Can aquaponics go mainstream

Oba, oba!

The past was not a bad year for them, say Alexander and Kias Burget: Firstly, it was the year in which the two men got married, and secondly, there was suddenly a note in the window of the restaurant across from their apartment that said that I am looking for a new tenant. And because Alexander, a manager in the gambling business, and Kias, a former ballet dancer from Brazil's capital, Brasilia, were always aware that they would one day open a bar, they grabbed the opportunity.

That was in August. On December 12th, the delicatessen area opened first, offering Lower Austrian and Portuguese wine, Viennese mushroom sugars, Wachau sparkling wine from a Brazilian winemaker, several types of cachaça and a few other fine things. And a little later they started to cook, for the time being everything on a take-away basis, "but we can hardly wait to welcome our first guests," says Alexander Burget. “We are an international couple, so we also make international cuisine,” says Kias Burget, setting the direction. That means: a bit Greek, a lot of Brazilian, then also a bit Indian (because Kias grew up in India) and whatever else they like. In any case, he is not interested in mainstream cuisine at all, says Kias, and he does not want to live up to any expectations or Brazilian clichés either. But at least: at the stove there is a cook who also comes from Brasilia, and whether the woman meets expectations or not: Her hot, buttery shortcrust pastry empadinhas with an abundance of chicken fricassee and homemade cream cheese in the style of the Brazilian national -Käses Catupiry are just amazingly good (€ 1.50 / each).

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How do-it-yourself is a big topic in Kias ’Kitchen, the sesame paste for the tahini soup is made by the company itself, as is the coconut milk that Kias presses from the few fresh coconuts that he gets here in Vienna.

And because Brazilians are the only ethnic group besides Italians who are able to make really grandiose dishes from beans, you also get a black-eyed bean salad with sun-dried tomatoes, which is incredibly fresh, lively and delicious, the optional smoked catfish from the Viennese aquaponics breed Blün goes well with it (€ 7.50 / 8.90). Various stews will always be on the menu, says Kias, last week it was a moqueca, a kind of Brazilian coconut curry that was made with Viennese mushrooms (€ 11.90) or Viennese catfish and was really very good (€ 13.90) . All right now, fine, when they really open up.


Brazilian-cosmopolitan soul food that is prepared with a lot of heart and a lot of homemade things.

Kias Kitchen, 6., Gumpendorfer Straße 37, Tel. 0676/385 00 20, Tue-Sat 10 a.m.-7 p.m.