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Sweetheart sweet
personalized message
Dickens ... you're a little cutie.
Dickens ... you're a little one cutie pie.
Whatever you think is best, cutie.
Whatever you think is better cutie pie.
Do not worry, cutie, I want to find it.
Do not worry, sweetheart, I think.
Here's a word of advice, cutie.
You're a little cutie too.
You're a little too Sweet.
Boy is she one Sweet.
Your niece Max, she's a cutie.
Your niece Max, she is one Sweet.
This cutie looks so shyly but she can't wait to ...
These Sweet looks so shy but she can ...
Well, if he can reform a cutie like you, it's all been worth it.
If you have one of those Sweet how you can mend it is worth it.
You'll win with me, cutie.
Give me a try cutie pie.
What is your name, cutie pie?
You know anything about that, cutie pie?
Do you know anything about it cutie pie?
Share Cunning Fox Pattern Design Designer Jelena Obradovic ID # 14265 Description This little cutie just wanted to say: "Merry Christmas everyone!".
Share Sly Fox Seamless Pattern Designer Jelena Obradovic ID # 14265 Description This little one Sweet just wanted to say: "Merry Christmas everyone!".
What is it, little cutie?
What have you got, my cutie pie?
Lists, cutie, wrap your head around Finding the right famous face Or my other thing about the t zone.
Listen, Sweet, strain your head and find the right familiar face for me ... or my other thing about the T-zone.
Never from you cutie pie.
No, no, no, never from you Sweet.
It is not so long ago that Saroja was our little baby, the little cutie.
It doesn't seem that long ago Saroja was our baby, the little one who was Sweet.
I was hitting that cutie on Brothers Sisters.
I got it with the Cuties out "Brothers Sisters "tried.
This means that our little cutie died in this wardrobe.
That means that the Little ones died in this closet.
I will be on mine Cuties waiting.
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