What is a TSO for transport security officers

Information systems and databases

With the TierSeuchenInformationsSystem (), the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut provides up-to-date information on notifiable animal diseases on the Internet for everyone. Here, data on animal diseases found in Germany can be researched interactively. In addition to the animal disease situation at district level, it provides information about the individual infectious diseases and how animal disease control works in Germany.

Animal diseases are infectious diseases in animals that are fought by the state due to their economic importance, public danger for animal populations or endangerment of human health. In Germany, the federal states fight animal diseases. Your competent state authorities also immediately notify the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) of the occurrence of notifiable animal diseases. The report is made by means of electronic data transmission using the "TierSeuchenNachrichten (TSN)" computer program to which only the veterinary authorities have access.

The reports include individual reports immediately after the occurrence of an epidemic, further reports on the epidemic and reports on the lifting of the blocking measures ordered.

These reports form the basis for the data on the current animal disease situation in the Animal Disease Information System (). In addition, it provides information on previous animal disease outbreaks as well as information on individual animal diseases and how the state's animal disease control works. The interested public has uncomplicated access to current information on the animal disease situation in Germany.