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Alexander Meyer-Thoene

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Alexander Meyer-Thoene has already worked as a journalist for stern.de, Spiegel Online, ZDF and other media. His main focus is on science / technology and international politics.

Many people believe in alternative explanations for the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The US even has its own "Truther" movement. How do those involved argue?

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Hardly any other event has burned itself into our collective consciousness like the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The consequences of the terror are still noticeable today - and have changed our world significantly. Even after all these years, the images of passenger planes racing into the towers still seem completely unreal. And as with so many events that permanently changed the world - whether it was a moon landing, presidential assassination or climate change - it never takes long before doubts arise. For some people, however, a healthy skepticism turns into a permanent state of suspicion. Everything that is said about "those up there" only serves to manipulate the population. This behavior is particularly pronounced around the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Today the supporters of the "9/11 Truth movement", so-called "Truther", like to spread their conspiracy theories and "alternative facts" on the internet. The "Truthers" do not seem to agree on who is actually behind the attacks. But there are supposedly enough motives for such a conspiracy. The fact that Osama bin Laden and the terrorist organization al-Qaeda have repeatedly confessed to the terrorist attacks does not matter to them.

Many "Truthers" believe that members of the US government intentionally allowed the attacks to occur. Others go even further and claim that a small group of people within the US leadership planned the attacks themselves and carried out them with the help of third parties. Why? To create an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. And why that? Because of the oil. Indeed, the US invasion of Iraq is now viewed by many as a mistake. The pretext that dictator Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction has now turned out to be misinformation by the US secret services. And the oil factor in the Iraq war has also been the subject of controversy over the past few years. All of this gives conspiracy theorists a certain popularity.

From a historical perspective, however, such theories are nothing new: Even when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in World War II, there were conspiracy theories that the US government allowed the attack to take place deliberately in order to secure the support of the population to enter the war. Something like this is then referred to as a "false flag operation". And for this reason, too, on September 11th, the US air defense intentionally failed to prevent the attacks, as many "Truthers" believe.

Whether approved or carried out in-house, the strongest evidence of a 9/11 conspiracy is allegedly based on technical facts: The force of the plane impacts and the heat of the resulting fires would not have been enough to bring the buildings down. Targeted explosions are said to have led to the collapse of the World Trade Center. In addition to the two towers, the less well-known "7 World Trade Center" is also in focus here. This outbuilding collapsed a few hours after the two main towers. And it's true: aircraft kerosene doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. But very much hot enough that steel girders deform under a load of thousands of tons - until they finally collapse. A fate shared by the towers and the "7 World Trade Center", because this too was weakened too much by fires inside to withstand.

But not only the US government could be behind the attacks: Other "Truthers" instead believe in an international financial conspiracy. Specifically, the attacks were about "insider deals" on the stock exchange. Supporters of this theory see "unusual behavior" on the stock markets shortly before the attacks as a clear indication of this. This involves, for example, the sale of shares in large US airlines. They believe that a secret elite carried out the attacks and became even richer as a result. This conspiracy theory was also scrutinized by the official 9/11 Commission of Inquiry. It was concluded that in the days before the attacks, an above-average number of put options were placed by the airlines concerned - but not so many that it could be insider trading.

In addition, allegations about financial conspiracies often have a healthy dose of anti-Semitism. Accordingly, the Israeli secret service Mossad and / or the Jewish banking family Rothschild are behind the attacks. Conspiracy theories about so-called world financial Jewry were already used to incite the people in the Third Reich. The lie that there were no Jews among the more than 3,000 victims of the attacks has been repeatedly refuted as false.

The so-called no-planes theory is particularly insane, even among conspiracy theorists. As the name suggests, the supporters of this theory are convinced that no planes have flown into the World Trade Center. But where do the countless photos of the passenger planes come from? Manipulated by the media. The countless eyewitness accounts? Secret agents of the US authorities. According to the no-planes theory, the buildings were blown up. From reptilians, Illuminati or Freemasons - there are hardly any limits to the imagination of "Truthers". For them one thing is certain: some secret power has deceived us all.