What are Ranker's competitors

Cold calling and misleading advertising by WEB RANKER and MY NEW MEDIA!

The companies WEB RANKER and MY NEW MEDIA continue to use unfair methods throughout Germany. The companies behave in an anti-competitive manner. The owner of the company is Ute Monika Schröder.

Ms. Schröder lets call centers call potential customers. The call center employees explain that “Google Partners” offers adWords (ie advertisements on the Google search engine pages) for a flat rate. If the potential customer shows interest on the phone, he or she is offered a visit from a representative from “Google Partners”. Even when asked, the caller does not reveal who he is working for. It is only explained that you are calling on behalf of “Google Partners”.

The representative presents a price list to potential customers during the acquisition conversation and explains that the customer can be found with his ad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the positions shown.

The terms and conditions of the companies WEB RANKER and MY NEW MEDIA contradict this price list. According to the terms and conditions, a daily budget is set. Once this daily budget is reached, no more Google adWords ads will be shown.

Although the Regional Court of Cologne has banned Ms. Ute Monika Schröder by means of an injunction (LG Cologne 33 O 230/15) to advertise her services by cold calling and to use her price list, Ms. Ute Monika Schröder does not abandon her anti-competitive advertising measures. It can be assumed that Ms. Schröder achieves a high turnover with the services she offers.

In the past few weeks, many potential customers or customers of Ms. Schröder have called us and reported her anti-competitive behavior.

Competitors are entitled to an injunction against the above-mentioned companies with regard to anti-competitive advertising. In competition law, this injunction arises from the law against unfair competition (UWG).