Can open Microsoft Word PDF files

Office Convert PDF to Word - this is how it works


You will be sent a document as a PDF, but you still have to make changes afterwards. You do not necessarily need a PDF reader program, which may be subject to a fee. You can simply open it in Word (from version 2013) and then save it as a Word document. Should further changes be necessary, the file is available directly in .doc or .docx format. We'll show you how to do it.

Tip: If you are using an older version of Word (Word 2010 or older), you can also have your PDF converted to a Word document online. For example, upload your PDF to and then download it again as a Word file.

Convert PDF to Word

Follow our step-by-step instructions, the quick start guide or the explanatory video.

quick start Guide

  1. In Word, click the tabfile".
  2. Then select there "to open"and click on"Search".
  3. Find the PDF fileyou want to convert to Word and click "to open".
  4. Word creates a Copy of the file. Click "to confirm"OK". Once the document has been converted, you can edit and save it.