Eat your filling with sauce

Whip or assemble: How to refine sauces

A perfect sauce requires the right kitchen technology. If you want a creamy and light result, you should try whipping it once. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when installing.

Assemble: what is it?

The whipping of sauces, also known as assembling, describes a kitchen technique in which the sauce is refined with butter or whipped cream shortly before serving. The purpose of whipping is to give the sauce a creamy, light consistency.

In kitchen technology, the hot sauce and the refining additive form a fat-water emulsion. Butter or cream form small droplets that are distributed in the rest of the sauce and lead to a slightly creamy consistency. After assembly, the sauce must not be heated again, otherwise the components of the emulsion would separate again.

Instructions for whipping sauces

If you want to whip up a sauce, you can either use small pieces of butter, as cold as possible, or whipped cream. You will achieve particularly interesting results with herb butter. Take the saucepan off the stove and make sure that the liquid does not bubble. Then stir in the ingredient with a whisk until the sauce is fluffy and creamy. The assembled sauce can be kept warm, but must never be boiled again. It is best to serve your masterpiece with your meal right away.