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Coalition Agreement Saxony 2019: New Procurement Law and Minimum Wage


From: CDU and SPD Saxony | B_I MEDIA

Three months after the state elections in Saxony, the CDU, SPD and Greens agreed on a coalition agreement in mid-December 2019. With the new Saxon Procurement Law provided for in the coalition agreement, collective bargaining coverage (also for subcontractors and temporary workers), social criteria and environmental standards are binding in Saxony.

The coalition agreement 2019 to 2024 stipulates that companies that work on behalf of the state will have to pay collectively agreed wages in the future. Where there are collective wages and industry minimum wages, these apply to public tenders from the Free State. Where this does not exist, a minimum wage is introduced. The collective bargaining agreement is also binding for awards in local public transport.

In addition, social criteria can be considered positively in the future. The sustainability of services can also be assessed in the future. The coalition agreement devotes a separate section to the amendment to the procurement law. Accordingly, the coalition intends to amend the Saxon Procurement Act. Among other things, possibilities are to be examined to reduce the obligation to provide evidence (e.g. through digitization) for companies; Small and medium-sized enterprises are to be supported through prequalification and the strengthening of batch awarding.

The regulations of the Saxon Procurement Act are recommended for the municipalities to apply. The coalition plans to provide a practice-oriented guideline for all contracting authorities that includes all criteria from the EU, federal and state levels.

You can find the coalition agreement here.

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