How to download English literature books

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Lots of English eBooks are available from the following sources compiled for you: (We found a ton of free english books for you - you’ll find them on the list below)

Free English eBookssource
Thousands of free eBooks "in English"
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Popular download site
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Project Gutenberg:
Thousands of English eBooks
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- 8,141,820,926 words published!
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- Huge selection
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offers a well-prepared overview
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really offers a lot of good English eBooks: Try it out!
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English-language eBooks make up the bulk of the offers even with the free offers. The reason is - apart from the fact that the English language is of course more widespread than, for example, German - is that the USA is, so to speak, “eBook country”. Around 25% of the books sold there are eBooks; a rapidly growing market which also in this country often gives rise to the suspicion that eBooks will make the printed book a special case at some point in the near future. The free eBooks are often due to the fact that they are works for which the copyright expired decades ago. Incidentally, you have to be aware that the free eBooks (which are also prepared in our lists) are used for advertising. For example, readers should be lured to a certain platform or authors should first try to become known and, in a sense, a brand in this way.