Do we know what we want

We know what we want

A women's revolution is taking place in northern and eastern Syria.
But what does that actually mean?


A grassroots democracy project has been set up in northern and eastern Syria since 2011, which ideologically relates to the Kurdish freedom movement. The main idea behind this is the concept of democratic confederalism, which is based on gender equality, grassroots democracy and ecology. The social transformation process is also known as the women's revolution. But what does it make?
The editorial collective conducted interviews with women who answered this question from their perspective and described the implementation of the women's revolution in practice. Central to her stories is the lived resistance, not only against military attacks on the region, but also against patriarchal structures in society. They report on the organization in councils, the construction of an alternative economy and why autonomous, feminist organization is needed for this. In addition to a historical classification of the Kurdish women's movement and its ideological reference points, the book shows the importance of feminist organization for a global perspective on social change.

The editors
The editorial collective traveled as a feminist delegation of the “Fight Together” campaign from Germany to the north and east of Syria in the winter of 2018/19 in order to better understand what a women's revolution can mean.


New release: "We know what we want"
Members of the collective of editors present the book in an interview with ANF. (20/01/2021)

"It's a Middle East Revolution"
Conversation on feminist struggles in re: volt magazine (08/03/2021)

"Not a pipe dream, but reality"
Kerem Schamberger on (12/04/2021):

“It's finally here: a detailed description of Rojava's women's revolution. If you want to deal with how one of the largest feminist movements in the world not only conceives liberation in theory, but also realizes it in practice, you have to read this book. "