Is Alex Jones banned from Facebook

"We have been banned completely": conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is banned from YouTube and Facebook

The world's largest online network Facebook named the glorification of violence as a reason on Monday. In addition, Jones used a dehumanizing language to describe transgender people, Muslims and immigrants, which violated Facebook's hate speech guidelines. The platform had already blocked Jones temporarily in July and deleted some of his videos.

"We were completely banned from Facebook, Spotify and Apple," Jones said on Twitter on Monday and wrote of "censorship". The journalist from Texas had spread in the past, among other things, that the US government was involved in the attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York. He also claimed that the Sandy Hook High School rampage was staged by actors or that climate change was a myth.

"We were completely banned from Facebook, Spotify and Apple"

Apple meanwhile removed five Jones “Infowars” podcasts from i-Tunes: “Apple does not condone hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must adhere to to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users “, Said an Apple spokesman for the portal Buzzfeed. “Podcasts that violate these guidelines will be removed from our directory so that they are no longer searchable or available for download or streaming. We believe in holding a wide range of views as long as people with different opinions are respected. "

The streaming service Spotify had also initially deleted individual parts of the podcast after loud criticism last week. As the Swedish company announced to the German Press Agency on Monday, the entire “Infowars” program has now been removed from Spotify.