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Our ABOUT BERLIN story app brings Berlin history to life. Use the map function to find historical places near you and experience history and stories wherever you are in the city. Or put together your own individual city tour in advance.

On ABOUT BERLIN you will find exciting stories and background information on over 250 selected locations. Audiobooks and other multimedia elements bring historical moments to life on your personal discovery tour through Berlin.

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Use it on site in Berlin or discover the capital virtually:ABOUT BERLINis your personal city guide with lots of inside information!

Go on a journey through time with ABOUT BERLIN

All stories are selected by historians or journalists and prepared in such a way that both Berlin beginners and Berlin experts can find interesting suggestions. Next to the individual stories you will find Tour suggestions and thematically bundled highlights that give insights into different periods and topics, including the golden twenties, the end of the war, the fall of the Berlin Wall and much more.

The time is enough from 1871 to the future. Find out the background to well-known historical sights such as the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag and discover lesser-known sites such as the Kaulsdorf rectory, the ice cellar in Spandau or the Artpark Tegel.

ABOUT BERLIN is yours personal city guide for your pocket, full of exciting content and moving stories that also shed light on the unknown sides of politics, society and history from Berlin's eventful history: oppression and revolution, idealism and lust for pleasure, innovation and decay, imprisonment and freedom.

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There's a lot to talk about. ABOUT BERLIN.

This is how the ABOUT BERLIN app works

Download the ABOUT BERLIN app for free on your smartphone. You decide for yourself which functions of the app. such as using offline maps and location data. A is presented at the top of the start screen special highlight. Right below that, we make thematic for you Tour suggestions. You can use the icon in the top right to open your individual tour put together. If you continue to scroll down on the home screen, you can search for individual locations. About the Map function quickly discover the historically significant places in your area.

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Download now for free for iPhone and Android:

There's a lot to talk about. ABOUT BERLIN.

Good reasons for downloading the app

  • FREE - Download the app now for free and receive more than 200 stories about Berlin's eventful history.
  • CAN BE USED OFFLINE - You can fully use pictures and maps even without an Internet connection after you have installed the data on your phone.
  • TOUR SUGGESTIONS - Thematic tours take you on a journey through Berlin's history.
  • YOUR FAVORITES - Make your own list of Berlin tips that you would like to discover in Berlin and put together your own individual tours.
  • MULTI-MEDIA CONTENT - Many stories also as audio books and with other multimedia experiences.
  • NEW CONTENT - We regularly create new content for you - so you can always discover new sides of the capital.

New content: street art

Our highlight for street art in Berlin is new. Discover the whole city as a gigantic open air gallery. Find out more about the development of the urban art scene, starting with the "heads" of Thierry Noir on the west side of the Berlin wall up to current projects of the URBAN NATION Museums and the Mural Feste, which attract internationally known street artists to Berlin.

The history of the street art scene is closely interwoven with developments in the city. Immerse yourself in the history of Berlin and the colorful world of urban art. Discover the city's most beautiful murals and wall paintings now!

Discover street art in Berlin for free now:

There's a lot to talk about. ABOUT BERLIN.