Why do people become graphic designers

Graphic design

General information on graphic design training

The design of visual aspects in different media that communicate something to people through their rendering is called graphic design. Various technical and artistic means are used for this.

The term "graphic design" was coined in 1922 by William Addison Dwiggins. In the past, one person often combined the professions of typographer, graphic artist, printer, designer and typesetter. Today design, visual communication and graphics are only a subset of communication design.

The job profile of the graphic designer is relatively tightly connected with the demands of modern society. Public relations, communication tasks of culture and science as well as advertising are the focus. But the development of graphic design is not linked to industrial change everywhere. In France, for example, political and social engagement and poster art had a very strong influence after the student revolt in 1968.

The job title of graphic designer

Graphic designer is a non-protected job title and a specification of the term “designer”. This is how the graphic designer differs from the fashion, industrial, web and photo designer. Anyone who has successfully completed a university degree can then hold a diploma degree, such as a diploma designer.

Training as a graphic designer

The graphic designer training is a state-recognized course. The training is purely school-based and consists of three years of full-time instruction. This takes place at vocational colleges for graphics and design. In order to be accepted at such a school, you have to submit a portfolio with design work and also pass an entrance exam. This is the case in both state and private schools. Alternatives to training as a graphic designer are, for example, designers or media designers.

The graphic designer training can also be completed part-time. This course has been offered in two different versions since summer 2011. Face-to-face studies in Bad Sooden-Allendorf or distance learning with face-to-face phases in Leipzig, Friedrichshafen, Hanover and Mannheim are possible. The face-to-face phases in distance learning take place on Saturdays. Here you will also find an overview of the providers of design and creation.

What do I have to bring with me if I want to become a graphic designer?

Anyone aiming for this training should be able to use a pen and brush just as confidently as a computer, mouse and scanner. In addition, you should have a high level of creativity, otherwise practicing this profession is probably impossible.

There should also be a willingness to use different styles, even if one prefers a particular style. Flexibility in design techniques is just as important for a successful graphic designer as empathy towards the client.

Areas of activity of graphic designers

Since the late 1980s, graphic designers have been dealing more and more with electronic media with interactive components in addition to the usual print media - books, maps, magazines, brochures and posters. Printmaking, photography, typography, desktop publishing and illustration are possible fields of activity in graphic design.

For some years now, classic graphic design has no longer been limited to designing with and of graphic shapes. That is why the generic term "communication design" is becoming more and more popular. In addition to visual communication, this also includes audiovisual and verbal communication.

Especially in the growing area of ​​the Internet communication level, more and more specializations are necessary and also offered as training. An example here is the web design training course.

A graphic designer's income

Income varies from state to state. On average, a graphic designer earns around € 2,530 gross per month. The range of salaries is also very different between the corporate divisions. A graphic designer who works for a larger company can have completely different pay brackets. Graphic designers employed by agencies are also remunerated according to their experience and different areas of activity. The highest incomes are achieved by sought-after independent graphic designers and freelancers who have special design skills and who have earned a corresponding reputation.