's USB SuperDrive.