As a theist, why is hell bad

Atheists go to heaven too

Nobody, not even the atheists, who are our brothers, may belittle the Apocalypse of Jesus or be afraid of it as long as he is sincere and in good solidarity with his fellow men of all faiths and unbeliefs on earth. It would also be useful to prepare for what can happen. Which, by the way, is already underway.

Why in good solidarity ?! But please, what do you want ?! Would you prefer to be in evil ?! How come?! That would be like a gang then. A case for the police.

So it is essential that some of those who believe in God be a little more gracious. "There can be no peace without brotherhood, concluded Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885).

There are even the so-called non-believers, who have arrived on the spiritual plane after physical death, have an advantage over those who say they believe in the Father, but do not show this, because they prefer to ignore the suffering of others ( Gospel of Matthew, 23:31 to 46). Many of those who are called non-believers do good deeds out of selfless love without expecting anything from God. They create Heaven within themselves instead of wanting it as a gift for the future based on what they want to do or think to do for society.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than a profit-addict behavior.

- Dear God! I'll be good when I get to Heaven ... If not, then not!

It is not enough to say that one believes in the Supreme Being. It is necessary to effectively demonstrate Him through each of our acts of warmth. This is the foundation of the solidary community.

Of course, I don't want to persuade anyone to become an atheist, nor do I want to criticize the church people who have written love on their banner. What I propose is that all of us together, without exception, try more and more to be co-partakers of the good. That is true ecumenism: reaching out to those in need and helping them wholeheartedly.

Well, by the way, I am bringing here one of the most beautiful sonnets of all time in religious literature. It originated in the heart of passionate saints Theresa of Avila (1515 - 1582), whom Jesus loved without coveting heaven or fearing hell:

For Christ crucified

Version - Fernando Rocha (1933 – 2001)

Do not move me, my God, to love you / the heaven that you promised me; / the hell that I feared does not move me / so as not to hurt you.

You touch me, oh Lord; The sight of you touches me / nailed to the cross and mocked; / your body touches me, which so wounds; / your suffering touches me and your death.

Your love finally touches me so that / even if there was no heaven, I would love you, / and if there was also no hell, I would still fear you.

You have nothing that you would give me because I want you, / because as long as the wait is, I don't deserve it / the same thing I want from you is that I want you.

Watch out!

Why so amazed? Heavenly Father, who should not be understood in an anthropomorphic sense, wants goodness on earth to bear fruit. If they were not bad but worthy and honest, then why should they be cursed on the basis of faith? Although they are atheists (or followers of another belief) - how many then wake up on the other side and are then lastingly surprised! But watch out! But those who, with brotherhood, did not care to enlighten themselves, since it is of little or no use to cultivate religiosity with arrogance, will then have to answer questions and answers to the Lord of Life. Because a lot of advice that was given to them in a friendly way, not only through words that the wind blows away, but through exemplary actions that deserve respect, that morally comfort, uplift, that lead on the right path and also give food, clothe and treat . One more fact to emphasize: Nobody should be forced to convert to whatever. We want to live a truly religious democracy like true citizens.

Let's follow Jesus' exhortation in the gospel Luke, 12:42 to 44 remember when he calls us to: "like a loyal and clever steward ", behavior, "which the Lord will appoint to give his servants the food at the right time ”. In The apocalypse without fear, in the chapter “Providence Remains Valid” this topic is addressed more often.


Contemplation on goodwill

Since God is love, His power is transmitted to the world through those who actually love (including the agnostics and atheists) as they strive for the welfare of all creatures.

If you want to alleviate your own pain, help those who suffer. (Paiva Netto)