What is a popular hobby in Kenya

Fishing in Kenya

Kenya is a very popular travel destination. Not unjustified, because the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, palm trees, warm climate and a multitude of exotic animals fascinate and let you go into raptures. There are numerous opportunities for both adventure tourists and hobby enthusiasts. There are wonderful waters there, especially for the angler. Be it the Aberdare Mountains, the streams of Mount Kenya in the Cherangani Hills, Lake Naivasha, Lake Victoria or the coast of Kenya.

Fishing in Kenya is also a new experience for hobby tourists. The Aberdare mountain range north of Kenya is located in the middle of the Aberdare National Park. Diser is located 170km away from the capital Nairobi. Housed in small accommodations, you can fish for trout at the end of the valley. The months of November to March are ideal for this. Fishing in Kenya is also an experience on the creeks of Mount Kenya in the Cherangani Hills. Not only hikers treat themselves to a trip to the highest mountain in Kenya. Countless rocks and glaciers create a unique atmosphere.

Trout were settled in the streams at the rock ends. You can really enjoy fishing in Kenya in this special environment. Another great destination for anglers is Lake Naivasha. This is the highest freshwater lake in Kenya with over 300 different species of birds. The difference for the angler in Kenya: no trout have been settled there, but the native tilapia cichlid in Germany known as Victoria bass lingers there. Fishing in Kenya on Lake Victoria is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater body of water in the world. With over 550 different fish species, Lake Victoria offers the angler a true paradise. In addition to two meter tall Nile perches, the cichlids on Lake Victoria are a relatively large species. The greatest adventure for anglers is on the coast of Kenya.

You can go deep sea fishing in the open sea. The so-called "Tag and Release" fishing is enjoying increasing popularity there. This means that the anglers take photos of imposing fish such as tuna, mackerel and marlins in order to release the fish into the wild after the souvenir photo. No matter which destination the (non) angler decides for - it will definitely be an unforgettable experience.