What are the characteristics of a virgin

Virgo zodiac sign: This is how the typical Virgo ticks

The Virgo zodiac sign is usually characterized by an intellectual character. The Virgo is a little philosopher who likes to ponder on all kinds of subjects. Your thoughts and actions are very structured: Your life should run in an orderly and meaningful way.

Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are often very practical. They like it best when everything runs smoothly and is well structured and well thought out. They abhor chaos.

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The Virgo's Apartment: Always clean and tidy

If it does look chaotic on their desk, the Virgos have put everything in its place according to a certain system. There are also one or the other in the zodiac sign Virgo, who is known for the infamous cleaning mania.

The Virgo's apartment will therefore probably always look tip-top. After all, the Jungfrau wants to present itself in a classy manner, and it is also part of making your own home neat. Most of the time, the whole thing does not degenerate into a cleaning frenzy, even if some disorderly contemporaries might accuse her of that. She just wants it to be nice.

The virgin - also a perfectionist at work

Professionally, Virgos are correct, demanding, and very dedicated. Because they want to achieve something and always strive to get their tasks done quickly. The typical virgin is just a perfectionist. Some colleagues believe they can see pedantry in their eye for detail - what the Jungfrau does should be perfect. With her, everything always has to be one hundred percent, only then is she satisfied.

She'd rather work overtime than feel like she didn't do everything as well as possible. In this way, she will achieve a lot and is usually a step ahead of her colleagues. However, not everyone can cope with the high standards that they apply to themselves and others. She tends to criticize people around her. She doesn't do this out of bad faith, however. She just wants to tweak things.

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High demands on friends and partners

In private life, the Virgo zodiac sign has a very exquisite taste. Virgo places high demands on friends. Maybe a little too high for some. She values ​​people who are educated and well-groomed. She is suspicious of overly freaky types. Virgo loves intelligent partners who make her feel special. It goes without saying that your partner is well groomed and well dressed. After all, it has to suit her.

Attention: THAT are the strangers under the zodiac signs!

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You can rely on the virgin!

All in all, the Jungfrau is an extremely pleasant companion that you can fully rely on. She is always well informed, careful and punctual. Whoever has won their trust can always build on them. However, it can take a while until that happens. She is just not a quick starter when it comes to intimate feelings - regardless of whether they are friendly or erotic in nature. Their motto is: Caution is the mother of the porcelain box. This also saves you a lot of disappointment.