Which hair soap is best

Hair soap comparison 2021

Hair soaps not only impress with their good cleaning power, they also put some liquid shampoo in the shade in terms of their productivity. Therefore, the relatively high price for a hand-scooped soap is always to be seen in relation to the amount in g.

Only a little soap is required during use, so that the piece lasts a long time. If you only wash your hair once or twice a week, you can get by with one bar of soap for several months. A solid hair soap with vegan ingredients cares for your hair and is easy on the wallet.

If you tend to have dry, low maintenance hair, make sure you use the hair soap moisturizing and moisturizing is. Nourishing ingredients such as olive, castor or coconut oil give the hair what it needs. You can choose the fragrance according to your personal taste. If you are prone to allergies, you can easily use a fragrance-free soap. Hair soaps are a great addition to your daily beauty routine.

Tip: With organic hair soap you can be sure that only selected ingredients biological origin used in soap making. If you want to go one step further and also consider environmental protection, plastic-free natural cosmetics without palm oil are the best choice.

1.1. Hair soap types at a glance

Hair soap is often recommended for oily hair, but hair soap can do a lot more. With the selection of a suitable soap it can optimally care for every hair type. In general, many hair soaps are out of the test suitable for every hair type. In the hair soap test, all hair types from dry to greasy are well cared for. You can find out which types of hair soap are available and what properties they have in the following overview.

Hair soap typeproperties
Hair soap for oily hair
  • Hair soap with little excess grease
  • thorough cleaning of hair and scalp
  • nourishing substances to reduce sebum production
Hair soap for dry hair
  • Hair soap with a high level of excess grease
  • very gentle cleaning of hair and scalp
  • caring ingredients provide lasting moisture
Hair soap against dandruff
  • Medium excess fat hair soap
  • gentle removal of sebum and dandruff
  • special ingredients are said to soothe the scalp and thus reduce dandruff

1.2. Proper use of hair soap

Using hair soap is very easy - it can be used normally in the shower. First, the hair is wet as usual. Then lather the soap in your hands and distribute the foam in the hair.

Alternatively, you can rub the bar of soap directly over your hair a few times. Now the foam massaged slowly and thoroughly into the hair. In contrast to shampoo, soap takes a little time to work.

After the short exposure, rinse the hair soap thoroughly with plenty of clear water. Depending on the hair type and degree of hardness of the tap water, it is recommended then carry out an “acidic rinse”. To do this, mix about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water and slowly pour this mixture over all of your hair. The hair can then be dried and styled as usual.

For very dry hair, a additional care of the tips be a good supplement with a good quality vegetable oil or an oil regimen (once a week).

1.3. Acid rinse after shampooing? Overview of advantages and disadvantages

The experiences with hair soaps are very different. Some users report that their hair is sloping after a hair washing soap test feel dull after washing and harder to comb are.

In many cases, however, this is not due to the hair soap, but to the lime content of the tap water. In connection with the soap, limescale remains in the hair, which weighs it down and makes it dull. A simple workaround is one Rinse with an apple cider vinegar-water mixture.

So that you can better assess whether a sour rinse makes sense for you, we have briefly summarized the advantages and disadvantages.

  • removes soap residue and limescale from the hair
  • very cheap and environmentally friendly
  • gives the hair a radiant shine
  • makes the hair easier to comb
  • ideal for medium-hard and hard water
  • slight vinegar smell until the hair is dry
  • additional time required after washing
  • Rinse must be mixed first