Where can I vote online

Online voting
with PollUnit

A customizable voting tool

PollUnit offers numerous functions to adapt voting to your needs. This includes the automation of coordination phases, deadlines, your own design and logo, reminders, the fading in and out of various information, comments, evaluations, export and much more.

You can also use PollUnit to collect ideas, create surveys and tables, and conduct music, video and photo competitions.

Data protection and security

With PollUnit you create GDPR and CCPA compliant polls. A contract for order processing can be concluded with us. Our servers are all DIN ISO 27001 certified and are located exclusively in Germany. Our privacy-friendly voting tool can be used completely anonymously. Creators can add their own imprint, conditions of participation and data protection information. We never pass on data to third parties!

Create polls for free

Our participant limit in the free accounts is chosen so that school classes, friends and small teams can vote for free.

Conduct elections anonymously and securely

A secret ballot box election with subsequent counting of the ballot papers involves a lot of effort. With PollUnit you can carry out anonymous votes online and ensure that everyone can only cast one vote. To do this, select »Invitation required« and PollUnit ensures that only one vote can be cast. You will receive a reliable election result in real time.