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Personal hotspot: solving problems

You can also use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot. So you can access the data card of your iPhone with your iPad or another iPhone in order to surf the data plan without having to buy a second card. If you don't even know what this personal hotspot should actually be, we would like to recommend another article to you in which we explain how to set up the personal hotspot. Here we explain to you what you can do if the hotspot just doesn't want to work!

Check settings

If you try the following advice, we recommend restarting your iPhone so that the changed settings are also safely applied.

But first to the most obvious source of error: Open the on your iPhone Settings and taps Mobile network, then onData options. Then select the menu itemMobile data network, and checks the values ​​entered there for correctness. You can get the information you need from your network provider.

Note that both under mobile data as well as under Personal hotspot all fields should be filled out. It is possible that this data has been deleted, especially after an iOS update, and you have to enter it again.

Activate data roaming

This trick is probably not generally applicable, but it can still be tried: Activated in theSettings under Mobile network → Data options the pointData roamingby tapping the button to the right of it (before you have to mobile dataactivate). But don't forget to switch off data roaming again when you travel outside the EU!

tip: Do you actually know how much data your hotspot uses? Just look it up on the iPhone!

Reset network settings

If the previous tips have not worked, you should try to reset your network settings. To do this, open the on your iPhone Settings and taps Generally, then at the bottom Reset to default. Now choose Network settings and enter your security code to confirm. The network settings of your iPhone will be reset to the factory settings. This means that all entered WLAN passwords etc. will also be deleted.

If you still have not been able to solve your problem with the personal hotspot, we recommend a relevant Apple support page, which also deals with troubleshooting the hotspot.

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