What is creep in technology

Crawling, crawling, rolling - mobile robotics with fishing technology

Which type of robot and which sensor technology lead to the goal the fastest?

Anyone can build the standard robot from Fischertechnik - but who will tune it in such a way that it becomes the fastest robot in the school laboratory? The pupils should find out whether rolling or walking robots are better on the move, whether they can see or feel better about their environment. We don't copy what others say: Here, your own ideas are required.


The robot is supposed to handle various tasks, e.g. B. drive along a colored line or find the exit in a maze. There are various possible solutions for this. The pupils can choose between rollers (wheel / caterpillar drive) and crawling (insect run) for the type of drive. This decision influences how fast the robot moves or how well it overcomes obstacles. The other aspect is the robot's sensor technology. For example, electric buttons can detect collisions with obstacles and so-called photo resistors can differentiate between light and dark. A minicomputer (ROBO Interface) controls the robot. The structure of a robot can be divided into the three areas of movement, sensors and programming of the microcontroller. The aim is for the students to work independently, creatively and in a team and to develop solutions. They go through the typical stages of project work as in later professional life: analysis, planning and implementation. This project gives an insight into
movement theory / sensor technology and promotes understanding of technology.

Organizational matters

This project

  • is aimed at pupils of the
  • School subjects:
  • can take place in groups of up to 15 people
  • is a 2-day vacation project, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • is free of charge
  • Computer science, technology, mint, middle and high school, holiday project

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the school laboratory's coordination office
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