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French Ministry of the Interior commissions IDEMIA and Sopra Steria to develop a new standard border control system

  • The French Ministry of the Interior has commissioned the consortium of IDEMIA and Sopra Steria to plan, develop, introduce, maintain and update a new standard border control system (CCAF).
  • The introduction of CCAF is part of the planned introduction of the entry / exit registration system (EES) of the EU, which is planned for 2022, with which the external borders of the Schengen area are better secured and, above all, the problem of the stay of foreign nationals beyond the validity of their visas is addressed shall be.
  • The biometric technologies on which CCAF is based will help make border controls faster and more accurate.

COURBEVOIE, France– (BUSINESS WIRE) –CCAF is an ambitious project that aims to create a high-performance standard system that will allow all border control activities to be optimally coordinated and harmonized. The system is expected to be rolled out in France in the course of 2021.

When developing CCAF, in addition to the basic requirements for ensuring the security and accuracy of border controls, attention is also paid to interoperability and scalability. The system will be designed to cope with future changes in French and EU legislation, as well as the growth in travel from mainland France to French overseas territories and vice versa.

Thanks to biometric identification processes, the system will help to shorten the border controls of travelers without the need to employ additional security guards at the French borders.

IDEMIA and Sopra Steria will work closely together and use their extensive experience in ID management, especially with regard to border security, as well as their detailed know-how with regard to the critical systems used in France.

The CCAF project is about a lot, including the need for flexibility and flexibility in the development of IT systems for the EU in view of upcoming major international sporting events such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris Prove responsiveness. In this joint project, the ministry relied on the competence and know-how of the consortium to be able to meet the very demanding business, technical and regulatory requirements and the tight delivery dates for the milestones of the project.

“We are very grateful for the trust that the French Ministry of the Interior has placed in our know-how and competence in the area of ​​automatic border controls. The aim of the CCAF project is to develop and perfect a standardized, robust border control system that is even better and safer. Together with our partner Sopra Steria, we are committed to providing a pioneering system that offers a high level of security and more comfort for travelers ", so Pascal Fallet, Senior Vice President Europe for Public Security and Identity at IDEMIA.

“The Ministry of the Interior has been our customer for many years. We are very proud that, together with our partner IDEMIA, we have now received the order to develop and introduce the new standard border control system. The professional competence and know-how of IDEMIA as the world market leader in biometrics ideally complement our own competencies as a renowned system integrator for extensive systems of government agencies in complex environments. This is a great benefit and ensures the success of the project. Together with IDEMIA, we are committed to developing a reliable, secure system. By using the latest technologies, it will be able to guarantee the required service quality in the long term "so Georges Wakim, Security Market Director at Sopra Steria.

In France, IDEMIA is currently responsible for the automatic border control system for passengers and the data processing system for visa and asylum applications. IDEMIA also conducts regular pilot projects with various private and public partners, including Aéroports de Paris (ADP Group), Air France and recently with Lyon Aéroports (MONA by Vinci Airports) to increase the comfort for airport passengers through biometric procedures.

Sopra Steria often works for the French Ministry of the Interior and brings many well-known projects to success. For example, the group of companies is involved in the development of the Schengen border control system in cooperation with various other EU member states, it develops and delivers apps for the French police to search for safety-related files, and it is involved in improving road safety and the management of the Deals with foreign migrant affairs in France.

Last June, IDEMIA and Sopra Steria received the order from the EU agency eu-LISA to develop the new joint system for the comparison of biometric data (sBMS) for border protection in the Schengen area.


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