What is vanity

A guest post follows.

Vanity - is it more of a swear word or is it a compliment when someone is vain? I was just thinking about it when I wanted to drive our son to training, put on lipstick and he said in a hurry: You are so vain! I wondered if it was a compliment or a swear word, this 'vain'.

What is vanity?

In the actual definition, vanity is negatively affected:

Vanity is the exaggerated concern for one's own physical beauty or mental perfection, one's own body, appearance and attractiveness or the well-formedness of one's own character. Wikipedia

But: I'm here with Nowshine and then I change the definition into a positive one: I delete the word exaggerated from my definition. When I make an effort to look good without overdoing it, to take care of my sanity and body and appearance, I like to be vain.

A well-groomed appearance is a must-have for me

In my opinion, it is essential to look well-groomed. I don't have to set a whole beauty machine in motion to get myself optimize, no, it's just about wanting to feel good and being able to leave the house at any time without looking like a zombie.

For me, a well-groomed appearance includes a few things

  • hair should NEVER be greasy
  • I have to be washed and creamed
  • likes mascara and 95% lipstick every time I leave the house. (It's about the basic equipment, better more)
  • I always dress (with the exception of maybe on Sunday) in the way I want (I also clean in my dress or blazer;))
  • I always use a dash or several of perfume

I have now left the normal things, like brushing my teeth, unmentioned. Is clear right?

Should take care of oneself be vain?

If these little things and broadening one's mindset are connected with the concept of vanity, dear Nowshin reader, then I am probably vain. But then with passion and with great pleasure.

Note to the child that triggered the thought: There are also good sides to vanity!

Do you find yourselves vain? What are your 'basic patterns'?

I'm going to pick up the young man again - with lipstick, of course.

Shine now,


Photos by Karly Jones and Siora Photography on Unsplash