Why shouldn't we eat vomit?

Group practice Ziegler-Kirbach & Gehre

Under no circumstances can these instructions replace a medical examination and advice.

They relate to previously healthy children from toddler age.
Infants and young children should always see a doctor when in doubt.

Vomiting diet:

  • Do not give anything to drink or eat for about 1 hour after vomiting.
  • Then drink very small amounts of water (non-carbonated),
  • approx. every 5 min 1 tablespoon (NO COLA!)
  • If this is well tolerated after about 1 hour, the quantities can be increased slowly,
    also some vegetable soup or (chicken) broth.
  • If you feel sick again, stop drinking immediately.
  • If fluids are well tolerated and an appetite arises, offer a small portion of food,
    e.g. rice, mashed potatoes, mildly steamed vegetables, crispbread.
  • Repeatedly offer smaller portions.
  • Drinks: water or herbal teas, also slightly sweetened (no fruit tea).
  • A mild, healthy diet should be well tolerated again within 24 hours.
  • No fatty food, sweets, sweet drinks (e.g. soft drinks, iced tea, lemon tea, lemonade, fruit juices) for the next few days.
  • Apart from electrolyte solution, do not give any medication without consulting a doctor.

For general and personal protection, all family members should ...

  • often wash your hands thoroughly
  • Avoid contact with saliva (e.g. sharing kisses, glasses and cutlery, biting off the same bread)

When does the child have to see a doctor? If …

  • they pass less urine and do not want to drink
  • vomits repeatedly for more than 4-6 hours
  • often has a lot of watery stools (more than 6 times a day, see tips on diarrhea)
  • has severe abdominal pain
  • it is very sleepy or quite restless
  • there is a continuous fever above 39 ° C for more than 12 hours (help with documentation)
  • parents are very worried