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Team project

The so-called team project is a component of the practical training at the university. This project work enables you to apply the knowledge you have learned. In small groups you will work on a complex practical task, which may also include new theoretical backgrounds. During the team project, you organize the processes yourself and work independently with your fellow students, with a supervisor at your side if necessary. Finally, present your results in a comprehensible way, just as you will do in the future in your work environment.

An example would be the development of a software system for which you select the current and market-standard tools and methods yourself. While working on the project, you would plan, design, implement, test, and document the selected software system and finally assess the quality of the results according to common criteria.

The aim of the project is for you to work successfully in a team (social skills) with a technical issue and to work out a practical solution (professional competence, methodological competence and transfer competence).