Funding social networks

Social networkIn business administration e stand for a kind of organization in the economy and in sociology it means networks of human interaction. In relation to the Internet, that represents social network a network community or a web service that includes a network community. The social networks are technically accommodated by Web 2.0 offers or portals. The English term is social network. When community users create their own content for network communities, this is often referred to as social media. The social networks usually have the following utility functions.

They offer the option of creating your own personal profile with settings for visibility for other users or the general public. They still allow messages (including bulk messages) to be sent to other members. A contact list can be created with which references to friends, acquaintances and colleagues can be managed. Blogs or general search functions are also often included in the social networks integrated. The user can continue to send and receive notifications about profile changes or images.

For the most part, they finance themselves social networks about advertising and sponsorship. Sometimes also through membership fees, but the willingness of users to pay is usually very low. The business model of the social network also because the operators have an overview of the interdependencies of the individual members with one another. This information can e.g. B. serve target group-oriented advertising. To be criticized social networks with regard to the skepticism about the publication of private information as well as the use of the operator of the personal data for commercial purposes.