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GeForce Now: Nvidia starts the next phase and increases the prices in some cases

Nvidia's cloud streaming service GeForce Now started with some difficulties, because initially numerous publishers and developers turned their backs on the offer. But some have since returned and Nvidia is also entering the next phase of introduction. The graphics card and cloud game service provider Nvidia recently announced in a blog post that GeForce Now is now in its second year and is quickly approaching ten million users. However, this also results in changes to the subscription model. Essentially, GeForce Now will be more expensive for new users, whoever is already there will continue to pay the previous monthly price.

Subscription price doubles

Because Nvidia is starting the subscription called Priority with immediate effect. This costs 9.99 euros per month, the annual subscription is also new here, it is available for 99.99 euros, effectively 8.33 euros per month. Priority replaces the previous founder access, but brings the same functions. This means an extended session duration and activated RTX, i.e. ray tracing graphics and deep learning super sampling technology (DLSS) in games that support this.

If you have already paid for GeForce Now as a founder, you don't have to worry: All those who had booked such a subscription for 4.99 euros by March 17th will continue to pay this price - for a lifetime, we promise Nvidia.

But you have to have been a current member, i.e. you have to have a current subscription on March 17th. Anyone who was a founder at some point before but did not have a subscription last Wednesday has to pay the higher priority price when they commit again.

The free access to GeForce Now will also be retained, but there are significant restrictions, including a limit to one-hour gaming sessions.

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