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Language and advertising

Advertising is a special form of communication. It aims to establish contact between producers and customers. Like any type of communication, it has a long history. Politicians and taverns were advertised as early as ancient times. The language of advertising uses special elements of rhetoric. Because it has a goal, so it is a planned communication. We should pay attention, our interest must be aroused. But above all, we should get interested in the product and buy it. The language of advertising is therefore usually very simple. Only a few words and simple slogans are used. This should allow our memory to memorize the content well. Certain parts of speech such as adjectives and superlatives are common. They describe the product as particularly beneficial. Advertising language is therefore usually colored very positively. It is interesting that advertising language is always influenced by culture. That said, advertising language tells us a lot about societies. In many countries today, terms such as beauty and youth dominate. The words future and security are also very common. English is particularly popular in western societies. English is considered modern and international. So it goes well with technical products. Elements from Romance languages ​​stand for pleasure and passion. They are often used for food or cosmetics. Anyone who uses dialect wants to emphasize values ​​such as home and tradition. Product names are often neologisms, i.e. newly created words. Usually they have no meaning, just a pleasant sound. But some product names can also have a career! The name of a vacuum cleaner has even become a verb - to hoover!