Is Trump a narcissistic leader?

Psychologists Call Trump "Malicious Narcissists" in Documentary

Washington - Two months before the US presidential election, psychologists called US President Donald Trump a "vicious narcissist" in a new documentary. Under the title "Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump" (Inappropriate: The Psychology of Donald Trump) several scientists were interviewed who analyzed Trump's personality.

The film has been on the Internet on streaming platforms since Tuesday. The interviewed psychologists argue in the documentation that it is their medical duty to warn the US public about Trump's mental health. Among the experts surveyed is John Gartner, who believes Trump has four key symptoms of "malignant narcissism". This includes the traits of paranoia, narcissism, sadism, and an anti-social personality disorder.

"Extremely Destructive"

Gartner told the AFP news agency that Trump had character traits that dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Benito Mussolini had already shown. "This type of leader appears throughout history and is always extremely destructive," said Gartner. He added: "It's not about him being as bad as Hitler or that he is equal to Hitler." However, Trump has "the same diagnosis as Hitler."

In the documentary, which according to its authors is not politically motivated, lawyers, historians, former intelligence officials and well-known Trump critics have their say. Trump is standing for re-election on November 3. The Democratic Party has placed former Vice President Joe Biden as its opponent. (APA, September 1st, 2020)