How can you recover from business losses?

How can I recover from fake experiences on a resume? [Duplicate]

Vietnhi Phuvan

When you're as good as you say you are, strengthen your portfolio of apps so recruiters and potential employers can see for themselves that you can get the job done.

If you cannot claim three years of chronological experience, you must be able to claim at least three years of effective experience. I'm pretty sure there are many people who have three years of experience, but three years of chronological experience doesn't necessarily mean three years of effective experience. Sometimes it can only be a year of effective experience if that is the case.

In so far as you withdraw your allegation that you have three years of chronological experience, the ship has already sailed. Request three years of effective experience and secure your claim. If you studied during the gap period, you still have three years of chronological experience. And hopefully you can say that what you learned during your gap time enabled you to get your second programming job.

As a side note:

Using years of experience as a yardstick is one of the greatest jokes in the world. If you can do it, it doesn't matter if you learned how to do it the day before yesterday. If you can't and claim five years of experience, it simply means you haven't learned how to do it in five years. In my book, it's not complicated: either you can or you can't.

I graduated from high school and started out as a non-English speaking student after taking the toughest classes high school had to offer. In the same period of time, other students graduated from my high school with seventh grade reading skills and eighth grade math proficiency. Only a fool would use time solely as a measure of experience or skill. I don't work with fools unless I have no other alternative.