What is a conventional roof

Elon Musk: Tesla's solar roof will be cheaper than a conventional roof

There's electricity on top of that: Covering a roof with Tesla's solar shingles should be cheaper than a conventional roof. Tesla boss Elon Musk announced this at a meeting with shareholders. The reason for the meeting was the vote on the merger with the solar module manufacturer Solar City.

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It looks like the solar roof will cost less than a normal roof, said Musk - and that without taking into account the electricity it produces. The roof should also look better than a conventional one and last twice as long.

The delivery should be cheaper

Tesla wants to save costs, especially on delivery: The solar shingles should be made of glass. They should be significantly lighter than conventional shingles and easier to pack. This should make the transport cheaper. Musk did not say how expensive a roof covered with solar shingles would be.

At the meeting, shareholders should confirm the merger of Tesla with Solar City. Musk received more than 85 percent approval for the deal he announced earlier this summer.

Solar City builds solar cells for superchargers

Both companies were closely linked anyway: Musk was chairman of the board of directors of the company whose founders Lyndon and Peter Rive are his cousins. Solar City is supplying the solar modules for Tesla's fast charging stations.

With the solar shingles, Tesla can now offer a complete electrical solution: the roof generates electricity from sunlight. This can be used to charge the battery of the electric car or the Powerwall wall-mounted battery. All components - solar shingles, cars and batteries - are produced by Tesla itself.