What is the purpose of scarves

Customers: What do you look for when buying a scarf?

When it comes to shopping for fashion, there are only a few products that are as uncomplicated as scarves and shawls. Try on? Not necessary. There are no problems with the fit, and there is also a large selection for those on a tight budget. The part just has to feel good, look good and keep you warm in winter. No wonder that scarves and shawls work so well as take-away items. In 2012 alone, Germans bought 42 million wipes, according to the Nuremberg Society for Consumer Research. What do customers pay attention to when buying scarves and shawls? How much can the decorative accessories cost? Does the brand play a role? The reality check.

Stefanie (40), architect: “When I buy a scarf, I don't really pay attention to labels or go specifically to a store. The scarf just has to appeal to me, the colors and the material have to be right, under no circumstances should it be scratchy. Sometimes I grab the knitting needle myself. I tend to wear scarves in summer. In winter a scarf has to keep me really warm, so I don't pay attention to fashionable components until I take a second look. "

Alfia (27), flight attendant: “The scarf I'm wearing is from Zara, but I don't really care about the label. I buy what I like, but I always pay attention to the quality of the fabrics first, then to the color or pattern. I don't see scarves as accessories; they have to be functional and serve their purpose - to keep me warm. I would spend a maximum of 100 euros on a good scarf, the most expensive one I own is made of cashmere and from H&M. "

Karl-Heinz (61), teacher: “When I buy a scarf, I primarily pay attention to the quality. It has to be warm and soft. Today I am wearing a scarf made of angora wool from Medima, which I have had for a long time. I also wear silk scarves now and then. Whenever I need a new scarf, I look around for it, but I don't have any preferred stores or labels. I spend a maximum of 80 euros. "

Lulia (21), schoolgirl: “My sister knitted the scarf I'm wearing for me. When I buy scarves, I go to Mango, Zara or H&M. They should be made of cotton, but I will spend a maximum of 30 euros on them. I tend to wear scarves rather than accessories, and I often match the jacket and my entire outfit with the scarf - not the other way around. Of course a scarf should also keep you warm, but first and foremost I have to like it. "

Trevor (28), self-employed: “When it comes to scarves, I actually primarily pay attention to labels and quality. The most expensive scarf I own is from Burberry, for which I paid around 160 euros. Of course, I also wear it as a fashion accessory, for me it goes far beyond functionality. I look specifically for color and style when I buy a scarf. I like to go to Anson’s for that. "

Verena (35), recruiter: “The one I'm wearing today is from H&M. I liked it spontaneously, the material is soft and comfortable on the skin. Otherwise I like to buy scarves and shawls from Zara and Mango, but also from Benetton or Marc O ’Polo. I spend between 20 and a maximum of 100 euros; for cashmere, for example, I would dig deeper into my wallet. I think that from the age of 30 you just pay more attention to quality. "

Rahel (29), graduate: “I'm wearing a scarf from Cos that is 100% wool. I pay particular attention to the material when buying a scarf. Sure, if there is 5% polyester in it, it's okay too. But now you can get relatively cheap parts of good quality from Zara or H&M. On my wish list there is a dark blue scarf from Acne, which unfortunately I can't easily afford. I usually spend around 50 euros. A scarf should match a bag and shoes. But it also has to keep you warm. "

Elke (60) & Lothar (61): “My scarf is from Codello, Lothar wears Kiros. We're fans of Italian labels, but we also have quite a few of Passigatti and Massimo Dutti. Kenzo and Marant are classics that you can always wear. For me, a scarf is first and foremost a decoration - I have to wrap this one three times so that it keeps at least a little warm. Lothar wears scarves more appropriately. We spend a maximum of 100 euros on a scarf. It's nicer when you keep changing instead of always wearing the same, sinfully expensive scarf. "

Andrea (30), student: “This scarf here is self-knitted, which is actually what I like best. In knitting shops you get great colors and can knit a very individual scarf to match the jacket. The last scarf I bought was from S.Oliver, so I was specifically looking for a gray scarf for a certain outfit. In principle, I would not spend more than 20 euros. "

Katrin (23), student: “I like to buy scarves from Asos, H&M or Zara. I actually have a lot at home, but scarves are very fashionable for me. I don't own an expensive scarf, I spend a maximum of 25 to 50 euros. Sometimes I borrow my mom's great cashmere scarf, and of course you notice differences in quality. It also keeps you really warm and is not only fashionable like most of my own pieces. "

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