How bees build their beehive

The beehive 

The bees live in a social community in the Beehive. Such a colony can consist of up to 70,000 bees. Originally the bee colonies settled in hollow trees or in rock niches. Today most of the bees rely on the housing provided by the beekeepers. The beekeeper puts in the Beehive movable wooden frames. The bees build in these Honeycomb made of wax. The bees put their supply of pollen and honey in the hexagonal Honeycomb cells at. Other combs are used to raise the offspring.


Bee nest in a hollow tree trunkBeehive of the beekeeper

In the honeycomb construction, the hive bees form a building community. They sweat fluids from their wax glands wax that hardens immediately in the air. With the help of the secretions from the salivary and maxillary glands, the workers chew the wax and attach it to the intended place. The finished honeycombs are an architectural masterpiece. A honeycomb made of 40 grams of beeswax can hold two to three kilograms of honey, for example.


Honeycomb cells of the honeybeeNesting aid for wild bees

In addition to the honeybee living in human care, there are 500 other bee species in Central Europe. Most of these bees are hermits and do not live in a colony. They look for simple holes in trees and set up their breeding chambers there. Creating nesting aids for wild bees is an easy way to observe these bees.