Are there detectives like Columbo today?

Los Angeles Police Department Inspector Columbo

Peter Falk as Inspector Columbo. The series Columbo is about the Police Detective Lieutenant Columbo (played by Peter Falk).

This clears up the most difficult and sophisticated murder cases in an inimitable manner. The cases are not infrequently set in the high society of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

A total of 69 episodes of Columbo have appeared. Columbo is always dingy Trench coat dressed, drove one ancient Peugeot 403 had a terribly slow one Basset hound with the name Dog (Dog of course in the German version).

How do you get on the trail of the perpetrator?

The series became the model for a new TV format for crime stories. It acts in reverse order in that the viewer first gets to know the killer in connection with the murder and then can watch the police detective try to solve the murder.

The fascinating Columbo always manages this impressively and with unconventional methods.

There wasn't a question in the series: who did it? The viewer knew that from the start. Rather, it was about: How do you get on the trail of the murderer?

In English there is the term for this format: howcatchem. That means “how catch them” in German: How do you catch them?

Columbo: "I still have one question ..."

The sentence that is repeated in all episodes became famous. Uh, I still have one question that in English-speaking countries was “Just one more thing”.

Oh yes, we still have one question: Do you know what Columbo's first name is? You can find out on the next page.

You can also read how Columbo suddenly got a wrong first name.

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Best seller Columbo

The Columbo series is still very popular today, although Peter Falk, who embodied the inspector Columbo in such a unique way, has long since passed away.

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