What are accented vowels in Spanish

5. The Spanish vocal system

5.1. Monophthongs

Simple five vowel system.

half openeO

This is the most common vocal system in the world. The phonemes / e / and / o / lie phonetically between [e] and [ɛ] or between [o] and [ɔ].
The classification of [a] as a back vowel can only be justified phonologically; see chap. 7th
There is no phonemic vowel length.

There is relatively little allophony in the vowels. The vowels have more open and closed as well as shorter and longer variants similar to the German ones. But they are free variants, so they are not in a complementary distribution, especially not according to the conditions according to which they do this in German. As a German speaker with Spanish as the target language, you have to consider the following:

accentuated; Syllable:without an accent
e [ɛ]peracercaconde
alagolargole a
o [ɔ]lodotortacubo
  • The above applies to / e / and / o /.
  • There is no phonetic expansion of vowels in open syllables (first column of the table). Hence the [a] of ['laγo] is no longer than that of [' laɾγo].
  • There is no shortening, opening or centralization of vowels in closed syllables (column 2) or in unaccented syllables (column 3).
  • There is no expansion and closure of final vowels, as in German. mango.
  • Unstressed / e / is not reduced to Schwa.

5.2. Diphthongs

The diphthongs are very regular. The phonotactic aspects of the diphthongs are discussed in Chap. 14 treated. Here just the inventory: