Can I train without running

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The best tips for getting started: Run from scratch

We are born with running. At some point, everyday life such as school, study, work catches up with us. There are far too many tasks that we have to do while sitting. This is where running comes into play again - this time to compensate for sitting in everyday life, because it is the most effective endurance sport of all.

The time management is optimal, I can run anytime and anywhere and don't need any training equipment or rely on sports fields. Even with 30 to 45 minutes of running training, I can create positive effects for my cardiovascular system and develop my basic endurance. By the way, I use an outlet for stress and strains of everyday life, ideally I'm out in the fresh air and finally get my head free again.

Sounds pretty simple actually. And that's it, if you take a few basic tips into account and don't overwhelm yourself. Overloading is a very important point and unfortunately also a common mistake for beginners. Of course we start with a high level of motivation.

And if possible, want to overcome all the deficits of the irregular sporting activities of the past few years in the first two weeks. That works quite well at the beginning, until we are really ambitious and the time for our running lap should be reduced by another minute each time. True to the motto: only a new best time shows the progress of the training. But that's not how endurance training works!