Should I use Outlook with Gmail?

Connect Gmail to Outlook 2010

Solution: The freeware mailer from Google also offers IMAP support, so it can benefit from the automatic account setup (Autodiscover). Before you can connect Outlook 2010 to Gmail, you must activate IMAP support in the Gmail web interface:

1. To log in to the Gmail web interface, use the address, for example.

2. Then click on Gmail and then on Settings.

3. Then click the tab in the Gmail settings window Forwarding and POP / IMAP.

4. Then you have the option Activate IMAP select and then click save Changes click. POP3 is already activated by default.

You can then start Outlook and integrate Gmail directly at startup or via Control Panel / User Accounts and Parental Controls / E-Mail set up the account. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Start from the tab file of Outlook 2010 to set up a new e-mail account.

2. Leave the setting Email account in the window Set up your account automatically.

3. Enter the name, email address, and password for the Gmail account.

4. Click on Further.

Outlook then searches for the servers required to log on via IMAP and uses your password to log on. You will then receive a message that the login to Gmail has been successfully carried out. The IMAP server from Google bears the name, the outgoing mail server has the name

Gmail works with encryption when connecting IMAP and uses port 993 for IMAP and 587 for SMTP. If you set up the account manually, you will need to specify this information in the advanced settings. When Outlook 2010 is set up automatically, the program does this for you. Gmail can also be connected to Outlook 2010 via POP3. You use encryption here too. The server name for the POP3 poll is, the associated port 995. The name for the outbox is the same as for IMAP.

Products: This tip works with Outlook 2010. (mje)