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Sea Sonic SSP-350GT in review: The OEM version of the G-Series


Many power supply manufacturers also offer their products as OEM versions for bulk buyers and system houses. Sea Sonic's SSP-350GT is such a device. It is technically similar to the G-360 from the G series for retail, but comes in a mouse-gray housing adapted to the requirements of the OEM business.

According to our test reports on the be quiet! System Power S7 350 and 450 watts, we are testing another device with the Sea Sonic SSP-350GT for its bargain potential. 350 watts nominal power, DC-DC voltage regulation, 80Plus-Gold-efficiency - the technical data promise an attractive product for economical computers. Is the purchase worthwhile for end customers who don't care about the appearance of the power supply unit?

scope of delivery

As an OEM product, the Sea Sonic SSP-350GT does not have retail packaging and the usual scope of delivery. At most retailers, the customer receives the bare power supply in a plain box without a power cord or other accessories.

Technical cornerstones

  • 80Plus Gold Certification
  • 120mm fan
  • 140 mm installation depth

The SSP-350GT offers 350 watts of rated power. Up to 348 watts, i.e. over 99 percent of that, can be called up on the two +12 volt lines if required. Only up to 80 watts can be called up on the +3.3 and +5 volts minor rails. The power distribution of the power supply unit is clearly based on the requirements of modern computers.

Sea Sonic equips the SSP-350GT according to its own information with some necessary protective circuits:

  • UVP (undervoltage protection): If the voltages on the individual lines fall below a certain tolerance value, the power supply unit switches off automatically.
  • OVP (overvoltage protection): If the voltages on the individual lines rise above a certain tolerance value, the power supply unit switches off automatically.
  • SCP (short circuit fuse): In the event of a short circuit, this fuse prevents damage to the core components of the power supply unit and the individual system components.
  • OPP (overload protection): If the system is "oversized", ie more power is required from the power supply unit than it can provide, this fuse is triggered.

The overcurrent protection OCP and the overheating protection OTP are not available. Even if overheating protection is not mandatory from our point of view, we would be happy to have this protection function integrated.


Sea Sonic grants a three-year manufacturer's guarantee on its products intended for system integrators. Unlike the models intended for end customers, processing is only possible through retailers. This form of processing is slow and very unfavorable after the statutory reversal of the burden of proof of liability for material defects, but especially in the third year. The fact that neither the manufacturer's homepage, nor an accompanying note, nor the product description in stores mention a manufacturer's guarantee, does not make a complaint to the dealer any easier. We advise customers to refer to this article in case of doubt and ask the dealer to ask the distributor.

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