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Rudraksha mala

Malas give you inner strength. The Rudraksha seed supports your well-being through its healing properties.
Malas are also used to support meditation or as a prayer ribbon, as Tibetan and other Asian monks do, to count their prayers. The 108 (9x12) pearls stand for the 108 volumes of the Buddha's collected teachings.
While reciting the mantras, the concentration level is deepened by manually moving the pearls.

Our malas are not only charming pieces of jewelry that you wear every day, they also have particularly strong symbols of power that give you inner strength and energize you in a wonderful way. A mala is a great gift for yourself, for him and her - regardless of age. The chain can also be worn around the wrist.

Rudraksha balls are the seeds of the rudraksha tree (lat. Elaeocarpus Ganitrus). According to tradition, these Asian miracle balls were used by people to control stress, as well as to practice holistic healing meditations and to be able to establish positive changes in life. With Rudraksha balls you can balance the Yin & Yang energy field and increase the flow of Chi life energy.

Rudraksha balls are particularly good for yoga exercises and ideal for meditation, as they improve concentration and increase awareness.
According to tradition, rudraksha balls have the power to cleanse all 7 chakras in the human body, to heal body, mind and the world of emotions. Rudraksha balls are high-energy power balls.
Just holding the Rudraksha balls in your hand or carrying them increases the energy levels, lets you relax and feel inner peace.
Rudraksha balls have complex electro-magnetic properties, retard aging and have the following effect:
mentally - against stress, depression, moods, lack of concentration, feeling of loss of control - help to relax
physical - with high or low blood pressure, heart pain, breathing problems, asthma, heart problems. Endurance and body energy are increased, and the immune system is strengthened.
The smaller a Rudraksha seed bead, the more valuable it is.

Material: 100% natural product, Rudraksha seeds
Size: approx. Ø 8 mm, 108 seed beads
Color: brown - reddish brown, dyed / tanned with natural tanning agents
Color tassel: orange
Circumference: approx. 114 cm
Single length without tassel: approx. 57 cm
Origin of the seeds: India

Discoloration in connection with moisture is possible.

Shipping weight:0.10 kg
Item Weight:0.02kg