Why do squirrels eat baby birds

Squirrels and birds

We are often asked that squirrels pose a threat to our native songbirds. In the usual representations and classic school books z. B. it is also pointed out that squirrels often visit bird nests and would eat eggs and young birds.

As a rule, croissants can do well without animal protein. They cover their very low demand with the insects, caterpillars etc. that may be sitting under the gnawed bark. Squirrels are very flexible and can adapt to the circumstances. So was z. B. observed that in pure pine forests, where the food supply is very scarce, squirrels bring the smallest young birds out of the nest. A pregnant or nursing female may also meet her increased protein requirements by eating bird eggs or a young bird, but this is not the rule.

According to our observations, squirrels occasionally gnaw on small carrion like mice - this can also be the case with dead young birds that have remained in the nest. On the other hand, there are birds with squirrels on their menu, e.g. B. the hawk, which can also hunt excellently in the forest, magpies, jays and crows. These often attack goblins, drive away the mother animal, kill or seriously injure it and take the young out of the nest. Incidents of this kind occur very often, especially in times of rearing crows.

This is exactly how it is in nature, to see only one of the animal species too one-sidedly and to portray it as a "chief predator" is dangerous. Unfortunately, people tend to demonize an animal and drive it away in their gardens or do worse. This is how it has always been in nature - to eat and be eaten - and we should try not to judge too partisanly or even morally.

Do not panic!

In any case, one thing is certain: squirrels do not endanger the bird population as a whole with the actually very small amounts of young birds and eggs they eat. We have numerous gardens and observation areas where squirrels sit in harmony with songbirds of all kinds at the feeding place, take turns at the feeder or bowls and do not hunt each other. And there are sometimes an incredible number of birds that nest in the area, raise their young and live there. And that next to the squirrels, who also have their goblins and cubs there.

Anyone who has croissants and birds in the garden will sooner or later notice that birds and croissants interact with one another perfectly. Everyone takes what he needs at the bird feeder and the animals get along well with each other. Numerous pictures and reports of this kind on the Internet and in newspapers prove this.