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Tomorrow the Italian tenor Alessandro Safina will give a concert in Kiev - one of the brightest modern representatives of the art of singing. This singer, the virtuoso managed to combine classical and pop music, create his own style - "Opera Rock". In an interview with Alessandro he was very relaxed, he turned with jokes, a pleasant smile did not leave his face, and in general the impression was the impression that we were old good friends with him.

Question: You didn't even perform in front of the Ukrainian public. What did you think about it

Answer: The location of the public depends on the quality of the artist's work as a concert. The first time I spoke in Kiev in March 2001. The Ukrainian audience meets me very warmly and welcome, which I am immensely happy and satisfied. I will be happy to come to Ukraine with concerts.

Q: You traveled to many countries with concerts. What do you tell the fans to do?

A: Since there are many women among my admirers, there are of course many colors. And also letters in which they confess to love me and my creativity, memorable souvenirs. But for me the main gift is seeing people's attention and the fact that they are happy with my speeches.

Q: Before the scenes were afraid not afraid, got the first steps in creativity?

Oh: when I started singing, I was very tough morally and physically: I was scared of the scene. But then I realized that you need to take me in my hands and overcome all fears. Though I've been singing for many years and before the concert is nervous. But I'm a strong nature and when I go out on stage I always look at people and get positive energy from them.

Q: You started your career as a classical opera singer. Which of the Ukrainian or Russian operatic representatives know?

A: I've always admired Fedor Shalyapin, Ivan Kozlovsky (he is from Ukraine), Irina Arkhipov, who was also beautiful like Maria Callas. I have many slices with one voice from slalyapine. When I started studying at the Opera Championship, I read that F. Shalyapin sang with Enviko Carruzo and Tito Ruffo. I started looking for books about him, writing with his voice. And once he heard the opera "Carmen" performed by the Bolshoi Theater, in which the party Carmen Sang Irina Arkhipov fell in love with her voice. It's a shame she died. Anna Netrebko is the most beautiful opera singer of modernity. I really like Dmitry Khvorostovsky who has a beautiful baritone. I like to hear from Russian composers Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov and Peter Tchaikovsky.

Q: Your idol - Enrico Caruso. But you have been fortunate to work with an equally famous opera singer - José Carreras. How do you have a fate with him?

A: I would like to sing with the Enrico-Kairoso himself, but unfortunately he died a long time ago. And we met José Carreras by chance. I am younger than Carreras. While a young guy was still listening to his singing, I noticed that our voices are similar in many ways. We have a similar type of tenor. Caruso had a different voice timbre.

The joint concert with José Carreras took place in Rotterdam seven years ago. There was an opportunity to get in touch with the Carreras manager and so it turned out that they are organizing a common language. Of course I was a lot better than Carreras, but he's also well done! (laughs. - AUT.) It's still a single achievement with Carreras as we are extremely difficult to combine touring charts.

Q: Did you have a friendly relationship in your creative tandem with Carreras?

A: We are very sfed, sometimes we call back, we have good relationships and a great mutual sympathy. Carreras Intelligent person who is extremely rare for a singer. I'm not at all, but I enjoy communicating with highly oral and educated people.

C: Since We started talking about intelligence, many have noticed a certain aristocracy in your manners. Tell me who your ancestors?

A: Everyone in my family came from the farmers, and goodbye to an easy path too - I haven't got a drop of blue blood, but I've learned how to behave properly in society. Intelligence and aristocracy do not depend on the family tree, but are laid on the education of parents. I had to communicate with some representatives of noble surnames, whose behavior, unfortunately, did not meet their high social status.

A: Oh, it's been a long time! No doubt it's nice that I was noticed like this, but I confess I was very surprised. I do not make such titles of great importance and never thought: I have a handsome man or not? In general, lyric singers and musicians tend to have unsuitable appearances. Hence, if I apply myself with a pretty letter, I would be more likely to be an actor.

Q: What place in your life is beauty, purely external?

A: Unfortunately, today the external beauty has been too high. After all, a person can be megatalamant, but with a very modest appearance, and as it makes it impossible to perceive the nuance. For me, beauty is the order of things. By the way, women like personality men and beauty don't play a lot.

Q: Your own attractiveness and ability to make impressions influence your career?

A: Well what am I attractive? I don't know, maybe looks and concerns at some point in the course of your career. I am very natural and serious on stage. Outside the scene, on the contrary, a lot of joke, like in today's conversation. But when such a large number of ladies in different countries of the world say that I am a handsome man, I am glad because I love women and they correspond to me. Maybe I've helped several times in the career, helped from the location of the female audience, but there have been cases when it prevented pretty. Appearance is not the most important thing. For example, Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti did not hear by hand at all, but their talent deserved love and awe from all over the world.

Q: At your concerts you often joke with the audience. Do you prepare Calabura in advance?

A: For some reason the lyric singers always expect some romantic pathetic speeches, but I love to joke. My communication with the public is completely improvised: communication with the hall is never prepared in advance. I ask questions and I answer with humor. I am too italian!

Q: You like to talk to the public compliments. Outside of the scene there are often the ladies' compliments?

A: Never have flattery: if a woman really deserves supplements, I will definitely make her pleasant. But you cannot simply be flattered in front of my ladies, it is better to remain silent, although people often add politeness. I don't use vulgar, frivolous compliments.

Q: How do you respond to letters sent to your address?

A: It's always nice, but a woman shouldn't complement with men. It is enough to spend a day with a woman to understand her attitude towards you. I hear a lot of compliments from fans. After the Kiev concerts, many Ukrainians approached me and said in Italian: "Te Amo!" (I love you) and "Uomo Bellissimo!" (Handsome man), for whom I quickly humor what is already gray and old. See, ladies for myself began to teach Italian! Women - they are!

Q: Italians are known to be passionate and temperamental. Did you commit crazy actions for women?

A: Italians are lovers of women, especially beautiful foreigners. I am generally shy. On stage it seems that I am a buried hero lover, but if a woman really likes me, then I am very humble and can even be talked to. During the school years, communication with girls was usually a solid tragedy for me! I went with a fragrant one, and my first kiss took place in only nineteen years. I remember being terrified, I even got up on myself! And then the talk about sex didn't even go on!

Q: Did you know first love when you were nineteen?

A: Yes, she called Lorella. Our love was mutual and lasted a whole year. It was a really strong feeling. In adult life, we don't support relationships now. She is already far from my first youth, and I am not a young man ... (Jokes. - AUT.)Only fond memories of our novel remained: I then had long black hair and now gray.

Q: Are you looking in love?

A: When he was a young guy, he fell in love several times a day! I had many wives, like Arab Sheiks, but only two were remembered. I loved twice in my life or even once. It was so consuming that I married this girl.

Q: Tell us about her.

Oh: We met Lorentz in 1998 in the theater, where they worked together. At that time, we were both adults who were human. I was 35 years old and she was 29 years old. Lorentz - ballerina, but does not dance now.

Q: Why didn't you draw your attention to Lorentz from the set of women?

A: She was and remains a very beautiful, spectacular woman with an unforgettable smile, and at the same time she is simple, not arrogant and pompous, which I am very impressed with. By the time we met, Lorentz was already quite popular in Italy (worked on TV) and I thought it wouldn't take it away, but she was pleasantly surprised by her character. Lorentz turned out to be a serious girl, an expert in his business. As we met closer, I realized that her beauty was not only external, but also internal.

Q: Do you remember when the light of love flashes between you?

A: It's a little private topic ... I remember we were in Palermo, in the "Massimo" theater, where the French operetta was excited to the music of Jacques Offenbach. One of the evenings, after the rehearsals were over, we drove all of the troops ashore to eat, where they spoke to Lorentz. Then looked at each other in his car and looked at each other and ... I realized they were irrevocably in love. We were very shaken because they were trapped on different machines, but then they began to promote each other regularly, even though both at the time were both related to relationships with other people. He followed hard from previous partners, but our love with Lorentz was beautiful and sublime.

Q: You are talking about Lorentz for the last time. Now you are not together

A: We are already divorced, but stayed friends. It is a pity that everything is the same because we still love and respect one another, we do not argue and we do not "fight" one another. There was no room for betrayal in our relationship, but apparently love still has a property to end ... Although I won't hide, I tried to live it. Despite everything, we treat each other and wish each other well.

A: Son name is Pietro. The name is connected with a sad story about my good friend von Pietro, who died early - in 27 years. Our birthdays were near: my October 14th and his - 15. He was older than me for a year. Our families were friends and we both studied singing. I was very worried about his death, I think about him all the time, and that's why I decided to call my heir by the name of best friend.

Q: Your son is thirteen years old. You started music in nine years. Do you already know Pietro in your job?

A: My family, and especially the father, I did not help each other. I left the house in the nineteen years and I was on my feet. Son has not yet sings, but I hope that soon it will have a real passion in which I will try to give him help, but I will not be very eager. I believe that in a boy you need to form a male character from childhood, and for this it is necessary for a lot, to achieve a lot alone and skills. If the child has to indulge in everything, he will grow gently, and not a man.

Q: In childhood, with the exception of music, you loved painting. Is there still interest in this type of art?

A: I don't draw. Hands in paint is horror! (laughs. - AUT.)In childhood I was really talented at painting. In general, the musicians show the skill or the math or to draw. In math, I was a full zero, and that's why it was well painted and saying so that the emotions and experiences of the children. Originally I liked portraits, but I was very gnarled that I had no way to draw a beautiful mouth. That's why I started to write landscapes since I was born in Tuscany, where very beautiful, picturesque nature. When he was gone, I was fascinated by the love of music.

Q: You are a real romantic: life is full of painting, music ...

A: I do romantic things, but forced to admit, no romantic nature inside.

Q: Alessandro, the last question. If I do not ask him, then I will not forgive the Ukrainians ... After all, you have a new status - enviable bachelor! Which women do you have any chance to get your manly attention?

A: I've traveled all over the world a lot, but Ukrainian women are so beautiful ... My friends come to Kiev a lot. And hardly divided into the hotel, as you already call me and speak with admiration about how many beautiful and high-ranking Ukrainian people around you. Scatter only eyes! Outwardly, I like the kind of Claudia Cardinale, Sophie Loren, Monica Bellucci. Attract brunettes, but I can't resist in front of a blue-eyed blonde either. When I go to Milan for Fashion Week, there are mainly models from Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia on the podium. Italian is pretty attractive too, but they have a different kind of beauty.

In terms of internal qualities, I like women like that, which was my Lorentz. They attract simple, open people who look in the eye when communicating with me. Uncomfortable ladies snobs, don't like gray because that's how I am myself (laughs. - AUT.), annoys too analyzed.

I am probably very much in my opinion, but I think that there is a certain separation of roles: a man has to conquer a lady and not the other way around. When a woman begins to point a man's attention to a man first, she loses femininity in his eyes. I like the process of conquering female hearts. In general, in relationships with women, I followed feelings and gave my feelings completely.

1. In childhood he marked himself. "In childhood I had a talent for painting. In general, the musicians show the skills or for math or drawing. In math I was complete, so he was well painted and with it expressed the emotions and experiences of his children. Originally liked I like portraits, but I was very gnarled that I had no way to draw a beautiful mouth. So I started to write landscapes (I was born in Tuscany, and there is very beautiful nature). When he was gone, music was carried away. And now I'm not drawing. Hands in paint is horror! "

2. He's looking at her own grandmother with a cumulative. “Grandmother of the soul in me is not a Chayale, maybe because I was like a grandfather. When I laughed, she exclaimed,“ Alessandro, you are a cast grandfather! ”He died in the war when grandmother was only 36 years old was beautiful - a blonde with blue eyes, little growth like a matryoshka. She also sang wonderful songs of wartime, especially she directed romances from the opera "Tosca" Puccini, because this was called "Longing." She gave me a good one musical taste initiated. Although friends are having fun, to the fact that I was singing grandma songs all the time. "

3. Don't sing outside of the scene. "I don't sing in the shower. But I can say that I know many examples of the fact that man's talent has been revealed in this way. (Laughs.) Honestly, after I became a professional singer, I sing not at all outside of the scene. At home I rest. "

4. It is recognized in its modesty. "Italians are lovers of women, especially beautiful foreigners. I'm very shy, it seems like I'm a burden hero lover on stage. In the school years, communicating with girls was a solid tragedy for me! I left with a fragrant, and my first kiss was only in nineteen years. I remember being terrified, I even got up to myself! "

5. Female beauty admirer, but monochrome."I'm a fan of feminine beauty! As soon as the Queen of Elizabeth just approached me. She is very beautiful, she has a wonderful face! Outwardly, I like the kind of Claudia Cardinals, Sophie Lauren, Monica Bellucci. Attract brunettes , but in front of a blonde with blue eyes I can't resist either. I had many women, like Arab Sheiks, but only two were remembered. I have loved twice in my life. Or even one. It was love so strong that I married this girl. "

6. does not tolerate female initiative. "I am extremely conserved in my view, I think, that there is a certain separation of roles: a man has to conquer a lady and not the other way around. When a woman starts to show a man first, she loses femininity in his eyes. A woman shouldn't say compliments with men. I like to conquer a female heart. In a relationship with women, I follow feelings and spent completely. "

7. I used myself to tune in to "Clooney". "I often compare with. It's just that, unfortunately, our bank accounts are very different. In fact, I think I'm flattered when you make such a comparison."

8. Failures directors."I played myself in the TV series" Clone ", took part in the recording of the soundtrack for the film" Moulin Rouge ", where we shared your song with Evan McGregor Elton. I am often invited to films in Italy too Acting. But I don't want to. Now everyone is to be an actor, but this is a completely different profession. The actor is Marcello Masshani. And I've never studied actor and I don't want to spoil my reputation. It seems to me that this is not very good for me ... "

9. I don't want the son to follow in his footsteps. "My son Pietro is eight years old. I hope he doesn't become a singer, I hope that he will become a serious, smart man. (Laughs, my family, and especially the father, I did not help myself. I left the house in the nineteen years and I was on my feet. I hope soon the son will have a real passion in which I will try to tutor him, but I will not be very good. I believe it in a boy from childhood it is necessary to form a masculine character, and for this is necessary for much to your own and abilities to be achieved.If the child indulges in everything, he will grow gently, not a man. "

10. Believes beauty will save the world."I agree with Dostoewski's sentence that I quoted in Russia:" Beauty will save the world. "The world of music is incredibly beautiful. And if there are still people who are able to feel the harmony, then, if not the whole world, but at least some people who I can do better."

Irina Tatarenko.

Alessandro Safina is an Italian lyric tenor famous for vocals and a wide variety of executable music. It sings both classical and modern songs and determines the genre of execution as a "pop operator".

Childhood and adolescence

Alessandro Safina was born on October 14, 1963 in the Italian city of Siena. The boy's parents had no musical education, and the singer himself calls himself an "abandonment of the people". Still, the family was creative. Grandmother Alessandro, adored the grandson who remembered the wife of the late husband who died in the war.

Safina started studying at 9 years old, at 17 years old, around 17 years old to study vocals. Also, was the boy who loved and loved to write Tuscan landscapes. However, with age, the love of music did not leave places for other hobbies.


In the winter garden of Luigi Kerubini in Florence in Florence, the young man accepted despite the high competition in 17 years. The combination of voices, talent and performance led Alessandro Sang to play opera in great scenes in Europe at the beginning of his studies. At the age of 26, the singer won the first vocal victory - received a prize at the competition named Kati Riccharelli.

For a long time Saverina remained exclusively academic singing. During this time the musician performed many roles in the opera tours: sang in the "Eugene Oninin", "Sevilla Tits", "Ruslock".

In the mid-1990s, SAFINA decided that the time was the time of a new genre and opera was boldly combined with popular music. Experimenting, the singer began working with Romano Musumurroy - a popular Italian composer.

Song Alessandro Safina "Luna"

Already then Alessandro went with the opera troupe across the rivers and began to give solo performances in Europe. Serious popularity came to the singer in 2000 when he recorded the Luna song - the pervasive rock ballad that topped the Netherlands charts for over 12 weeks.

On the wave of success in 2001, SAFINA arranged the first world tour to and outside of the European continent: the singer who heard in Brazil and in the United States. In addition, Alessandro has expanded the list of music genres even more - he recorded a song for the musical Rouge music cinema. SAFINA also sang a duet, for example with a British opera and pop performer.

In Russia, the singer acquired the army of fans for a long time, when Luna sounded in the series "", but Safina was only able to visit in 2010. The first arrival of Alessandro was timed for the festival. Slalyapin, which took place in Kazan.

From this time the musician became a frequent guest in Russia and regularly gives concerts in different cities. In his creative biography - performances in all corners of the country, from the Chechen Republic to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Song Alessandro Safina "Incanto"

Unique success in the country has his execution of the song "Blue Eternity", although it is the cause of disputes, who is the best performer of the work - Alessandro Safina or Soviet.

The singer often pleases Russian listeners from the performance of songs in Russian and has repeatedly stated that he appreciates the Russian opera school very much - and.

Private life

Alessandro wasn't always involved solely from the arts. While studying in the winter garden, he conducted military service in the police force. By its natural softness, the operative singer was not suitable, so the operator was a driver.

The contractor admits that in his youth he was extremely shy and communicated with difficulties with the girls. For the first time, Alessandro, for whom thousands of women are now crazy, kisses in 19 years. The girl named Laurell became his first big love, and this feeling, albeit a year, SAFINA remembers to this day.

The second love occurred to the singer already in adulthood. In 1998, Alessandro met Lorentz, ballerina, and his future wife. The couple signed in 2001, and in 2002 their son Pietro appeared pro light. Safina named the boy in honor of a friend who died early, his death singer was sharply worried.

Alessandro Safina and his ex-wife Lorenz Mario

In 2011 the marriage broke down, although Alessandro, that Alessandro, that I had been trying to deceive love for some time. Despite the divorce, the couple supported friendly relations, Safina did not disappear from the son's life. From the child, the singer wants the boy to grow up a serious man and form a strong character.

Since the divorce, the singer has been hiding that the singer is hiding her personal life, although in an interview nothing against walking about women and his attitude towards them. It's difficult to call modern - for example, the singer is not approved if a woman manifests the initiative, if she is exclusively male privileged.

Alessandro Safina now.

Alessandro periodically comes up with suggestions for acting in the cinema. The musician invariably refuses: he believes that economic skills are a question of professional actors. He has not believed a small role in "Clone" since he portrayed himself.

Now the singer continues to record albums and tours around the world. In 2018, Alessandro's Russian fans were waiting for a pleasant surprise - concerts in Russia have been announced, which will take place in spring 2019. The singer speaking to the symphony orchestra will present a new program in which they will be already familiar works and new songs.

In the blog in "Instagram" the singer likes fans with new photos. These are usually pictures of speeches or records, but home photos come across. The most relevant information about the travel schedule and events in the life of the singer can be found on the official website.


  • 1999 - "Inside a te"
  • 2000 - "luna"
  • 2001 - "Junto a ti"
  • 2001 - "ARIA E MEMORIA"
  • 2003 - "Musica di te"
  • 2007 - "Sognami"

The passion for singing comes to him early on; He is only nine years old when he starts studying music in order to call himself up on classical music. His idol legendary Enrico Caruso.

Italian tenor Alessandro Safina (Alessandro Safina) was born on October 14, 1963 in the city of Siena, Italy. The passion for singing comes to him early on; He is only nine years old when he starts studying music in order to call himself up on classical music. His idol legendary Enrico Caruso.

Alessandro, however, is inspired and pop music, such groups as U2-Genesis, Depeche-Modus and the Clash.

His inner conviction to unite two musical genres - and classical music approaches people - is growing

When Romano Muzumera was a musician and composer, he turned to him with the song "La Sete di Vivere" and he immediately answered enthusiasm. And when Muzumera hears SAFINAS 'doubts, it doesn't last. The first printed opera album by Pophes Opera Singer comes out in March 2000. It presents his new style of music.

The singer is becoming more popular in the Netherlands. Single "Luna" holds first place for 14 weeks.

The January 2001 concert in The Hague, televised, increases it and is already a great success. The Dutch public is very impressed by the greater talent of a beautiful, charismatic tenor with his charming smile and warm humor. In April of the same year he gave another successful concert, this time in Amsterdam.

His debut album "Insieme TE" is sold with great popularity in the Netherlands. And went platinum for several months. CD released in 38 countries, total circulation over a million.

In addition to the Netherlands, Safina achieved great success in Brazil and Korea, where he played as a guest during the concerts of Barbara Andrix and Joe.

November 2001. Alessandro - one of the guests of the Queen Elizabeth

Immediately after their marriage in April 2002, Elton John and Alessandro make an entry "Your Song".

February 2004: Premiere of the concert in Munich. Large German audience remains in a great impression of Alesstendro

Alessandro has close ties with the Netherlands. He gives three concerts in a row that has passed with a full guy

Now Alessandro Sphin is working on a new album that will see the light on September 1st, 2006 ..

Carier start. "Classic" period

Alessandro has been fond of music from the age of nine. His parents were ardent fans of the opera and from childhood tried to instill this passion and their son. At the age of 17 he entered the Conservatory of Luigi Kerubini in Florence. In 1989 he won first prize in the "Concorso Lirico Internazionale" song competition. Originally worked in the field of academic music, the main parties resulted in the opera "Bohemia", "Sivilian Barber", "Capelete and Monteci", "Love Drink", "Mermaid", "Eugene Onegin". Participation in the production of Operetta "Sissi", "Rose-Marie", "Orpheus in Hell" and "Merry Widow". Safina paid great attention to the religious and spiritual repertoire: he played "Mass" Guno in the Basilica of Saint-Denis, Mass di Gloria "Puccini and a" small solemn mass ".

Mid 1990s. Til today. "Opera Rock"

Mid 1990s. Safina decides to try a new genre that the singer herself called "Opera Rock" (elements of pop music, coolers, musicals combined with academic laws). At the same time he begins to work with a famous Italian composer, pianist and producer Romano Muzumera, with whom they reimburse the single La Sete di Vivere (1999), and then a full-fledged album "Insige a te" (1999). The singer presented his debut album before leaving for the famous Olympic Theater in Paris.

A great success came to Safina in the Netherlands when he took part in the concert of the Night of the Rome. Insima’s single Luna, a TE album released in 2000, lasted 14 weeks at the top of the Dutch hit parade. Inside A TE's album has been released in more than 30 countries around the world, in a few months it became "golden" in Brazil and Taiwan and four times "platinum" in the Netherlands.

2001 was featured by the First Safin's full-scale world tour. He has performed concerts in the Netherlands (Hague and Amsterdam), Italy, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom (where tenor takes part in the royal variety performance concert and sings for Queen Elizabeth II with other famous Queen's celebrities), Brazil ( San Paolo and Rio), USA (concert at New York Radio City Hall), Canada and Korea.

In the same 2001 the singer took part in the recording of the soundtrack of the musical music base of Lurmann "Moulin Rouge!" In September of the same year he gave a concert in the famous El Greco amphitheater in Taormina. The concert from Yoy Live only in Italy was subsequently shown on the American PBS TV channel in the Great Performance series and released on DVD.

Alessandro Safina in Russia and the CIS

Safin's first speech in Russia took place on March 8, 2010 - the tenor took part in the Valentin Yudashkin concert devoted to the celebration of International Women's Day. He performed his famous song Luna and also performed his new song Il Nostro Tempo in a duet with Russian singer Maria Novikova (soprano) at the court. One of the stroba in this song, Alessandro, performed in Russian.

Safin's first major solo concert in Russia took place on March 26, 2010 in Moscow in the concert hall of the Crocus City Hall. The partner singer again became soprano Maria Novikova. The Moscow audience warmly welcomed the singer and welcomed every song of the ovations.

Two more speeches in Moscow (opening ceremony "Fair for Millionaires 2010" and a concert show "Stars of Ballet of the XXI Century), in Ukraine (concert dedicated to the anniversary of Jan Tabachnik), in Kazakhstan (at the II charitable ball In Almaty), again in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Christmas and New Year concerts as well as a festive presidential reception in the Kremlin on the occasion of the celebration of the New Year) All concerts were accompanied by Anshlag.

In early 2011, Alessandro took part in the Ukrainian television show X-Faktor, in which his hit Luna performed in a duet with boxer Alexei Kuznetsov.

In March 2011 Safina went on tour in the cities of Russia, visiting Ekaterinburg, Samara and Novosibirsk.

On March 26, 2011, Alessandro took part in the "Man of the Year 2010 Man" awards ceremony in Ukraine, where he received the Solo Star Reward. The next day he gave the first major concert in Kiev, which left with the Manshlag. On April 14, 2011, the tenor took part in the solemn ceremony of the presentation of the annual national prize of Ukraine "Pride of the Country. The next major solo concert in Kiev is scheduled for May 26, 2011.

On April 11, 2011, Alessandro Safina named in Grozny (the Chechen Republic, the Russian Federation) with a concert on the opening of the football stadium, which was named after the first President of Chechnya Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov. The concert was also attended on other stars (Toto Kutuno, SI Ketch, Albano and others).

Russian-language catch site Alessandro Safina, created by the singer's fans in 2010, received the status of an official international Russian-speaking Russian-speaking fancline, the talent fans of the United Safin in Russia and the CIS countries.

Interesting facts

  1. Kumir Alessandro Safina - legendary Enrico Caruso. In addition to classical music, however, the singer is interested in pop and rock music. Among the musical preferences of Alessandro - U2, Genesis, Depeche mode and the clash.
  2. In addition to the singing career, SAFINA starred in the films. He played himself in the TV series "Klon" (one of the most successful Brazilian TV series of the Globa TV company) and played the role of the artist Mario Kavaradossi in the free film screening of the opera Gakomo Puccini "Tosca" called Tosca E Altre.


Solo albums

  1. Insieme A TE (1999, debut album)
  2. Insieme A TE (2001, reprint)
  3. Junto a Ti (2001, Hispanic version of insiemer A TE album)
  4. Alessandro Safina (2001, reprint)
  5. Alessandro Safina (2001, reprint, bonus track added)
  6. Inside a te (2002, only released in Italy)
  7. Musica di te (2003)
  8. Sognami (2007)


  1. Single "La Sete di Vivere" (1999)
  2. Single "Luna" (2000)
  3. Single "ARIA E MEMORIA" (2001)
  4. Single "Life goes on" (Duet Petra Berger, 2007)

Maxi singles.

  1. Maxi single "Luna" (2000)
  2. Maxi single "Insige A TE" (2001, released in the Netherlands)
  3. Maxi single "ARIA E MEMORIA" (2001)

Concerts and DVD.

  1. Live in Italy "Only you", 2001 (the concert was recorded in the El Greco Greek Amphitheater in Taormina)
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