Is the word anti-Semitic anti-Semitic

What is anti-Semitism?

Widespread anti-Semitic attitudes


The open anti-Semitism of right-wing extremists and those from predominantly Muslim-socialized milieus are most strongly present in the public eye. This also has to do with the fact that these groups 'hide' their anti-Semitism behind a detour communication less often and express it quite openly.


But anti-Semitism can be found today in all social classes, all educational groups, all political directions. It offers projection surfaces for everyone.

Whether religiously motivated, right or left, in the middle of society, with or without a history of immigration: everyone can make use of the rich arsenal of anti-Semitic clich├ęs. Assignments to certain groups - e.g. to right-wing extremism, Islamism or refugees - often serve to relieve one's own group of this. No group in German society can claim to be completely free from anti-Semitism.


Beyond selective attention after anti-Semitic attacks that have become known nationwide, anti-Semitism is hardly perceived as a problem in Germany. The reason is the widespread assumption that Germany has dealt with its past in this area in an exemplary manner. Accordingly, there are only a few "forever yesterday" who spread their hatred of Jews.