How does extreme heartache feel?

Heart pain

It is important to find the cause of the heart pain. Only when this has been established can the appropriate treatment take place. In general, should be on a healthy, balanced diet, adequate hydration and sufficient Move be respected. Taking care of yourself can also be of little help with heart problems.

What exactly to do with heart pain depends on the trigger and should be determined by a specialist (cardiologist). In any case it applies Avoid risk factors for heart disease, especially:

Home remedies can be used for heart pain supportive can be used. However, this should be discussed with the attending physician.

Anyone who experiences pain during or after exertion - e.g. during sport or in stressful situations - must take a break and rest. Relaxation and breathing exercises such as autogenic training, yoga or meditation help many people with stress. If heart pain occurs during a resting phase, changing the lying or sitting position can help.

Learning about relaxation methods and using them regularly can also be part of treating psychosomatic heart pain. Which is the best technique for the person concerned depends on the complaints, the personal situation and the preferences. Psychotherapy helps many sufferers in the treatment of mental heart pain. At the same time, the attending physician can also prescribe medication, for example with an anxiety or stress-relieving effect.