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DANCE BALANCE Dance trainer

Nadine Hendrich
From January to May 2018 at TANZBALANCE in the dance trainer training in FREIEN TANZ with Cornelia Graumann.

"For as long as I can remember, I've loved music that touches me: from classical to electronic, from hits to pop music. Even as a toddler, I snapped
As soon as there was music, I my sister and we danced to joy
my family together in a circle. When I was a teenager, I danced the night away until my feet hurt and the sun was already rising. While dancing I closed my eyes and surrendered to the music. I listened between the notes and enjoyed the many instruments and sounds.
On my way to self-discovery, I looked for dance opportunities in Leipzig and found TANZBALANCE. I have been with Cornelia Graumann for over 8 years. TANZBALANCE has helped me to open up more and more, to trust myself, to express myself in OUTDOOR DANCING, to accept myself and to joyfully show my personality. I let out all the feelings that arise during the music and the dance. Whether I cry, laugh or scream, it doesn't matter ... I want to experience myself and enjoy myself. I love this free and detached dancing to wonderful world music with interesting instruments and with people who are just as happy to dance along. Being one with the music and one with my dance. Surrender to the music and let your movements run free so that everything just flows. This is what TANZBALANCE offers
in a protected room. It's a gift for you, to you.
I want it to live on. I want every dancer to recognize, love, live and enjoy the power of your femininity and beauty. Life is colorful. Dance your colors! "

Note: The training was successfully completed in May 2018 with the written and oral exam and the presentation of a separate dance workshop "Dance your colors". We welcome Nadine Hendrich as TANZBALANCE dance trainer for FREE DANCE. All the best Nadine!