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This is how we live My country, your country, our country

Timur Safkan (center), Kemal Yurtkuran (right) & their Turkish rock band Safkan

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IGNORING CHANGES SINCE 1795. 1949 THE GERMAN BASIC LAW WAS WRITTEN. In 1951 it was changed. Modified 1954, Modified 1956, Modified 1959, Modified 1961, Modified 1968, Modified 1969, Modified 1971, Modified 1972, Modified 1975, Modified 1976, Modified 1983, Modified 1990, Modified 1992, Modified 1994, Modified 1997, Modified 2006, and 2009 changed.




Rings for life

n Does it matter where you are from? Safkan rocks between cultures

Read! Again a book has that

g Germans excited

- no blog, no app, but a book. Thilo Sarrazin's collected fairy tales are nothing but a waste of raw materials, but they demonstrate the continuing power of this medium. A look at the Osnabrück book trade also confirms that no other media carrier is more often represented on the market. Reading is buzzing. And for many, autumn is now the 'best' reading time of the year: It's getting fresh outside, cozy with a book on the sofa. The Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Book Prize provide a wealth of material for this. For example Jonathan Franzen's new novel "Freiheit". After a severe depression including writer's block, Franzen finally succeeds in creating the successor to his bestseller “The Corrections”. Germany's most successful author - Cornelia Funke - has struck again with “Reckless”. A dark fantasy spectacle that steals from the Brothers Grimm. In the book section of the STADTBLATT we provide you - as every month - with a

ne selection of new publications. This time including “Rabenliebe” by Peter Wawerzinek. A mother flees the GDR to the West and simply leaves her child behind in the apartment. Many years later, mother and son meet - oppressively. The novel has been nominated for the German Book Prize and will be released on October 26th. Peter Wawerzinek comes to Osnabrück for a reading (Blue Note). Not that we didn't say it! What the sofa or favorite armchair is to readers, the cinema is to film fans. And there is from 6-10. October a highlight in the house: the “25. Independent Film Festival Osnabrück ". It is one of the most traditional festivals in Lower Saxony that holds fast to its ideals: to take part in social dialogue and to offer films a forum that can find new ways of narrating and “move hearts and minds”. STADTBLATT tip: “Fish Tank” (October 9, Haus der Jugend) - a gripping social drama about a tough girl. See you soon Mario Schwegmann



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Bowers & Wilkins Rhythm’n’Blues Festival


Saturday, October 30, 2010 GERRY WEBER Event & Convention Center

Halle / Westphalia


Admission: 5 p.m. Concert start: 6 p.m.

Steve Haggerty & The Wanted Henrik Freischlader Band Coco Montoya Sweet Soul Music Revue Ticket Service thanks its partners:


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12 HOW WE LIVE Seven people from Osnabrück with a migration background tell us whether they feel at home.

16 NOTICE VISIT FROM ST. Pauli. The Hamburg songwriter Jimmy Cornett gave a living room concert in the desert.

20 AMOR IS A METAL FAN Tough men with soft hearts, devout "night flirting" and other singles events.

22 GREEN BORDER TRAFFIC Smuggling Dutch weed into Osnabrück is becoming more difficult. Out and about with stoner Patrick.


23 SHOW YOUR SHOES What do shoes say about their wearers? Looking for cool kicks for the youth culture days.

24 CAMPUS LIFE Sweet home can be difficult. 10 tips for looking for an apartment.

25 SPORTS SHOW Full power. Hauke ​​Höschler steps on the gas for the Ignition Racing Team of HS Osnabrück.

26 LOCAL DATE Speeches, champagne & small bites. A foray through the city's exhibition openings.


60 LISTENED TO Fran Healy, Magic Kids, Pohlmann and many more.

62 BOOK Tips, Readings & Audio Books

64 STAGE Come on, sach ma ... Comedian Hennes Bender is commenting on his colleagues at the 21st Cabaret Festival.

66 ART It's done! The exhibition “Walking The Dog” is pretty tough stuff.

service 27 WHO WHERE WHAT The four-week program calendar. Osnabrück & the surrounding area at a glance. Events and dates from October 1st to 31st, 2010

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culture 52 MUSIC “Consciously imperfect”. A new band feeling after a creative break and baby break! Interview with Jean-Michel Tourette from Wir sind Helden.

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67 MEDIA Good nerves. What is "ideal"? The makers of the Independent FilmFest Osnabrück on the 25th edition.

68 CINEMA The friendship machine. “The Social Network” tells the unscrupulous success story of Facebook.

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10 questions to ...

This text was removed upon request.

city ​​look Franziska Richter, 19, FSJ'lerin MY STYLE: Romantic and sometimes with a lot of lace. A bit playful and some vintage parts in between. I have a weakness for warm tones like purple or red and am a passionate scarf collector. SCHAL: It's from Tommy Hilfiger. I just like the tartan look and I like Hilfiger anyway. JACKET: I treated myself to that at L + T. It was really an investment, but you can also wear it with anything and it is wonderful to wear. VEST: From Zara. Exceptional color! SHORTS: Also from Zara. It's actually summer pants, but it's still easy to put on! STIEFEL: I treated myself to that at Zumnorde last year. I liked the color and they were also reduced. TEXT / PHOTO: MEREL NEUHEUSER


CITY SHEET≈10.2010

Most beautiful moment: A reflection of the sunrise on the ocean during a mountain tour. Disgusting experience: dead guinea pigs hang in the open market halls. They are served flat like a street poster. Biggest fear: When we had to secure the tower structure for our climbing competition with lashing straps. If the TÜV had seen that ...

Thomas Klein: Invented the "Little Brown Streak" route

Fried rodents A gringo goes up the mountains in Peru. The experienced climber Thomas Klein dares the "adventure of the first ascent". Normally, one means

g gringo in Peru nothing good. The

Osnabrück sport climber Thomas Klein is welcomed with open arms when he gets off the plane in Lima with a to-do list in his backpack. It says: 1. Development of climbing gardens, 2. Opening of a new mountain route and 3. Organization of a climbing competition. The local population should benefit from all of this. Before he can achieve these goals, however, he has to overcome all kinds of obstacles, from roasted guinea pigs to hissing spiders to intestinal problems. The mission idea comes up in conversation with work colleague Aldo. "As

When we met for the first time at Bergsport Sundermann, we exchanged our experiences: Where have you been climbing, what can you recommend and so on, "explains Thomas Klein." Each of us had made first ascents and was of the opinion that it was in this country There is hardly any potential. Aldo promptly asked me if I would like to go to his home country Peru with him. " On site, Thomas Klein initially has to struggle with the conditions. “I thought I was physically well equipped. When I shouldered my rucksack in Huaraz at an altitude of 3,100 meters, however, there was a mighty stone on my chest

the team works hard. Gardening is on the agenda before climbing. Not only flora, but above all fauna must be eliminated. No problem for the trained arborist if his tools weren't in Germany. “There were also huge spiders! You carefully knock on each aloe vera to see if someone is at home. "The pioneers create several routes within a month. One of them is the" Little Brown Streak "route named by Thomas Klein. Loosely translated: "Schiss in der Buxe". "There is already a route of the same name in England that is very demanding. For me, however, the naming had more to do with digestive problems and that I often had to go into the bush." After returning to Osnabrück, Thomas Klein often thinks of his time in Peru. "I definitely want to go back next year and see if something has changed." Until then, he has left a few hooks and climbing maps (topos) in Huaraz for interested climbers and volunteers. LENA FROMMEYER Peru blog: http: // peru.bergsportsundermann.de/?page_id=4

mein osnabrück Hendrik Kaczmarek, 18, winner of the Osnabrück skate contest in category A I live in ... Belm. When I am not skating, then I am ... I am a trainee electrical engineering draftsman. The first place in the skate contest is ... great, because I was able to earn a little money for the following party. The new mini ramp on the skate area on the eastern edge of the city center is ... very well done and is very popular with skaters. If only it weren't for these inline skaters, because they always smear the ramp with wax. I've been skating for ... about seven years. Skating is ... a kind of attitude towards life. In my free time ... I go skateboarding and often go to all kinds of parties. The skate areas in Osnabrück are ... ok. The halls are good, the places are fine. The best place for skating in Osnabrück is ... the skate hall in Hasepark. My tip for skaters: don't give up! On Saturday evening ... the whiskey is cold and off you go. If I had one wish, I would ... wish for at least three new wishes. INTERVIEW & PHOTO | ELENA ERBRICH

WEßLING & KAMBACH RECHTSANWÄLTE Osnabrück Nordhorn Neuenhaus

... do it!

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Lortzingstr. 2 49074 Osnabrück Tel: (05 41) 750 750 00 Fax: (05 41) 750 750 04 www.advokatus.de [email protected]


by Hedda Horch

Table culture: etiquette dinner in the Steinwerk

In Yogo's frozen in the market

Hedda has recently started licking - as the name suggests - frozen yogurt in a wide variety of variations. Low in calories and super tasty! Another new opening: The ExCubana at Dielingerstraße 25 is now called Habana Loca - Casa Latina. There are 21 types of beer, cocktails, salsa and merengue music. Speaking of cocktails: The Planeta Sol celebrates its birthday true to the motto "5 years - 5 days" with a whole week of cocktail happy hour. On October 26th and 27th Hedda tests an extra selection of typical Brazilian delicacies and the special beer and wine selection. On October 28 takes the Puentes Quartet on a musical journey through South America and on October 29th. Hedda is looking forward to the anniversary buffet with Brazilian tapas and dishes. Then Hedda is ready for the big birthday party on October 30th. (see clubbing). From October 14th to 17th, it's “O'Zapft is” again at the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque. The "Wies'n" is served in the traditionally decorated marquee in front of the main entrance with Oktoberfest beer and Bavarian delicacies

Gaudi: “O'Zapft is” in the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque

celebrated properly. With a mixture of real classics and current super hits, the original Tyrolean alpine strollers bring the tent to a boil. Traditionally, the "Gaudi" ends with a

Award stars here F

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Please recommend! STADTBLATT live is not Michelin or Gault Millau. However, there is still the opportunity to get good tips for going out and the latest information about the gastro scene in Osnabrück and the surrounding area and to give them yourself now. If Hedda didn't like it, she tells the landlord, if she liked it, she tells the cook, her friends and the STADTBLATT live. Have fun clicking and giving praise! www.stadtblatt-live.de

what's new


An Oktoberfest morning pint on Sunday. “It will be a very relaxed, informal festival. Of course there will be singing, dancing and partying again. Traditional costumes and dirndls are of course very welcome, ”reveals Denis Bockrath from the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque. Hedda has already secured her card. The Cafe & Bar at the Kasinopark was recently opened in Georgsmarienhütte. Special highlight: Every Wednesday there is live music on the piano. From jazz to chansons, nothing is left to be desired. So that Hedda knows what is proper in the future, she will attend the Knigge Dinner - EinMa [h] l differently in the stone works at Heger Tor. Butler James from food et event teaches table culture and rules of behavior. The whole thing with a wink. A delicious four-course menu is also served. Including veal fillet wrapped in strudel with glazed vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes. Vegetarians are also catered for. Dates for this year: 22.10. and 19.11. Last call: on October 28th The two chefs Tobias Neumann (Fricke Blöcks) and Christian Meijer (Esstheater / Maximillians) start their first pleasure tour - a 4-course menu

in four different locations that you can visit with the shuttle bus. "It is far too bad to spend an evening in Osnabrück's gastronomy in just one restaurant," thought the two gastro experts. Hedda sees it the same way. This is followed by an after-dinner party at the Alando. Information and registration at www.genusstour-os.de The exhibition “Up high and around” in the Museum for Industrial Culture is drawing to a close and is celebrating on October 24th. a graduation party. The 100-year-old carousel of the Telsemeyer family will turn here for the last time. Cotton candy and roasted almonds provide that fair feeling. Hedda will get in the mood for the big autumn fair at Halle Gartlage. The starting shot for the huge hype will be given on October 29th. Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousels and many, many delicacies from bratwurst to gingerbread to candy apple beckon. More on this in the next issue.

Until the nights ...

counter talk

1 piece of luck

Saskia Lange, 23

Ambience: A look into the new chocolate shop in the old town, and the eyes of adults become as big as children's eyes. You feel like you are in the Pippi Longstocking candy shop with a seating area, thanks not least to the stylish hand of owner and artist Thomas Jankowski. Offer: There is chocolate in the most beautiful and original forms, with which you can even save rainforest trees, or drinking cocoa from Michael Beck with unusual flavors such as mint, lavender or hops. There are also teas from samova, delicious coffee and one

Big Buttinsky

CITY SHEET≈10.2010

Folk festivals: the finissage and fair beckon

small but fine selection of European wines. All delicacies are intended for home consumption - but you can try them. Particularly recommended: You know a tapas plate. Here it is available in the sweet version. For example, peppercorns or wasabi are served in a chocolate coating. With a cup of tea or a cappuccino. Delicious! Hegerstr. 18, Mon.-Sat. 10-18h TEXT / PHOTO: JUDITH KANTNER

What do you drink here? Our cocktails are best served late at night. But our organic wines, teas and beers are also popular. Your favorite event here? Karaoke and live concerts compete. The number one employee drink? Cuba Libre.Not during work, of course, but for most of them the Big Buttinsky is also a living room replacement. How does the Big Buttinsky harmonize with the film passage? We have settled in well and are cooperating really well.

Where do you like to go dancing in private? After Herford to the X and to Hyde Park. Your favorite item here? The wing. I love him dearly and dearly. After work? I usually stay here, chat with the regulars and put on a couple of records. The Osnabrück nightlife? Is expandable. INTERVIEW / PHOTO: JUDITH KANTNER





Little freedom

The new party series Access All Areas celebrates on October 2nd. Premiere at the Rosenhof. Here the festival feeling is written big on the flags and on the clothes. Those who appear with a festival t-shirt get discounted admission. From the turntables, the best thing that summer has delivered is playing and the hurricane ticket raffle offers a taste for the next season.


Alando Palais

be overcome. The DJs from 2 many displays fill the specially set up electric floor with sound. The Whiskys celebrates on October 15th and 16th. Rocktoberfest. For the 4th Whiskey Wies’n there is a successful combination of authentic Bavarian ingredients and equally stylish guitar music. Leather dirndl tied up and gas!


On October 16 there is a big birthday party. Managing Director Frederik Heede for the last ten years at Alando Palais. What are you particularly proud of? It is very nice that we have many employees who have been with us since day one, which is unusual in this industry. Furthermore, I am pleased that we are designed to cross generations and that we have been quite well attended three days a week for ten years. How is the 10th birthday celebrated? All guests receive on October 7th and 8th. a present on October 16. is opened with us. So much can be revealed: everyone wins something. The consolation prize is an annual free pass for the house. We are giving away iPods, iPads and such stories. Then we signed Safri Duo DJ Michael Parsberg with the original drummer Morten Friis. The dining theater will have culinary delights ready, such as a large ice cream buffet at midnight. There is also a welcome Prosecco and lots of drink specials. How can you be made happy? Many who are critical of the house could accept us for who we are. You can't always please everyone. Whether we always do everything right is another question. Basically, we are always happy when many guests come and the atmosphere is nice. Your personal highlight of the last few years? The 2006 World Cup with our stadium was a great thing that will never happen again. The atmosphere was almost like in a real World Cup stadium. The game against Sweden had a record 12,000 visitors.



On October 8th it's the second time ZerOZerO in the new bastard club. MashUps, 90s and 00s invite you to dance. But that's not all. The turntables receive active support from a live drummer. There are also many specials. For example: drinks that are specially created for this evening. A feast!


Half a decade would be done. Kleine Freiheit celebrates its 5th birthday on October 9th. with free beer until midnight. After that, everyone should feel inhibited about the cheerful karaoke lounge



ROCK / POP guitars and hits

M FUNKY Black Music, HipHop

1 HOUSY House, Chill Out, Techno 4 STAR-DJ n SEXY Singles, Gay & Lesbian | ELEGANT balls, galas 10 STADTBLATT≈10.2010

The 11th edition of the Purple-White Night will take place on October 22nd. in the Alando. After the floodlit match against Cottbus, the team, coach, management, sponsors and fans will celebrate. Also present: stadium announcers Matthias Wellbrock and Carsten Thye, Osnabrück's cover band Starlight Excess and the Starlight show disco. Angelo Barletta & Co are available in the fan corner for discussions, photos and autographs. Jersey on and there!


For the 5th birthday of Planeta Sol there will be on October 30th. a lavish party. This is ensured by the Brazilian band Manga Maluca and the Osnabrück veteran Groovin Goblins, among others. Cocktail happy hour all night long prevails all night and delicious consumption vouchers are raffled off. Party with a clear conscience: 50 percent of the entrance fee goes to an aid organization in Pakistan.


On 10/30 It's the 80s birthday party in the Rosenhof! Three questions to Karina Payne from the Rosenhof. When will you celebrate your birthday this time in the 80s style? Before the party, we have a concert by iconic singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading. So it made sense to provide the party with an 80s special. In addition, the inquiries about it increased. Do you have to dress up? Those who come in an 80s outfit receive free entry. But it should be in proper style. We are celebrating our birthday again with a cake and a welcome drink in the entrance area, as in previous years. Which birthday song do you wish for? Due to the 80s party, the Simple Minds or U2 should not be missing. But I don't want a special song.


dj of the month

DJ Dynamite Groovin Goblins

Happy Birthday unikeller! The cult student bar is celebrating its 33rd birthday with a classic: the TomTomClub. On October 30th, the DJ duo will once again screw the best of rock, pop and classics from the past decades out of the turntables.


Everyone knows the co-founder of the Eimsbush label from the legendary group Dynamite Deluxe with Samy Deluxe and Tropf. As Joni Rewind, he is busy producing dancehall. At the turntables in the clubs, the man with the official name Jochen Niemann goes at least as much with his mix of rap and dancehall. 1.10., Beatstreet, Kleine Freiheit





'L 0L







) U





% HUJVWUD & # x2030; H  & # x2021; 2VQDEU FN LP 9 + 6 * HElXGH  & # x2021; 7HO 0R²6D ²  & # x2021; 6RQQWDJV JHVFKORVVHQ

bar cafe restaurant cachaçaria


Saturday | 11/27/2010 | Start 8 p.m. | Solarlux-Forum Experience the unforgettable songs of the soul genius Ray Charles and immerse yourself in an eventful life between racist exclusion and grandiose success. Ron Williams embodies the blind jazz legend, vocally and dramatically so convincingly that you will have the feeling of seeing Ray Charles in person. Get your tickets now! RESERVE TICKETS NOW AT TEL. 05402 4000 SOLARLUX Forum | Business park 9-11 | 49143 Bissendorf | [email protected]

â & # x20AC; & # x17E; Germany meets Hollandâ & # x20AC; & # x153; Friday, October 29, 2010, 7.30 p.m. Folk concert with the Otto Groote Ensemble, Linde Nijland and Bert Ridderbos. Otto Groote and his bandmates Matthias Malcher and Ralf Strotmann present songs from their new CD â & # x20AC; & # x17E; De anner Steerns an dâ & # x20AC; & # x2DC; Hevenâ & # x20AC; & # x153 ;. Linde Nijland plays original compositions and songs by Sandy Denny. The Dutch singer Bert Ridderbos is also there.

Buffet and concert: 39 euros / person Advance ticket sales: Tourist Information (0 54 03 â & # x20AC; & # x201C; 79 67 80) Landidyllhotel Zum Freden (0 54 03 â & # x20AC; & # x201C; 40 50)


Title from left to right: Arif Yilmaz, Mesut Ayvaz, Ghazala El Darwich, Kemal Yurtkuran, Hasan Kaya

This is how we live My country, your country, our country - seven Osnabrück residents with a migration background tell us whether they feel at home here. BY MEREL NEUHEUSER AND HARFF-PETER SCHÖNHERR | PHOTOS JUDITH KANTNER

12 CITY SHEET≈10.2010


n the migration debate there is a lot going on again. Rauf Ceylan works at the Institute for Islamic Religious Education at the University of Osnabrück. "The topic is taken up again from time to time," says the professor, "because it is not taken seriously enough." He is not reluctant to see the discussion. But the way it is run. “Medially, it has to be normalized, less emotionalized,” he warns. Thilo Sarrazin's criticism of Muslim migrants is causing outrage in the Berlin republic. Große Straße, Thalia-Buchhaus, in mid-September - the first compartment on the SPIEGEL bestseller list remains empty. There should actually be his much scolded and heavily controversial book “Germany abolishes itself”. Out of stock. Jochen Weber would never buy it. “It's bad enough that he's already earning so much from it.” Regarding the situation in the City of Peace, the head of the city's integration and migration department says: “We don't have any glaring problems anywhere.” 36,000 people with a migration background live in Osnabrück, more than 20,000 of whom are Muslims . Weber knows what Sarrazin's right-wing populist theses do to them: “They feel hurt, they are disappointed. It also makes a lot of people anxious. ”And then he tells us. On the willingness of many Muslims to enter into dialogue. “We have been experiencing a clear opening for many years.” This has to do with a well-functioning network, not least. From the “Control Center for Migration” to the annual “Festival of Cultures” as part of “inter.kult”. There are dozens of mosques and migrant cultural associations in the city - and these are not necessarily evidence of a tendency towards parallel society. “Osnabrück is known as a 'Green City': traffic lights are moving. There's a lot going on here, ”says Jochen Weber. For example, 97 percent of immigrant children attend kindergarten. The dropout rate is half the national average. The mosque of the “Turkish Islamic Community in Osnabrück” has a female imam ... No question, Jochen Weber also needs to act. In the education manager of the sector department, for example. "Teachers for integration and migration generally rate equally qualified kids with a Turkish background one grade lower than Germans," reports Weber. At work. And on the housing market - the fact that many immigrants settle in Schinkel or Rosenplatz is often not an intention, but rather the result of low rents in these quarters. Seven Osnabrück residents with a migration background report on their life between cultures in the peace city of Osnabrück.

"Osnabrück is considered a 'Green City': traffic lights are moving. There's a lot going on here. "

Hasan Kaya Lawyer, Law Firm NFK Born 1974 in Germany, high school diploma, studies, lawyer since 2004 - a career that would surely meet with Thilo Sarrazin's approval. Efficient, ready to perform. Only: Hasan Kaya has a migration background. Turkish. Like most of his clients. No career path for a right-wing populist cliché. Hasan Kaya knows what it's like outside. Has experienced exclusion himself because his name is different and he looks different from the average Northern European. Often sits across from people seeking advice who do not understand enough German to realize that the document that their employer has presented them to sign contains traps: waiver of claims, for example. And often gets annoyed when someone asks him about forced marriage and a headscarf. “There is still too little dialogue and too much prejudice,” he says. “Most migrants do not lack the will and ability to integrate. But what use is a language course, all of our integration infrastructure, if there is no mutual contact in everyday life? ”What would he ask Sarrazin? “Whether he lets people with a migration background into his house. I think he never would. "


Ghazala El Darwich Social Pedagogue, WestWerk Youth Center141 Ghazala El Darwich grew up with opposites. And tells about it - openly, smart, thoughtful, committed. Her father is a Palestinian Muslim, her mother a Protestant German. She has been working with young Arabs at WestWerk for a year and a half. Knows their problems and potentials, their hopes and fears, their families, their milieus. And sentences like “We should believe in what is human!” Sound so real to her, felt in such a way that even the most honest intercultural politician, on the other hand, seems like someone who is only thrashing hollow phrases. The fact that integration is a never-ending process full of conflict does not frighten her: “The opportunities are just as great.” But Ghazala El Darwich is a realist. She knows that there is still a long way to go before equal opportunities. Tells of exclusion on the labor market, ghettoization due to lack of money. Ghazala El Darwich, atheist and “totally German by feeling”, likes to laugh. But when she talks about people like Thilo Sarrazin, it's as if she's freezing: “Sure, integration is difficult to measure. But a lot is developing so positively. And then someone like that comes along and smashes everything. Stirring hatred as if his country were worthless to him. Sorry. ”F.


CITY SHEET≈10.2010


title Arif Yilmaz

36,000 people with a migration background live in Osnabrück, more than 20,000 of them are Muslims.

Editor and editor-in-chief of Ayna-Express magazine Arif Yilmaz has had many jobs. He installed heating and sanitary facilities, was an IT systems specialist and self-employed as an advertising technician. And now, after 35 years in Germany, he is the head of the Turkish-language local newspaper Ayna-Express. There are currently 5,000 pieces for Osnabrück and the surrounding area. The print run should be 20,000 from the beginning of 2011, then spread to Münster and Bielefeld. Hard-working man. Willing to change. Innovative. Ayna means German: mirror. One main theme: integration through upbringing and education. The Express should not only reflect the life of the Turkish community - the website of the monthly newspaper also provides all content in German. Osnabrück's integration services? Arif Yilmaz: “In many cases very positive.” Will “Ayna” also include topics such as Sarrazin? Yilmaz: “It's more for the net, for our readers' forum.” Then comes what he personally thinks of Sarrazin's theses: “Hate speech. Just the one with the bad genes that foreigners supposedly have. That sounds like from the 40s. ”His offer to Sarrazin:“ I'll take him out to dinner. And take him everywhere for a day, show him the truth of life. And then at the end I ask him if he thinks differently now. "


Questions of a degree goes. For example a student loan application. ”Betül Cobanli knows from her own experience what she is talking about. When asked whether she senses Thilo Sarrazin's accusation from her kids that the willingness to integrate is not particularly high, she laughs out loud. "Absurd". With the social scientists at the University of Osnabrück, she never had the feeling that she was treated or perceived differently because of her migration background. However, she does not want to call herself a German alone. It's German, sure, but also kind of Turkish. “I don't want to have to make up my mind!” After her vacation she definitely longs to go back to her home country. To Vechta. She was born there.

Kemal Yurtkuran Second voice of the Turkish-German rock band »Safkan«

Gastronom, PollyEsther’s Cafebar and Pier40 Mesut Ayvaz actually wanted to study business administration. He also did, up to the intermediate diploma. But then came the thing with gastronomy, and now my studies have been postponed for the time being. Mesut Ayvaz is the talkative type. Lively, alert, funny, clear opinion. And he thought about how the integration in Osnabrück could go even better. “Everything is organized very carefully here. And there are really few who are resistant to integration. But why not an intercultural meeting center where older migrants set a good example on a voluntary basis? It would also be great to get the kids out of what is called ghettos here with school buses. Rosenplatz. Schinkel, Rosenburg. But whether the people in the Westerberg or in Hellern would like to see it so much? ”Mesut Ayvaz laughs. As a child he was in the Herz-Jesu-Kindergarten at the cathedral school, today he goes to the Hagia-Sophia mosque on Meller Strasse. Parallel societies? “No,” he says, “everything is cool.” For him, what is even worse than Sarrazin himself is that so many agree with the ex-Bundesbanker: “Let's assume a child rapist says: Hitler is an asshole! Sure, he's right.But does that make him a good person? Sarrazin is right about a few statements. But that doesn't change the fact that most of them are xenophobic. "


14 CITY SHEET≈10.2010

“Uyan”, track 5 of the album “Safkan”, has to be heard loudly. Hard thing. "Wake up, my friend, open your eyes, it's all just lies ...", it says, in Turkish of course, "Right, left, believer or unbeliever; the most important thing is simply to be human ... “The perfect sound on the subject of Sarrazin. We sit in Kemal Yurtkuran's living room and talk for an hour, two, two and a half. Openness, passion, analysis. A nude by Gustav Klimt hangs over the television, there is tea and home-baked goods on the table, “Uyan” is turned down to the background again. Integration? “I haven't seen it!” Says Kemal Yurtkuran, combative and sad at the same time. And then he speaks plainly. From the disadvantage at work, disapproving looks at the supermarket checkouts, the exclusion at parties, racist landlords, bar owners, disco bouncers. How it is when you feel observed as a strange person, when you feel that you always remain a Turk, despite your passport with a German federal eagle, good education, good job and a German that is more perfect than some 'German' Germans. Kemal Yurtkuran doesn't know how much German prejudice he can stand. No, they hardly have any German friends, confirms his wife. Because Germans just don't open up. German. She said that about her compatriots. And bitterness resonates. What does Kemal Yurtkuran think of Sarrazin? “Why is he so focused on the Turks, the Arabs? I think he just has a problem with Islam. "


Mesut Ayvaz

Betül Cobanli

Betül Cobanli A student at the University of Osnabrück Ungern, who was awarded the “Science Prize of the State of Lower Saxony”, Betül Cobanli is a prime example of successful integration in public. But she likes to be a role model for her kids, as she affectionately calls the children of migrant families, whom she supports on a voluntary basis. She shows them: “You can do that too, even if it's a harder path than with many young people without a migration background.” Surely because these children have to assert themselves more strongly in our society? “No,” says the student in the master’s degree in Democratic Governance and Civil Society. “But parents often cannot help their children when it comes to


Quratulain Afzaal Economist at the Caritas Association Osnabrück Quratulain Afzaal is a graceful young woman. “I stand by my headscarf and feel very well integrated,” says the Osnabrück native with Pakistani roots. Not only does she feel well integrated, she also does a lot to ensure that other women like her do too. As the contact person for the women's organization of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, she organizes intercultural and interreligious events such as the Open Mosque Day and works hand in hand with the city. “Thilo Sarrazin puts Islam in a completely wrong light. Education and exchange are very important topics and I am happy to do my part to get to know each other better. ”Nonetheless, the economist can gain something from the current debate. It is important that it is addressed and addressed together. Sarrazin's manner is out of the question for them. “It must not be forgotten that the will to integrate is a bilateral process and that people without a migration background must also be ready for integration”. Personally, she has both good and bad experiences. Often, however, she has the feeling that she is not perceived as German. Again and again she hears the separation of “my country” and “your country”. Actually the same.


Osnabrück builds on a few examples which can facilitate and improve integration.

Advisory Board for Migration F A committee in which the concerns of migrants are addressed and the results of which are incorporated into local political discussions and decisions.

RAZ F The regional office for the promotion of children and young people from immigrant families. Language support during school, qualification measures for schools with a high proportion of migrants.

IMIS F The Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies is an interdisciplinary and facultative research institute at the University of Osnabrück. From geography and gender studies to political and economic sciences to ethnology and sociology.

ILOS F The integration guide project of the adult education center trains guides from all over the world so that the volunteers can help the new residents of the city.

Yilmaz Akyürek Prize F The Yilmaz Akyürek Prize of the City of Osnabrück annually recognizes the work of a person who tries to integrate citizens of foreign origin.

inter.kult F Around 130 initiatives and associations as well as citizens from various cultural groups create a two-month cultural program with a total of over 100 individual events.

Quratulain Afzaal

CITY SHEET≈10.2010




The art of survival Five years of Hartz IV: The Osnabrück unemployment self-help takes stock with a multi-part cultural project. STADTBLATT: It will be an anniversary

g yes usually celebrated. But

with Hartz IV that doesn't work, right? HEINRICH FUNKE: Not at all. Hartz IV not only worsened the life situation of those affected, but also changed our entire society for the worse. STADTBLATT: Why do you go public with art campaigns? HEINRICH FUNKE: We wanted to try something new, not just demonstrate ourselves. In order to make people think who are otherwise not so familiar with the subject. In addition, artists are often survivors themselves. Hartz IV is not so alien to them. STADTBLATT: Did the concept work? Create awareness of the issue of poverty through art? HEINRICH FUNKE: I'm not a missionary. Those who cultivate their established prejudices cannot be convinced. But: Many passers-by took part and what felt like 90 percent agreed to our arguments. During Jens Raddatz's action on the market square in mid-June - when he also wrote prejudices about Hartz IV recipients on the pavement - there were people who said, of course, that's true. The boards

are damn fat then! STADTBLATT: Every ninth Osnabrücker is affected by poverty? HEINRICH FUNKE: Around 20,000 people. Ascending trend. Over 5,000 of them are children. And the number of unreported cases is high. STADTBLATT: In mid-September, Jelena Reinert covered the marketplace with the threads of her “social network”. Because when a person breaks away from work, his social network also becomes riddled with holes? HEINRICH FUNKE: Yes - unfortunately. We define ourselves through our work, we mainly build our social contacts through our work. If it falls away, it isolates. Functioning networks would be able to help in times of need. STADTBLATT: The isolation is so strong that there is no solidarity with those who feel the same way? HEINRICH FUNKE: Hartz IV is wisely a real employment program. There is hardly any time left, except for dealing with the authorities. Your own survival is in the foreground. STADTBLATT: Gordon Gekko says in "Wall Street": "Greed is good!" What do you oppose?

HEINRICH FUNKE: If I'm going to be fine, my neighbor has to be fine too.

Around 20,000 Osnabrück residents affected by poverty: Action against Hartz IV on the market square


October 17th, day of action against Hartz IV, DGB house

Visit from St. Pauli

The Hamburg songwriter Jimmy Cornett has a large crowd in Osnabrück. Since a living room concert in the desert. It started at the 2006 Osnabrück Honky Tonk Festival. After his performance at

At the pub event, Jimmy Cornett met a woman from Osnabrück who wanted to get him for another concert. But since no suitable location could be found at short notice, the idea fizzled out. But then his CD "Rhythm of Hells Songs of Angel" appears and the Jimmy Cornett thing: it gets going. The meanwhile successful basic work te friend from Osnabrück plays the songs to her friends, her friends and her friends etc. - the Osnabrück Jimmy Cornett community is born. Now the man just had to perform live ... That happened at the end of 2009. A “living room concert” is being organized for Jimmy Cornett in an apartment in the desert. The songwriter with a small system, the guests on the sofa and chairs. Jimmy Cornett: “That was a really great evening, very intimate, very direct. The Osnabrückers have fully concentrated on my music. ”The away game is played by the Hamburger

16 CITY SHEET≈10.2010

used immediately to discover Osnabrück's past. Cornett: “I'm interested in history. So of course I was in the town hall - and had a look at Hexengasse. ”In keeping with this, his next Osnabrück concert will be in the old town on October 7th, Peitsche. "Now we want to try a real pub after the living room." Jimmy Cornett proves that he can do that every weekend: he traditionally plays on Sundays in Murphy's, an Irish pub on St. Pauli. And after the concert in the whip, the great music world of the USA awaits. Jimmy Cornett goes on a US tour with Keaton Simons, the nephew of Julia Roberts. Jimmy Cornett: “Keaton is the stepson of Eric Roberts, the brother of Julia Roberts. And while we're in Los Angeles, I live in Eric Roberts' house - there is a good chance of meeting Julia Roberts. ”But the bigger highlight is an appearance by Jimmy Cornett in the Viper Room, legendary LA club where they usually do Smashing Pumpkins or IgMARIO SCHWEGMANN rock gy pop.

she + he

Julia Roberts

by Maren Gäbel and Mario Schwegmann

F women's evening with me. We watch “pop stars”, sip champagne and discuss. About men; why they do what they shouldn't (pee standing up) and why they shouldn't do what they should (show emotions, buy rings). Suddenly my friend bursts out: “I tried Botox!” Naive as I am, I attributed her relaxed appearance to the wellness holiday in Tuscany. “Everyone does it! - at least in Hollywood “, justified the occasionally paralyzed woman. "That's not true. Julia Roberts is botox-free, ”I knew (as a gossip junkie). In fact, she recently said, “Botox is not for me. I want my kids to be able to watch me when I'm mad at them. ”What an argument! And how does my girlfriend react? Says snippy: "As long as there is no man who gives me these damn children, I'll keep doing the botox!"


9th October

Shopping in the heart of the city!

Q I've been in love with Julia Roberts since she sang "Kiss" in the bathtub. Or more precisely: I'm in love with the woman who plays Julia Roberts in many of her romantic comedies - although she is supposed to look just as gorgeous in private and laugh just as much. She is most enchanting in "The Bride Who Doesn't Dare". The film would be on a lonely island if it were only allowed to be five DVDs. Because of Julia! There is a scene at the end of the film in the New York apartment of film partner Richard Gere, where she confesses her love to him - that knocks the strongest macho apart. In this scene she seems particularly mysterious. In my opinion, this mystery is exactly why so many men rave about Julia Roberts. And of course because of the hair and that mouth (the clichés are true).

my construction site The perfect program


TV with PVR. What that means? Professor Karsten Morisse from the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences can explain it.

Tired of watching the television

g newspaper to browse? That could end soon. The FH project group around Prof. Dr. Karsten Morisse develops software that analyzes the user behavior of the TV viewer and then sends him programs


Professor Karsten Morisse: Develops a personal video recorder

suggests that match his interests. “It was through my own television behavior that I came up with the idea of ​​developing such software. I am constantly zapping from station to station and still can't find anything that interests me, ”reports Morisse. TV viewers lose track of things more and more. This is no wonder, because more than 1,600 channels are available on German television. The television newspaper can no longer help. Interesting programs are missed because the TV

Often the viewer does not even know that they are running. The next generation PVR (Personal Video Recorder) can help. The software is provided by Karsten Morisse and his team, the computer science students Ralf Kruthoff-Brüwer, Benedikt Engelbert, Lukas Gramatowski and Malte Blanken. The Paderborn company DiscVision supplies the hardware. The operation of the PVR should be as simple as possible. The user can tell the device his TV preferences. The device analyzes his behavior and recommends TV programs to him. Friends can also recommend programs to TV viewers via Facebook, studiVZ or MySpace, because the system can be connected to social networks. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics. “The basic functionality is available. The project will end in June 2011 ", explains Ralf Kruthoff-Brüwer and Karsten Morisse adds:" The software has to be very robust. We will then present the PVR at CEBIT 2011. But it will not be on the market before the end of the project. "

An action as part of the Lower Saxony city offensive "Off to the middle!"

Autograph session October 28, 6 to 8 p.m. RENO, Große Str. 53



VFL autograph session_93x128.indd 1

CITY SHEET≈10.2010 17

09/21/2010 2:35:24 pm


Fast number Osnabrück has been committed to fair trade for years. Now the city is applying as a Fairtrade Town.

Fairtrade? Cosma Shiva Ha-

g gen is for it. And Hannes Jaenicke too. Now only the rest of us are missing. But it will be fine. Because the blue-black-green “Transfair” seal, which used to be only found in health food stores and world shops, is now among us. Even in the discount supermarket. OK then. Growing awareness that international environmental and social standards are more important than price minimization - and have long been more important than profit maximization. There are now even cities that are committed to fair trade. There are 22 nationwide, from Hanover to Dortmund, and the trend is rising - that's a plus for the image. Osnabrück now also wants to become an FTT, “Fairtrade Town”. National implementer of the worldwide campaign: The Cologne “Association for the Promotion of Fair Trade with the Third World”. And the chances are good. The city directory from www.fairtrade-towns.de shows that there is already a tick behind four of the five criteria for the candidate Osnabrück.


Fairtrade Town Osnabrück? The proceedings are ongoing

There is (K1) a council resolution - from May 2009. There is (K2) a steering group - since November 2009, with representatives of the city administration, schools, the 3rd World Action Center etc. Enough retail and gastronomy are taking part (K3). Fairtrade products are used in enough public institutions and educational activities on the subject of “fair trade” are carried out (K4). Only K5 is still missing: Enough reports from local media about the application - at least four

sen it be, per year. Sounds achievable. Speaking of achievable: K5, like all other criteria, is very easy to meet. So easy that one almost asks what the whole thing is for. You can buy products with the “Transfair” seal at 52 locations in the city - 27 would have been enough. Fairly traded food and drinks are served in 18 restaurants - it should have been only 14. If the population is less than 200,000, each

because a school, a club and a church are won. There are 10 schools in Osnabrück, 30 other associations and institutions. Dirk Steinmeyer, Süd-Nord Beratung, Osnabrück: “Getting started is relatively easy, that's true. But it should serve as an encouragement to expand this commitment. ”So it is a means of raising awareness. Let's hope that once K5 is met, the city will not rest on its new status as an FTT. HARFF-PETER SCHÖNHERR

Asked Participate by e-mail: [email protected] Participate by postcard: STADTBLATT, Georgstraße 14, 49074 Osnabrück

2 x 1 floor squeegee

1 x 1 multi-effects unit

2 x 2 Tocotronic tickets

Leifheit, the specialist for clever household goods, is looking for the dream team in the household. As of now, couples can apply for a modern household pentathlon at www.leifheit.de. The main prize: a dream trip for 15,000 euros. First there is the universal floor squeegee Picobello to practice! F DEADLINE 15.10.

A great guitar effects device has to be compact. Like the Line 6 Pocket POD Express.There are also five historical sounds (from ultra-clean to bitter angry) and six effects (plus built-in vocal function). Musik Produktiv is giving away a copy just in time for the store opening on Neumarkt! F DEADLINE 15.10.

Do you fancy a little Hamburg school? Pardon - discourse rock! The new Tocotronic disc "Schall & Wahn" was circulating in the living rooms and clubs at the beginning of 2010. Another Schmakofatz gourmet indie rock work. On October 20th, the four charming brunettes will be on stage in the Rosenhof. F DEADLINE 15.10.

Why has Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences installed over 50 cameras on its premises?


We have been using cameras increasingly at our locations in Osnabrück and Lingen since 2007 to protect only students, employees and university material from theft. We have gained an enormous number of buildings in recent years, so their number is relative. The cameras are mainly used in rooms with expensive electrical devices. The data is stored for up to four weeks and then automatically deleted. Should a theft be reported, the material will be evaluated together with representatives of the staff council. "

Dipl.-Geogr. Christian Newton, Speaker of the Presidium of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences RECORDED BY: JUDITH KANTNER

18 CITY SHEET≈10.2010

Absolute winners F If athletes with individual jerseys are on the pitch, field or track, they are among the winners, at least visually. Designing stylish, professional-quality clothing yourself online is easy: "Our jersey configurator allows you to choose from around 35 design templates that can be colored in any combination," explains Francisco Gennes from custom jersey manufacturer owayo. There is also the option of placing labels. Your own team and sponsor logos can also be integrated. ”A great service for teams of all kinds. The professionals also rely on this: after all, owayo is the supplier of various Bundesliga teams, including LF the GiroLive Ballers in Osnabrück. | www.owayo.de

Maize Mini F The maize maze on the Hauswörmann farm is a real challenge for the sense of direction. This time everything revolves around the topic of "pirates" - after all, cartoon character Captain Sharky is currently very popular with kids. You can experience exciting adventures on winding paths until the end of October. That was not all: The KIWI advertising agency had the idea for the neighboring Walkenhorst Osnabrück car dealership to immortalize the contours of the brand new Mini Countryman in the green sea until the harvest. Farmer Padeffke immediately agreed to this fun. After all, the new Mini is a robust crossover model that is also a lot of driving fun on the LF Land. | www.maislabyrinth-osnabrueck.de 23/24 October, large farm festival with raffle and trek surfing


ducks only entry for Stud Uhr AGS from 19:00 GS and SATURD TA EI FR L: IA EC


Music, games &


9 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. 2.30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Vehrter Landstrasse 4 - 6 49088 Osnabrück Fon (05 41) 17215 www.eissportcenter.de

This is where the music plays. The region's music mecca is called Ibbenbüren. For thirty years, musicians from Osnabrück have also been making a pilgrimage to a temple of sound which, with its size and selection of instruments, is unrivaled in Europe: Musik Produktiv. Friends of the short distances can now cheer the opening of a branch on Neumarkt. The new branch network "Musik Produktiv Kompakt" is intended to enable customers to enjoy personal advice or competent on-site service. And of course one or two Gibson or Fender hangs on the wall here as well. Speaking of musical instruments: on October 2nd the legendary musician flea market rises again in front of the main building in IbbenLF büren. Do not miss!


Boarder for Boarder F Old skateboards land on the garbage or gather dust in the basement. Titus Dittmann knows a better solution: "Almost forgotten pieces are real treasures for the children and young people in Afghanistan." Without further ado, he started the skate-aid initiative and is now calling on his customers for the second time until October 31st. to hand in their used equipment in the Titus branches. Because especially in a war-torn country like Afghanistan, the children are grateful for any distraction. Even a suitable place for skating was recently opened: the first skateboard park in the province of Herat. Now the only thing missing is enough roller boards!

• • • • • •

Favorable tariffs Connection trip in the city bus network OS / Belm up to 20 trips per day / direction only 40 minutes travel time comfortable minibuses with air conditioning eight stops in Osnabrück

Partner in the traffic association Osnabrück

CITY SHEET≈10.2010 19

Digital helper: the love beamer at the Insider Single Party

Amor is a metal fan Nobody loves me ... what utter nonsense. He who seeks finds. There are more than enough ways to do this. From tough men with soft hearts, devout “night flirting” and other singles events. BY LENA FROMMEYER | PHOTOS LENA FROMMEYER, JUDITH KANTNER, MARIANNE GEHLMANN / OSNAMETAL.DE

The tough metal guy wears his hair open to his robe. Somewhat irritated, he reaches for the welcome drink: the finest fizzy shower. With the stemmed glass in his hand, he shuffles across the rose petal-adorned floor in the rock club - and is very enthusiastic. Metallica's “Nothing Else Matters” roars out of the speakers. "The feedback on our first metal single party at DK-DerKlub was really positive," says organizer Marc Wiesenberg from OsnaMetal.de. “We expected 50 people. More than 200 came! ”Usually the scene is a difficult place to attempt coupling. However, the metallers are having fun on this evening. From hourly speed dating activities to handcuff games to the election of Mr. and Mrs. Metal, full flirtation is guaranteed throughout the night. And for some, the search for pairing ends quite successfully. “Whether for just one evening now, I don't know, but people were talking and talking everywhere in the corners

smooches. “After the metal single party in May, Marc Wiesenberg would like to start a repetition soon. Cupid is a metal fan! Change of scene: No God of love, but at least the church blessing for their partner search, singles find in Catholic speed dating "nAchtflirt". Eight men and eight women have eight minutes per round


devouz to encourage more Jewish marriages. This coincides with the plans of Nina Heskamp and Christian Adolf from the Diocesan Youth Office in Osnabrück: “There are fewer and fewer people who say that they are Christians and that they go to mass every Sunday. For many, however, it is a great wish that their partner thinks the same way. "At the beginning of September, young

“We expected 50 people. More than 200 came! ”Marc Wiesenberg, OsnaMetal.de

Time to get to know each other. Speed ​​dating and religion have more in common than you might think: In 1998, a rabbi developed the fast-paced race

Mr. & Mrs. Metal are busy flirting

Nadine Hellmann couples at the stove

to wear zen. The proportion is probably much higher among the 18 to 30 year olds. Some are staunch solo townspeople. Other soloists are always on the lookout for Mr. or Mrs. Right.


“The dream prince doesn't just ride past the balcony.” Nadine Hellmann, Blind Date Cooking

tholiken for a happy high-speed flirt in the forum at the cathedral. Because some participants cancel shortly beforehand, the mode is changed. Instead of a one-to-one conversation, there is a large group conversation. Three men and four women between the ages of 19 and 29 start the evening rather hesitantly with a question and answer game. Then the champagne loosens the tongues. They chat about university and get upset about an organ player who actually checks his emails on the iPhone during the sermon. After two hours, the sheep are released into the nightlife. Expectations? “Have fun, have a nice chat and see what happens. You shouldn't go crazy there, ”advises Sebastian, 20. Almost 20 percent of 18 to 59-year-old Germans are singles. This is what the Parship Single study claims in 2009. According to this, every fifth person walks through the streets without a steady partner in the home.

If you haven't found a lid for your pot yet, you can put on your glasses while cooking. Nadine Hellmann brings lonely hearts together at the stove during blind date cooking in Osnabrück. And this is how it works: Participants submit their profile using an online form. Nadine Hellmann puts together groups of six that could harmonize well. The participants should not know each other as much as possible. In teams of two people shop together and either starter, main or dessert is prepared in their own kitchen. At around 8 p.m., the three duos meet for dinner in the main course apartment. Afterwards, all groups get to know each other at the Come Together in a nice bar. Cooking with strangers was invented by someone else. Nevertheless, Nadine Hellmann, herself a single for years, finds herself fully in the concept. “Many no longer want to be alone. But the dream prince doesn't just ride past the balcony. Blind date cooking is a great opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere! ”By the way, flirting is allowed, but not a must. On October 9th will be cooked again (www.blind-date-cooking.de), including Come Together in the horses have no wings. The over 30 singles scene meets three times a year in the Alando Palais. One should think so. In reality, an extremely young party crowd flirts at the Insider Single Party. In the entrance area, a muscular “police officer” distributes handcuffs to the women and explains the flirting games: “If you tie a man to yourself, you can go to the cocktail bar with him. There he has to pay for the drink in order to get away. ”After filling in an intimate question

bent - Do you like group sex? - everyone receives a digital love projector. It shows whether two opponents answered similarly. A blinking heart means 90 percent match. “This is how you can find your dream partner without many words.” An exuberant party takes its course. However, it doesn't really crackle anywhere. This is probably due to the fact that many of the young party people are more here to party than to flirt aggressively. At a later hour you can still see a couple of over-30s representatives who either give in to their fate and celebrate roughly or peek out of the laundry sparingly. A popular way to look for great love is on the Internet. Today there are free dating portals for every taste, lifestyle and for every city. If you are looking for a nice girl from Osnabrück on the student platform UniKuscheln.de, you will find the profile of Isabel, 20, a student teacher. “In the beginning it was slow. But now I'm busy writing back and forth with two guys. ”Little gimmicks loosen up the flirting process. "Just yesterday I sent a kiss and already got one back." Unfortunately, there is a great risk that the online flirt partner does not keep what the profile promises. "But after a few messages, you can at least tell if you're on the same wavelength," admits Isabel. Members of paid dating portals are said to have serious intentions. “I know two couples in Osnabrück who met through elite partners. And one of them will get married, ”reveals Nadine Hellmann. Online flirting is an effective option, especially for singles who are heavily involved in their job. Spending money looking for a partner - sounds unromantic, but it can lead to the love of life.


“Do you like group sex?” Questionnaire for the Insider Single Party, Alando Palais

Unfortunately, special on-site single events only take place very rarely during the year. Anyone who wants to make beautiful eyes more often has to show initiative. The weekly market in Osnabrück is a hot tip. Not just because of its young vegetables. The orange juice stand is a great place to start a conversation while queuing. And the potential flirt is even on healthy eating. In addition, the Friday Mowtown Party at the Blue Note is known throughout the city for not going home alone. Or you can just get a little self-affirmation on the dance floor and look forward to not having to fight for the duvet with anyone later. It also has advantages, such a single life. CITY SHEET≈10.2010


Green border traffic Holland? Sure, tulips, cheese - and free marijuana. But the times when you could help yourself over there are over. Out and about with stoner Patrick. FROM MALTE SCHLAACK | PHOTO MALTE SCHLAACK

Sometimes there was a little more - "always only for personal use", Patrick swears - was coffee powder in the Dutch border town and can be an effective hiding place there. “That smell the dogs experience a lot. Be it not twice a week, ”says the passionate smoker. But the time of green trips is over. To the market, at the Dutch football championship, because it's a bit time-consuming in Twente or buying drugs. Oops, drugs? Uiuiui, you do that, on the other hand because your colleagues from the do not! No, you don’t do it either, but there’s no German police force sleeping either. “If there were still enough German“ tourists ”who were not checked on the A30, there were always finds in Kischede or Hengelo or elsewhere“ over-lo- and of course ”in their dose of marijuana or hash do a lot of small-scale cases ”, just the small border traffic. This area, ”says Georg Linke as the spokesman for Powurde it was the green friends in the past inspection in Osnabrück. In 2009 there were years in the area of ​​PI 1399 not necessarily made easier. Patrick (* name changed by the editors) Violations of the Narcotics Act, 71 is one of them, or rather it was. He used to be percent because of hashish or marijuana. The fact that you always went to Holland with your buddies - with small quantities, as is the case in Kifferkreiren, “you can chill out and take a little something with you from your number with no penalty”. A chili can come out means that the “We had the shit mostly directly on the left clearly deny the first part on the man, so that it can be seen quickly. When your stuff on the spot and the Rauchfreunde place can already be thrown away. ”Have already been in Holland, in order to then make their way home with the rest of their stuff. According to Patrick, the risk took an amicable course and then, according to Patrick, he was behind the wheel. “We set if you commit an administrative offense. are always quite normal on the autobahn. That can lead to the rag driving first and having the shit is usually right on the way. Patrick and his boys could never manage it, so that it can be thrown out quickly ”. Nothing ever happened, the police checkpoints. “Whenever any were packed, they always escaped. If you do get a complaint and the procedure Enschede is a beautiful city. A

It takes about one hour to drive from Osnabrück

22 CITY SHEET≈10.2010

was discontinued shortly afterwards, ”he says, rolling the next joint. But a lot has also changed when it comes to purchasing. “In the past, you could officially buy five grams in a coffee shop, but you usually got more,” says Patrick. But those times are long gone. The controls in Holland have become stricter, in some cities there are “customer cards” with which it is checked that nobody buys more than three grams a day. In addition, the shops can be shut down by local politicians, even if the residents are not disturbed or harassed. So the end of the story is that many coffee shops are closed. Anyway, the world was somehow better for stoners in the past. "Two or three years ago you could get a whole gram for five euros, now it's just 0.6 grams for the same price," says Patrick annoyed. The demand is apparently still quite high, but procurement has become more difficult. Or is it even the euro to blame in the end that everything is becoming more expensive in the green business? The police and the Dutch municipalities will not care, they are happy about the successes in the fight against drug crime. After all, the market in Enschede is and will remain more beautiful than a smoky coffee shop. Or not, Patrick?

Give me your shoes

Show me your shoes Shoes are a statement! What clothes the feet says a lot about those who wear them. Let's investigate this question! BY LENA DUVENDACK | PHOTO LENA DUVENDACK

changes happen frequently. Just because of the fashionable crossover in the shoe industry. Chucks this song line, as well as the various with paragraphs, are also for Schicki-Micki-Patrons. Hippies, emos, hip-hoppers, wearable alternatives and ballerinas with skulls, geves, goths, punks ...There are also drawers for teenagers - female emos. Daniel Labude, owner of Titus liche halt. Every little club in Osnabrück carries “There are many scenes. believes in his own shoes, shoes that are trendy for her too. “Every subculture, every scene, has its own way of distinguishing itself from the others. One thinks. To clarify this question for the first time, a quick pair of shoes follows. ”For Greta, 19, things are a bit different when walking through the Great Street. The young people addressed do not want anything from it. “I wear all the shoes I like. hear that they are wearing shoes in uniform. When I see a pair that I think is beautiful, for example Alisa, 18. I should buy shoes for her. I don't care whether the marbles are comfortable, look good and go with the style, or whether the style is a symbol of some scene. She doesn't feel she is part of a certain scene. ”Just like Alisa, she doesn't see herself as part of a youth movement. associated. But they have to exist, the scenes, the sub-matching shoes round off an outfit. Pumps, boots, slip-ons, chucks, sneakers, cultures that prefer certain footwear, boots, flip flops ... the list is endless. They are enough. A walk in good weather through the shelter, which has long since ceased to be just necessary. Castle garden: In the afternoon, when the undergrowth of pointed objects on the ground is over. Young people or wet feet cavort here. They are fashion objects, of all ages and they are very clearly discriminated accessories and often also a state-of-the-art scene. Like a boy, ment. Show me your feet and I'll tell you where black-haired with blonde emo curls. Scuffed slip-ons with a check pattern that you belong to. Is that correct? Emos wear Vans, Indies wear Chucks and black skinny jeans. Unfortunately he's not too eiPunks to prefer Doc Martens. And hippies ready to talk. The metallers mostly wear ...? It's not that easy. Heavy black boots that cross borders and are derogatory as “I want to be part of a youth movement

be g ... “sing Tocotronic. Almost everyone knows

At parties, concerts, on the beach, at school or during sports: our shoes are always with you. We associate them with stories that may accompany us for a lifetime. An exhibition project that the Osnabrück cultural association FOKUS is now starting for the 2nd Youth Culture Days focuses on precisely these experiences. “Shoes that tell stories” is the name of the show, in which everyone can take part with a personal pair (deadline: October 13th). During the Youth Culture Days (October 1st-24th) the shoes and their stories will be exhibited in the Villa Schlikker and the three best contributions will be awarded with shopping vouchers. After the exhibition, they will be locked in a time capsule and taken out again in 18 years, i.e. 2028. Please hand in the short story including shoes (alternatively also pictures) in the FOKUS office, Grosse Gildewart 6-9. If you don't want to just start writing, you can register on October 12th. get professional inspiration in a writing workshop. Registrations under Tel. 28956. 16-24 October, Museum of Cultural History / Villa Schlikker

"Tussis" declared, somewhat fancier girls take off their ballerinas and pumps. There is mutual contact. Despite the fashionable demarcation. A girl with pink hair cuddles up to a boy with a long black coat and a face painted white. A hip hopper is playing frisbee with a couple of skaters. There are many scenes. Fashionable footwear for them too. But not as a means of setting yourself apart. Youngsters wear what they like. CITY SHEET≈10.2010


campus life bag control!

The beginning of the semester is party time. DJ M'Gee takes care of the most important thing at the first party in the Alando Palais: the music! What are you going to put on? I have to see the people first. But I think it'll be a mix of dance, house, German hip-hop and the alternative. Is it your first time DJing at a freshman party? No. I've been there from the start. So also at all university parties, technical college parties, etc. Why do first-timers prefer to dance? It's not that different from the other audience. The girls are very dance-heavy, the guys are more rocking at a later hour. Are there any bands that are particularly popular with students? Fettes Brot, Sportfreunde Stiller and Wir sind Helden are very popular.

Q Jackets and bags have to be locked away in the university library. But what is actually there in a backpack that you as a library visitor carry around with you before and after visiting the library? Nicole Barenkamp has a fully packed backpack: umbrella, laptop battery, pen, paperwork, USB stick, deodorant, spare hair. PHOTO: ELENA ERBRICH

Fat bread for first-timers

Who dances more: the female or the male freshmen? Clearly the female students, at least in the first few hours â & # x20AC; & # x201C; And as the alcohol level increases, so do the gentlemen of the SchĂśpELENA ERBRICH fung. October 14th, Alando Palais

clasp etc. She rummages through her rucksack and finds more and more: â & # x20AC; & # x17E; Here I have, for example, sugar bags. When I'm on the train, drinking coffee and the sugar isn't enough, I always have some ready. "Then she has a mirror base for candles, household elastic bands, a second pair of socks, if her feet are cold and a splint for your leg. â & # x20AC; & # x17E; I recently had knee surgery and when I get pain I wear the splint. That's why it's always with me. " She also has ahoy fizzy drink and chewing gum in her backpack â & # x20AC; & # x201C; and bread rolls! â & # x20AC; & # x17E; I went to a friend's place this morning and we had breakfast. I got the sandwiches for that. "ELENA ERBRICH

Sweet home can be difficult. The semester is coming soon and still no roof over your head? But now, our 10 tips for looking for an apartment will help you. PHOTO: NADINE PLATZEK WWW.PHOTOCASE.DE

After weeks of searching in the

g Internet still no study

found a denten booth? Never mind. Just follow our (not entirely) serious advice and you can soon throw a huge housewarming party! Generations of students pass on their valuable experience to the freshmen. It will work out. when viewing only & # x; í˘ą Don't bring your parents! Mom and Dad may be the greatest parents in the world to you, but they'll never be satisfied with an apartment and the potential roommates. inquire beforehand whether pets are allowed. Not all people find tarantulas, mice and other animals â & # x20AC; & # x17E; soo sweet & # x; "like you. Cookbooks by heart. Í .ł Learn Most students can't cook. This unique talent makes you the most sought-after Roommate all the time.

sweaty clothes don't arrive well in the morning.

better not that you "Even if you suffer happily because of the mention of a" cleaning agent allergy whirlpool at home "and your dirt tolerance limit tends towards zero. You're up until eight o'clock í˘ľ If you've been to a party and you have a flat-sharing at ten o'clock, you'd better cancel. Alcohol streak, deep circles under the eyes and through24 STADTBLATTâ & # x2030; & # x2C6; 10.2010

can appreciate â & # x20AC; & # x201C; To complain about his absence in the flat doesn't make you popular. does not mean â & # x20AC; & # x17E; Just í˘ˇ â & # x20AC; & # x17E; NR "smoker" but rather â & # x20AC; & # x17E; non-smoker ". Violations will in any case lead to bad air.

í˘¸ You are

are you a man and it's a girl's flat? Excellent! Just mention your many good-looking friends who you hang out with and who visit often. likes spoilsport. í˘š Nobody If you have to fold up the sidewalks at nine o'clock in the evening, you'd better look for a single apartment.

during a visit imě? & # x2026; Have enough beer with me. Get the others drunk easily and you can seal your move.

And now let's be honest: Adjusting doesn’t work at all. Just be yourself, everything else will come out someday anyway. And then you're back on the road. LENA DUVENDACK

sport show jump around

Celebrate and dance with the VfL players, it's not just the fans who are waiting. The eleventh edition of the Purple White Night will take place on October 22nd in the Alando Palais. From 9 p.m., the team, coaches, those responsible as well as fans and sponsors meet in the party temple. The stadium announcers Matthias Wellbrock and Carsten Thye will lead through the evening and of course they will also invite the entire team onto the stage of the purple and white decorated Alando. Afterwards Angelo Barletta & Co will be available in the fan corner for discussions, photos and autographs. Osnabrück's cover band No. 1, Starlight Excess (photo), is performing for the fourth time this year. During the band breaks, the Starlight show disco at the mixer ensures a good atmosphere. To ensure that no throat remains dry, there is the Herrlicher Herford at the special price of two euros. The presale is open! Tickets are available in the VfL fan shops as well as at City CD (Johannisstraße) and at the MARS box office in Alando.

F They are already being praised as THE fun sport article of the 3rd millennium: 7-mile boots. Jumping stilts about 70 centimeters high, with which you can hop through the world like a kangaroo. Actually, they were a by-product of US aerospace technology, made of aluminum, fiberglass and high-tech plastic - now they are to establish themselves alongside inline skates and skateboards in the streetscape. In Bad Iburg, the Prof. Grewe School has jumped on the bandwagon. So-called "bouncing" is part of the curriculum there. The students are trained by physiotherapist Barbara Romberg-Siemoneit from Hasbergen: "The 7-mile boots enable extremely joint and back-friendly running at a speed of up to 35 kilometers." And jumps of five meters

wide and two meters high are easy to learn. Young people and adults can take off equally well. MARS

Full power Hauke ​​Höschler shows his skills as a racing driver for the Ignition Racing Team of HS Osnabrück.


Party with the pros

Would like to be a Formula 1 engineer: Hauke ​​Höschler

It all started with Hauke ​​Höschler

like his role model Michael Schu-

macher: With little money, but a lot of talent. Since his whole family is enthusiastic about motorsport, he already watched Formula 1 as a young boy. He actually wanted to drive motorcycle races, but that was too dangerous for his mother. That's how he started karting. At the age of eight he got his first kart. Hauke ​​Hölscher started racing. From the smallest to the largest class in the kart area, ICA 100, he worked his way up. At 15 he drove the German championship and was among the 30 best. Every weekend he and his family were out with the camper and the whole team. Like the big ones

Hauke ​​Höschler had racing drivers sponsors whose advertising adorned his kart. At 16 he went into automobile racing. He got his A license, which entitles him to take part in races and became a test driver in Formula King. “When I got my driver's license when I was 18, all I really had to do was learn the traffic rules. I could already drive. My driving instructor sometimes had to brake me and remind me that I am not on the racetrack, "recalls the native of Bremen. After completing his training as a car mechatronics technician at BMW, he graduated from high school, went to the armed forces and then began studying vehicle technology . The 24-

Year old is now in her fifth semester. Hauke ​​Höschler made a conscious decision to study at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences: "I wanted to do motorsport during my studies and here I can join the Ignition Racing Team." He has been with the team since his first semester Teams and responsible for the car's cooling system. I have to design, develop and technically implement it. Hauke ​​and the Ignition Racing Team test the racing car as often as possible during the semester and during the semester break. "The study and work at the Ignition Racing Team are But it is very exhausting. All my free time

I spend in the workshop. I am already referred to as workshop inventory. But it's a lot of fun and I qualify for later. "His commitment pays off: at the Formula Student in Hockenheim, the Ignition Racing Team took 13th place with 100 participants. After his studies, Hauke ​​Höschler either wants to be in the car or working on the car: "I'm already too old for Formula 1. But I would like to work as a touring car driver or test driver. Otherwise I would like to continue to focus on motorsport technology. If you're lucky and good, you can also do formula 1 working as an engineer. That would be a dream. "ELENA ERBRICH STADTBLATT≈10.2010 25

on-site appointment

Opening to the power of 5 (from top left to bottom right): RWE, GALERIE black / white, BBK-Kunstquartier, Unikeller. Town house one 6

Speeches, champagne & small bites At arte regional 5, the number of exhibition openings increased. Unwound according to the same pattern over and over again. Or are new formats also establishing themselves? A foray through the galleries. On a Friday at the beginning of