Ship J Hope and Sprite


P.o.v. Ella
In the room

I'm so glad the boys don't know it's my birthday today. Otherwise they would do too much work and I don't want that! Huh what was that I turned to the door but there is nothing there. Funny?! I decided to go downstairs to it. When I was in the hallway the boys stood there and grinned at me.

E: "What is it?"

J: "Nothing, we just have to do something for a moment."

E: "Ah, okay. See you then."

P.o.v. JungKook

I was about to knock on Ella's door when I heard her say: I'm so glad the boys didn't know that it's my birthday today. Otherwise they would do too much work and I don't want that!

I just ran downstairs in the kitchen to the other boys hoping she didn't hear me.

JK: "Guys, we have a problem!"

JM: "Not again!"

JK: "Yes, it's Ella's birthday today and didn't tell us anything."

S: "How do you know that again?"

JK: "I was standing in front of the door of your room when she said that."

RM: "Ah, okay. That means we still need a present and decoration!"

JK: "Yes, and I already have a plan for how we do it!"

P.o.v. Jin
at the director

RM: "Sir, wouldn't it be possible to make an exception? It's Ella's birthday !?"

J: "Please, sir."

D: "Okay, but that's the only exception!"

RM; J: "Thank you!"

P.o.v. Jimin
At the shop

Suga, J-Hope and I have been given the task of taking care of the decoration.

JM: "What color?"

S: "Black and purple. Those are your favorite colors."

JH: "What drinks?"

JM: "Cola, Fanta and Sprite."

P.o.v. JungKook
In front of the pet shop

V and I have the task of getting the gift.

JK: All right, thank you Jin. Hangs up

V: "And what did he say?"

JK: "The director approved it."

V: "Perfect. Let's go in then."

VK: "What can I do for you?"

JK: "We would like a ....."

back in the house

E: "Hey guys, there you are again."

J: "I have to do something else." and went into the kitchen.

JM: "So do we." he said, pointing to Suga and Hobi and walking towards the living room.

V: "Rapmon, can you come, I need your help."

RM: "Okay."

JK: "I have nothing in mind. Fancy a walk, honey?"

E: "Yes, please."

JK: "Come on then."

So, our plan would have already worked out!

P.o.v. Ella
Back in the house after a nice walk

JK: "I have to show you something."

E: "Okay." and Kookie covers my eyes. "Why are you covering my eyes?"

JK: "As I said, I have to show you something. And that's a surprise!"

E: "Okay." I only notice that we are going into the living room.

JK: "I'll wake up my hand now, but keep your eyes closed for 10 seconds!"

E: "Okay"

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I open my eyes and what I see made me confused and almost crying.

The boys stand in a row with micro's in hand. You start singing. It's BEST OF ME. This is my favorite song! I have to cry and Kookie comes to me and hugs me and still sings.

Everyone: "Happy birthday, Ella!"

E: "Guys, that's so nice of you guys, but how did you know it's my birthday?"

JK: "I was standing in front of your door this morning and was about to knock when you said that."

E: "Okay, thanks guys. But that was way too much effort."

S: "Well, we had a good plan * cough * Kookie * cough *."

I kissed Kookie on the mouth and Jin came back into the room.

J: The cake shouldn't be missing at a birthday party! "

E: "Wow, did you bake that yourself ?!"

J: "Yes, of course."

I waited until he had put the cake down and hugged him.

JK: "And not a present either!"

E: "The box is big, but why are there holes in it?"

V: "Open it, then you will see it."

RM: "Little hint, we went to the director to ask for permission."

E: "Okay, well then." I open the box and what I see is amazing and I start crying again! "This is so cute guys!" I hugged everyone first and then I took the little dog out of the box. "What kind of race is that?"

JH: "Labrador, I think."

RM: "And it's black because that's your favorite color."

E: "Was that your idea too, honey?"

JK: "Actually the idea of ​​all of us."

E: "Did you also buy food and stuff?"

V: "Oops .... I'll be right back!"

J: "Luckily we have this speed, otherwise it would be too late. The store closes in 10 minutes!"

* Laugh bottle *

E: "The evening was really nice but now I'm tired. This time I'll go to bed before I fall asleep on the sofa again. See you tomorrow, guys."

Everyone: "Good night, Ella."

JK; "I'll come with you if it's okay."

E: "Yes, okay."

JK: "See you tomorrow guys"

JM: "Good night Kookie and don't do anything stupid!"

Everyone: "PARK JIMIN!"

JM: "It's good!"

Kookie lay down next to me and I snuggled up against him, laid my head on his chest, he hugged me and we quickly fell asleep.

~ Yuna