What was the Afghan war

Peace issues

The war in Afghanistan began in 2001 under the leadership of the United States. The aims were to persecute the terrorists of the Al-Qaida organization and to overthrow the Taliban ruling in the country. Until 2014, soldiers from over 40 different nations were stationed in the country, including from Germany, under the NATO mission ISAF. Today there is the successor mission of NATO "Resolute Support". 980 soldiers of the Bundeswehr take part in this.


How is the war effort in Afghans justified?

The governments of the countries that are deployed in Afghanistan justify the war by saying that they want to bring freedom, democracy and self-determination to Afghanistan. That is also an important contribution to the fight against terrorism. However, parts of the population do not see the military as a liberator, but rather as an occupier. There are also critical voices from the population in Germany and in many other countries. They accuse the governments involved in the war that they are primarily concerned with the influence in the region of Afghanistan and its neighboring countries.


What does the mission in Afghanistan look like in the future?

It became apparent that the war in Afghanistan could not be won militarily by the participating states. Added to this was the enormous cost of waging war. That is why most of the foreign troops left the country in 2014. The Afghan government is now said to be responsible for security in the country itself. The NATO follow-up mission is expected to last another 10 years. This is all about training the Afghan armed forces.