What is the equivalent weight of Fe2

Equivalent mass, relative

Equivalent mass, relative, earlier Equivalent weight, Formula symbols Är, the quotient from the relative formula mass F.r and the stoichiometric valence z a connection: Är = F.r/z. For an element is F.r in the definition by the relative atomic mass A.r, for a molecular substance by the relative molecular mass M.r to replace. The relative Ä. represents the relative mass of an equivalent. It is a ratio; as with all relative particle masses, the atomic mass unit (atomic mass) serves as the reference mass. The relative Ä. is generally not a constant for an element or a connection. Your information is only unambiguous if the corresponding stoichiometric value is also mentioned. So iron has in the oxides FeO and Fe2O3 the relative Ä. Är, Fe =

= 27.93 or Är, Fe =

= 18.62, for sulfuric acid the relative Ä. in terms of their reactions as a dibasic acid Är, H2SO4 =

= 49,04.