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Ferric sulfate

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Ferric sulfate is a chemical compound from the group of sulfates.


Iron (III) sulfate occurs as a waste product from the chemical industry. Furthermore it occurs as coquimbit (nonahydrate) or quenstedtite (decahydrate) as sedundary mineral.

Extraction and presentation

Iron (II) sulfate monohydrate FeSO4·H2When heated to a temperature above 400 ° C, O decomposes to form basic iron (III) sulphate and sulfur dioxide. It is also formed during the decomposition of iron (II) sulfate heptahydrate FeSO4· 7 H2O in air, which takes place very quickly and with the release of water and oxidation.[6] On an industrial scale, iron (III) sulfate is obtained by adding sulfuric acid and an oxidizing agent (e.g. nitric acid or hydrogen peroxide) to a hot iron (II) sulfate solution.


Iron (III) sulfate forms iron alum with alkali or ammonium sulfate, such as iron (III) ammonium alum (NH4) Fe (SO4)2· 12 H.2O, which is used as an indicator in argentometry.


Iron (III) sulfate is used to precipitate phosphate in large sewage treatment plants and as a pickling agent (e.g. for aluminum and steel). A hemostatic and astringent effect is known in medicine.

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