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My top 10 heroes who deserve their own movie

The superheroes of the big comic houses have dominated the cinema and TV screens of this world for years and there seems to be no end in sight for the next few years either. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is already in its third phase next year, which will culminate in the, hopefully ingenious, "Infinity War". The competition from DC Comics is not sleeping either and wants its Cinematic Universe, which started with "Man of Steel" (DCCU) with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" in the next year. There are also many new heroes on both sides, such as "Black Panther" and "Doctor Strange" or "Flash" and "Shazam". But these are all rather the "usual suspects" and I would find it much more interesting to see the (anti) heroes on the big screen that you don't necessarily think of at first: Heroes from the second row; )

10th place) Spider-Man 2099

In the year 2099, Peter Parker is no longer the friendly spider next door, but Miguel O'Hara, an aspiring researcher whose DNA was changed in a gene experiment, is the new Spider-Man.

In the grim future of this series, the world's most powerful heroes have long been forgotten and only live on in the memories of a few people. Only around the god of thunder, Thor, has a religious cult developed over time.

Since Alchemax, the company Miguel worked for, wanted to conduct immoral experiments on people, he opposed it, but was injected with a drug, Rapture, which makes a person instantly addicted because it mixes with human DNA . In this perfidious way, Alchemax wants to make its employees docile, since only they produce Rapture and the dependence on this drug lasts for life. To rid himself of the drug's side effects, Miguel plans to overwrite his DNA with that of an older sample. In an accident, his genetic material is mixed with that of a spider, giving him superpowers. From then on, Miguel is on the run from Alchemax and, in his new role as Spider-Man, has to deal not only with his own inner demons, but also with some of Spider-Man's old opponents, who have taken on new forms, such as Venom and der Green leprechaun.

Since I've been a big Spider-Man fan since I was a kid, I found it extremely interesting, similar to "Batman of the Future", to be able to dive into a somewhat darker and more ominous future. On the series "Spider-Man 2099" I stumbled by chance, but it immediately fascinated me. The drawings were and are also great in the current series, the stories and adventures are excitingly staged and Miguel as the main character does his job very well, which is why he does currently also in the "Secret Wars", together with many other Spider-Men (and -Women) can get involved.

Due to the not exactly short time lag to the other stories about the wall crawler, a whole new world could be created in this series, in which there are some well-known characters, at least by name, such as Dr. Doom and Venom, but externally these modern versions have little in common with their "role models".

His skills also differ from those of the original: Unlike Peter, Miguel does not have to rely on a net thrower, but can produce his own net, and Miguel also has superhuman strength and endurance similar to Peter. In contrast to the original, however, the Spider-Man of the future has no spider sense, so cannot foresee any approaching danger. But since the gene experiment, Miguel has had fangs that release a poison with which he can paralyze his opponents.

Should the MCU go into a fourth or later maybe even a fifth phase, then it would be great to see Miguel O'Hara as "Spider-Man 2099". Since there are already super soldiers, aliens and gods running around in the MCU and the Sorcerer Supreme will soon also be making his rendezvous, in my opinion it should not be particularly difficult to add time travel and alternative realities to the equation.

Since Spidey is now part of this Cinematic Universe for the first time, one could think about an implementation of the "Spider-Verse" storyline, an adaptation of "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" or "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" in which the original Spider-Man meets with his successor and also alternative versions of himself from other universes and has to endure adventures with them, of course with all sorts of dangers and brisk sayings: D

9th place) Nova

With this name, many will certainly think of the "Nova Corps" from Marvel's surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy from 2014. The Corps is a kind of intergalactic police unit, similar to the "Green Lantern Corps" in DC, whose members roam the vastness of space, to hunt down wanted criminals.

Richard Rider, the main character in this series, is a high school student who by chance received the powers of the last captain of the Nova Corps. Equipped with these powers, Richard wanders through space to fathom his abilities and to find himself. Richard later joins the Nova Corps as well as the "New Warriors" and the "Avengers" to protect his home planet. He also cooperated several times in the comics with Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight evil such as Thanos.

Rider is the current Nova Prime in the comics, i.e. the leader of the corps.

Richard draws his strength from the "Nova Force", which makes him almost as powerful as the Silver Surfer. It can lift several thousand tons, can fly faster than light, create and absorb cosmic rays, create wormholes and create force fields that can even withstand the power of Galactus. If Nova can develop his full potential, he is certainly one of the most powerful figures in the entire Marvel universe, who does not have to hide from opponents such as Drax, Galactus or Thanos.

Nova is a character that I have neglected for a long time. In some comics, for example from the Guardians, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and also some cartoons, most recently Ultimate Spider-Man, I stumbled upon him again and again, but he didn't really grab me at the time. I only recently discovered that Panini Comics was bringing out the current Nova series in Germany and so I gave this character a chance: Fortunately: D

The comics are great and dynamic, his adventures are exciting and with all the action in the vastness of space, the humor is not neglected :)

Ever since Marvel's Guardians film, I have been hoping that Nova will finally be integrated into the MCU, and with the new Spider-Man film, which is due to start in 2017, I could imagine that Peter would be a certain Richard alongside Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn Rider might run into your path;)

Should this not happen contrary to expectations, Nova could also be installed in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and fight through the vastness of space together with Star-Lord and Co.

Nova is definitely a character who deserves his own movie, maybe MCU stage four or five, and who will surely cut a fine figure in the cinema too :)

8th place) Lobo

Oh yeah, Lobo is one of those characters that somehow nobody in the DC Universe wants to have anything to do with, but once you run into him, you won't get rid of him anytime soon, especially if you are on your own Head is also offered a reward: D

For years there has been a persistent rumor about a cinema adaptation of the last Czarnian, but so far nothing has been officially confirmed in this direction: /

Since he killed each of his fellow species with a poison in order to finally be unique, he roams on a motorcycle-like means of transport, SONYA, smoking, drinking, cursing and rumbling through the vastness of space and earns his money as a bounty hunter. Not even heaven or hell, neither of which wanted him, can keep him hunting for his prey.

He has superhuman strength and lightning-fast healing ability from birth and immortality since he was kicked out of the afterlife, which is why he can also take on some of the strongest characters in the DC universe. Since Lobo has always had an aversion to everything that is good in the universe, he particularly likes to mess with some superheroes, such as the man of steel, but Santa Claus was also one of his countless victims: D

Lobo is certainly one of the wackiest but also the most likable and funniest anti-heroes that DC Comics has produced over the years and has enjoyed great popularity for years. His adventures are, especially compared to those of many other DC characters, quite brutal and his humor is often wonderfully dark and evil, which is why the comics do not necessarily belong in the hands of children.

Since I saw Lobo for the first time in a Superman episode, he's been one of my favorite characters, so I'm always happy when he gets to make a guest appearance in one of the bigger series, most recently in "Injustice: Gods Among Us" , the comic for the video game of the same name.

Of course, an adaptation of the Lobo comics true to the original carries a certain financial risk, as an R rating (FSK 18) is required to be able to conjure up this figure in all its bloody splendor on the big screen. Lobo has to smoke, swear and drink, it also takes gore and of course a lot of bare skin to be able to show the last survivor of Czarnia as he has to be shown: D

I would be very happy about an adaptation of the Praesi and hope that WB and DC will fulfill this wish one day, maybe in the second phase of the DCCU :)

7th place) The Darkness

Now we come to the only character on my list who doesn't belong to either of the two big comic houses, but that hasn't hurt the success of this series.

The comic series "The Darkness" mainly follows the experiences of Jackie Estacado. At the beginning of the story, Jackie is the hit man of a Mafia family to which he belongs. On his 21st birthday Jackie receives a very special present that has been in his family for generations from his father is passed on to the son when the son reaches the age of majority: The Darkness.

This dark power is ancient, according to a legend at least as old as the universe itself, and it has been looking for human hosts who are particularly depraved and evil inside. In return, the darkness gives its host almost unlimited power: the wearer is able to give his dreams and fantasies solid forms, which often ends in extremely bloody slaughter. In addition, the darkness envelops its host with a kind of armor that makes the wearer almost invulnerable and significantly increases his physical strength as well as speed and endurance. The sometimes most important ability of darkness is the creation of so-called darklings; nasty little demons who without hesitation carry out all orders of their master, even if it costs them their own lives.

The comic series has not only been extremely successful in the USA for years, but has also garnered a considerable fan base in this country over the years and even produced two video games a few years ago which, in their uncut versions, have, let's say, the charm of Capture the template ingeniously :)

The comics captivate primarily with their darkly detailed drawings, the serious stories and of course their protagonist Jackie, who over time develops into a more and less likeable anti-hero. Because even if Jackie is a hit man, he has a code of honor and a minimum of morals, which is why he unconditionally protects those he loves. With all these serious stories, of course, the humor is not neglected, which, true to the remaining elements of the comic, is really bitterly angry :)

As with Praesi Lobo, an adaptation of "The Darkness" also needs an R-Rating in order to be able to conjure up the original in all its visually stunning splendor. Like the comics, a film should primarily be through its visual brilliance and captivate the dark-artistic touch. The fights and the unleashed power of darkness connected with it also play a decisive role. Bloody firefights between several mafiosi have been enough so far, but if you add the facet of darkness to these fights, that could reach completely new regions. When the killers of an enemy clan attack Jackie in a dark alley, beat him down and sift through with their bullets, but then suddenly stop because they notice that something is wrong around them, then Jackie gets " ordinary “fight a whole new twist: Suddenly everything around becomes deathly quiet, even the last bit of light goes out and yes ckie's body takes on a completely different, more threatening-looking shape and then, when the men notice that something is completely wrong and they should seek their salvation in flight, something holds onto her: Little Darklings grab and torture the men who Demon arms from Jackie's armor shred one of the attackers, while Jackie ripped the heart out of the chest of the last remaining Mafioso. At the latest then you notice that this film is getting a completely different taste: A much darker and bloodier taste: D

Of course, the film cannot hold back in any other way. Jackie is not only a killer, but also a drug addict and, as a sex addict, is not averse to the female gender. The important thing here is to find a good balance between all the violence, the curses and the sex. Care must also be taken that the admittedly sometimes drastic depiction of violence must never degenerate into an end in itself or come across as too "tasteless", but for my part I am sure: "The Darkness" belongs on the big screen, and if so Studio should adapt this visually stunning story true to the original, a real hit could await us :)

6th place) Moon Knight

You are starting to notice: I have a heart for anti-heroes, which is why Moon Knight had to be on my list: D

Marc Spector is the son of a rabbi who fled Europe with his family from the horrors of the Holocaust in the 1930s in order to be able to lead a new and better life on the other side of the Atlantic. Marc could never understand this decision of his father, because in his eyes it is the decision of a coward.

Marc did not follow in his father's footsteps, but instead joined the US Marines before he ended up with the CIA and after this little rendezvous went "self-employed" as a mercenary. Some time later he stumbled on one of his missions for the terrorist Raoul Bushman more or less coincidentally in an old pharaoh's grave in the archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune and his daughter. Since Bushman smells the big money at this discovery, he murders Mandrake in order to be able to claim the treasures in the grave Conscience, which leads him to help Mandrake's daughter to escape. Disgusted by Spector's good deed, Bushman almost kills him and then leaves him in the desert.

This is followed by what would change Spector's life forever: He is carried by some men to a statue of the moon god Khonshu and, weakened from the fight and emaciated from the sand and heat, finally succumbs to his injuries. In death, the god just mentioned appeared to Marc and sent him back to life as the spirit of revenge Moon Knight.

Since his first appearance in 1975, Moon Knight has had many different adventures, in the course of which he joined the Avengers and the Secret Avengers, among others. Moon Knight also made a few appearances in some major events in recent years, such as the "Age of Ultron" or the "Civil War", so he was one of the few heroes in New York who were not defeated by Ultron. In the "Civil War" neither Captain America nor Iron Man wanted him on their side, as both considered his methods too drastic and his psyche too unstable.

Moon Knight has mastered a variety of martial arts, is a master of various interrogation techniques and torture methods, and, thanks to his military career, is masterfully trained in handling weapons of all kinds, which means that he often goes further than other heroes in fights against criminals would. Similar to Batman, Moon Knight uses a variety of different gadgets and is also a more than competent detective.

In my opinion, Moon Knight is one of the most interesting characters that Marvel has produced so far and definitely deserves to be made into a film. Since "Daredevil" ran very successfully on Netflix and another anti-hero was announced in the next season with the Punisher, I think an appearance of the Moon Knights in an upcoming Netflix series, maybe even in his own series, is more likely than that his story will really be adapted for the big screen. The financial risk to be able to write clearly green numbers with such a violent and reckless acting character is probably too great for Disney to commission a "Moon Knight" movie, even if it would be absolutely brilliant, this comic series does not offer it only a multi-layered and morally ambivalent character, I also find his background story with the connections to Egyptian mythology to be extremely attractive, as well as his unique fighting style (he refuses to block or evade because he could miss such an opportunity for a counterattack) The big screen will be impressive to look at. Hopefully Marvel will take heart and let the Moon Knight loose on the big screens of this world; or at least on our television screens :)

Little fun fact: In 2099 there will also be a Moon Knight. This version of the character is female and nothing is known about her motives and powers as she has only appeared once in the comics: D

5th place) The Specter

The Specter is not only one of DC Comics' oldest, but also one of the most powerful characters in the comic book house, if not the most powerful character (next to "The Almighty") in the entire DC universe.

Since God / omnipotence was dissatisfied with the wicked behavior and the many wrongdoings of the people, he created the Specter, the personification of his divine anger, which from then on was to punish evil people for their guilt and sins. The real name of the Specter is Aztar. This was once an angel who rebelled against God together with Lucifer in the distant past and was transformed into the Specter as a punishment for this wrongdoing.

In the comics, the Specter is credited with the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which he destroyed because of the countless wrongdoings and the sinful way of life of their inhabitants. In order to keep the power and anger of the Specter in check, the Archangel Michael chained the spirit of vengeance to a human soul, which from then on served the Specter as a kind of anchor and was to curb his anger.

The best-known "anchor" of the Specter is probably the ex-police officer Jim Corrigan. He made few friends during his lifetime through his harsh actions and was killed by some criminals and then sunk in the Hudson River. Since Corrigan's anger on his murderers does not exist in death wore off, his entry into paradise was denied, instead his soul was chained to the spirit of vengeance and released into the world in order to punish evil from then on.

Specter is one of my personal favorite characters at DC Comics, which could be due to the fact that I used to deal very intensively with mythology and religions, but the character has always been a bit lost in Germany and also played in the previous "New 52" -Comics do not yet play a decisive role. Specter has made several series in the USA and has appeared in many of the major DC events such as "Final Night", "Infinite Crisis" or "Blackest Night" other heroes of the DC Universe, such as Superman, Batman, John Constantine and Green Lantern, although the Specter himself should probably be seen as an anti-hero due to his predilection for "biblical" punishments.

My favorite storyline with the Specter is the "Day of Judgment", during which a fallen angel chained himself to the wrath of God in order to take revenge on the Justice League and heaven and unleash Hell on earth. At the end of this storyline the Specter found a new human anchor in the fallen Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Since his power is of divine origin, there are virtually no limits to it. He can destroy entire universes within seconds, manipulate time and space according to his wishes or penetrate into the souls of his opponents in order to destroy them from within. In "Day of Judgment" Specter let hell freeze, defeated the entire Justice League to Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash in a few seconds and also let the demonic armies unleashed on earth to ring in the Last Judgment, taking himself the most powerful magicians of the DC Universe could only slow down for a few moments, as its power exceeds that of all other beings many times over.

So you already notice: When the wrath of God comes on the scene, it will be epochal: D

Just like its appearances in the comics, a potential film must of course be visually powerful, although the word "visually powerful" probably only does justice to this figure with its godlike power. The Specter could be introduced in the planned "Justice League: Dark" - or "Shazam" film, because they can and in my opinion even have to open the door to the magical world in the DCCU.

From its creation, through the first deeds in biblical times, to his connection with Jim Corrigan and their joint punishments of bad people, "The Specter" should provide enough material for epic and bombastic cinema adventures, which, at least stylistically, fit perfectly into the DCCU should and quite honestly: To see how Specter lets his power run free and wipes out entire cities or maybe later fights against the Justice League, I imagine simply impressive and absolutely spectacular, which is why DC has to implement this character in my eyes: )

Small fun fact: "The Specter" was created by Jerry Siegel, one of the inventors of a certain "Superman".

Fun Fact # 2: In a fight against Shazam / Captain Marvel, Specter only had to say the word "Shazam" to transform Shazam back into little Billy Batson: D

4th place) Justice Society of America

Justice Society of America

Okay, okay ... caught: D

This series is a little sham on my list, as it not only focuses on one hero, but on several heroes at the same time.

The Justice Society of America (JSA) is the original, the very first superhero team. Long before the Justice League, the Avengers or the X-Men, the JSA fought against the evil in the world. The first JSA comics appeared in 1940 , in the so-called "Golden Age", and its members included the first versions of characters such as Green Lantern, Flash, Atom and Sandman. But figures like Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary or Hawkman were also part of the team at times, with Superman even leading the JSA for a while.

While the JSA fought on the side of the USA in its early days in World War II, they later faced opponents such as Vandal Savage, Gog, Mordru or Black Adam (yes, the Black Adam, against whom Shazam will also fight in his first film ^^) opposite.

Over the years several JSA re-launches followed, but since the JLA has now more or less overtaken its rank as DC's superhero team # 1, these later or younger series could never really build on the success of the original, which is a great shame for me personally found the JSA with Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Flash (Jay Garrick), Specter and Dr. Fate on some of my favorite characters who, like the whole series, have been sidelined more and more. Over time I have not only read the more recent issues of the comics, but also some older stories that are still convincing today, although visually they can of course no longer keep up with the current "glossy comics".

At the moment the "Justice Society of America" ​​is experiencing a kind of renaissance in the "New 52" series "Earth 2", in the younger versions of the original members around Dr. Fate and Green Lantern on the parallel world Earth 2 against Darkseid and other dangers fight.

An adaptation of "Earth 2" would also be my personal dream for a, hopefully coming, cinema adaptation. The characters are personable, have been pleasantly modernized and have lost none of their charm and fascination. Even the serious and gloomy mood in the comics should fit perfectly into the DCCU.

So please WB and DC: Finally bring this iconic team of heroes with all their great characters and exciting stories to the big screen; these heroes deserve it :)

Little Fun Fact: For a while, Wonder Woman was the Secretary of Justice Society: D

3rd place) Zauriel

Zauriel is undoubtedly one of the youngest figures on this list and probably only very few of you are familiar with it. Zauriel made its first appearance in 1997, enjoyed rapidly growing popularity with readers and even became a member of the Justice League of America. In the said JLA run, Zauriel conquered my heart over time and is still one of my favorite characters in the DC universe.

Since the beginning of creation, Zauriel served God / Almighty as a member of the Adler-Horstes, one of four angel clans in heaven, as a guardian angel who watched over the souls of countless women, including Cleopatra and Joan of Arc, until he did eventually fell in love with the mortal Shannon Coyne, his last wards. At the same time, Zauriel learned of the plans of the angel Asmodel, King of the Bull Horstes (the warrior caste), to rebel against God and to want to triumph where Lucifer once failed.

Zauriel asked the king angels, leaders of the four heavenly clans, to release him from his obligation as guardian angel so that he could find happiness and love on earth. The King Angels told him the story of the angel Michael, who for similar reasons came down to earth to meet his love, but he did not have a happy ending, which is why he had to stay on earth with a broken heart, unable to ever get into the Heaven to be able to return. However, Zauriel did not want to hear the warnings of the King Angels and so they granted his wish for mortality.

To prevent Zauriel from informing Heaven of their plan, Asmodel dispatched a group of his bull angels to silence Zauriel forever. By chance some members of the Justice League were involved in the fight, who helped Zauriel emerge victorious from this battle. At this first encounter, Zauriel was able to convince the JLA of his fighting skills, which is why they invited him to join the team.

As the story progresses, Zauriel confesses his love to Shannon and has more battles against Asmodel before the Eagle Angel can join the JLA to watch over the earth.

As an angel, Zauriel has several unique abilities that set him apart from the rest of the JLA. Most noticeable are of course its wings, with which it can move in the air at lightning speed. Another often used ability is his "Sonic Scream", with which Zauriel can cause considerable damage and even shatter steel.

In addition, he is an excellent swordsman and leader who has been trained in all ancient martial arts and has mastered his flaming sword. As a leader and teacher, he not only led heavenly armies, but also some earthly heroes, such as the current Hawkgirl.

His most important utensil, next to his sword, is probably his heavenly armor, which can enormously increase his physical abilities (strength, speed, endurance). His flaming sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe and obeys Zauriel's will completely. The sword can cut through anything, even the fabric of reality, if it is charged with enough magical energy.

Even today, as already mentioned, Zauriel is one of my personal favorites in the DC universe. His story has everything; From romance to drama to action and a pinch of comedy, the comic covers almost everything an entertaining film needs. In addition, there is always a sympathetic and sometimes a bit naive character who could bring a facet into the genre of comic films that neither Marvel nor DC have covered so far. With the introduction of Shazam and Enchantress into the DCCU, it is at least possible that sooner or later we will see angels (and demons) in DC's cinema universe and I sincerely hope that the first angel we get to know and admire the name Zauriel in his own film and that he will fight an epic battle with renegade angels that ignites both the sky and the screen :)

2nd place) Doctor Fate

As I mentioned above, I have a soft spot for ancient mythologies and religions: D

And after Specter, Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate is the second JSA member on my list that I would like to see a solo film.

So far, the appearances of Dr. Fate mostly on TV screens at home. He had appearances in some animated series (Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Superman, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice) and real series (Smallville, Constantine ---> Easter Egg).

The original series focuses on the adventures of Kent Nelson, who would later become the Sorcerer Supreme of the DC Universe. In 1920, young Kent accompanied his father on an archaeological dig in the Mesopotamian desert. There they uncover the grave of an ancient magician, Nabu. In an accident in the grave, Kent's father is killed and the magician Nabu takes young Kent under his wing to teach him the art of magic.

After several years of training, Nabu gives his student a helmet (Nabu's helmet) and an amulet (Anubis' amulet), which immensely enhance his magical powers.

As Doctor Fate, Kent travels the world to protect mankind from evil magical forces.

With his training and the magical artifacts that enhance his powers, Doctor Fate is without a doubt one of the most powerful beings in the entire DC Universe.

Not only does it have superhuman strength and stamina, it can also fly and is insensitive to human diseases and ailments. Thanks to his magical powers he can use ancient and powerful spells, make himself invisible, travel through time, perceive dangers earlier, create illusions or even completely erase a person's memories.

Due to years of training, his powers are far superior to those of most other human magicians, such as Green Lantern (Alan Scott, whose powers are of magical origin), Zatanna or Constantine, which is why he could also provide a tough fight against opponents like Shazam and Superman , should it really matter.

Of course, his power also has limits and here I come to the points that made this character so interesting for me and still do:

In the comics he often acts as a kind of mentor and advisor and usually appears when there is a particularly great (by that I mean REALLY great) danger that could destroy the whole earth.

In the last re-launch of the JSA comics, Dr. Fate more as a kind of mentor for the younger members, a role that the Doctor also plays in the current "Earth 2" comics, although in this version Kent Nelson is not under the helmet and the "new" Doctor Fate is even more so Instructions required as its "predecessor".

But the new Doctor Fate also has to struggle with the problems that his predecessor Kent Nelson had to grapple with. Thanks to the helmet, both have access to ancient knowledge and can even see the fate of the people around them, but their own fate lies for them in a fog that they are unable to penetrate with all their magical power. In addition, the helmet houses the spirit of the magician Nabu, who subjects its wearer to enormous psychological pressure. If the wearer takes off this helmet, he is mentally confused for a long time, he hears voices, mumbles incomprehensible stuff and is of little use during this time or in other words: the helmet gives you enormous power, but in return drives you he gradually drove his wearer mad.

Doctor Fate is not only one of the oldest characters from DC Comics, he celebrated his debut in 1940, in the "Golden Age", and was already a member of the JSA and JLA, but he is, for me, one of the most interesting characters who do that Comichaus owns.

His story could already be introduced in the upcoming "Shazam" film, as Black Adam got his powers in ancient Egypt, where he could have met a certain magician named Nabu.The story of this character contains elements of Egyptian mythology, which in my opinion is already very interesting per se, Kent has incredible magical powers and this story also shows the downsides that can go hand in hand with such immense power. To be able to see magical battles between two master magicians on the big screen, I always imagine it to be incredibly exciting, if it is done correctly. If you combine these magical duels with a dash of mythology and human drama, no, then such a film is guaranteed to be a success and I sincerely hope that DC will integrate their most powerful magician into their DCCU as soon as possible :)

Before I get to my first place, here are the mandatory ones Honorable mentions or heroes who didn't make it into my top 10:

Animal-Man, Atom, Batgirl, Batwoman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Deathstroke, Grifter, Hawkman, Legion of Superheroes, Martian Manhunter, Nightwing, Phantom Stranger, Red Hood, She-Hulk, Spawn, Spider -Gwen, Spider-Woman, Squadron Supreme, Starfire, Swamp Thing, WildC.ATS, Witchblade

1st place) Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future

I can still remember very well how I used to sit in front of our television as a little boy and watch the animated series of Batman and Superman, which I had fun with, as it were.

But one morning something was different ... Bruce Wayne was suddenly too old to continue fighting the evil in Gotham City as Batman and so a young and impetuous man moved into the series "Batman Beyond" (for us Batman of the Future) named Terry McGinnis, who was trained as the new Batman by the old master Bruce.

This new Batman was very young and uncontrolled at first, developed very nicely over time and grew better and better into his role as Gotham's new dark knight. Of course, in the course of the series he was also offered a membership in the new Justice League, but since Terry, like his mentor, is more of a "lone wolf" and reluctant to work in a team, Terry declined permanent membership Both "Batman Beyond" films saw a reunion with THE Batman villain par excellence: The Joker (as in the original series, brilliantly spoken by Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill)

After the mandatory victory over Batman's archenemy, the series was closed after the end of its last season, but a sequel followed in comic form a few years later, which continues the story worthily.

With the new suit, which is one of my personal favorite batsuits, there are of course all sorts of new skills and gadgets that regularly inspired me as a child and let me follow the events on the screen with my mouth open: D

The new suit has a kind of exoskeleton that significantly increases the wearer's physical abilities, which is why Terry is able to lift objects weighing several tons. In addition, Terry can fly thanks to the new suit and make himself invisible, which he likes to use to sneak up on his opponents and turn them off unnoticed. Terry likes to combine invisibility with another gadget in his suit that sits in his fingertips and allows him to overhear conversations through windows or thin walls.

All of this is still great to watch today, which is why "Batman of the Future" with its great characters, the dark setting, the exciting stories and its strong audiovisual design is still one of my personal favorite series :)

The series was a great success and had a total of three seasons (52 episodes, 1999-2001), two films and several own comic series. The Batman of the future is currently fighting his way through the DC event "Futures End - The End of All Times", during which Terry travels into the past to fight for a better future.

Terry, like Harley Quinn, is one of the few characters who premiered in an animated series and, due to their great success and popularity with fans, were finally integrated into the official comic canon, so Terry is also in the comics the "Batman of the Future".

Years ago they thought about a movie adaptation of "Batman Beyond" and it would almost have become a reality if it hadn't been for a small but fine project called Batman Begins. The plans for a "Batman Beyond" film were for the time being put on hold and finally discarded completely after the success of Nolan's realistic Batman interpretation. After the end of the "The Dark Knight" trilogy, the fans again called for an adaptation of "Batman of the Future", but as we know today, WB / DC has other plans.

The starting point of the "Batman Beyond" story is really great and would fit very well into the construct of the DCCU, pretty much all the important elements are already there and if magic is introduced into this universe so early, then there should be some too Little things like time travel or gene experiments are no longer real hurdles;)

In the Animated Series (Batman: TAS and Justice League Unlimited), Amanda "The Wall" Waller came to realize that the world will always need a Batman, which is why she turned from one of the many crime scenes where Bruce was wounded. took a blood sample and created a clone at Cadmus Labs that would carry on Bruce Wayne's legacy as Batman.

Surely "The Wall" in the DCCU still has to be convinced of the benefits and qualities of a Batman, but I'm pretty sure that she could commission one or the other genetic experiment and I very much hope one of them will be the name Wear "Batman Beyond" :)

These were my personal top 10 heroes who deserved a movie of their own. What do you think of my suggestions and more importantly: What are your wishes? In your eyes, which heroes finally deserve an appearance on the big screen?